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Senapati Bapat RoadRest of Pune  


14 Reviews / 15 Ratings

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Foodlink Reviews


Will I ever get my order?

People had warned me against this place but I went there anyhow. The minute we sat down, I regretted for not listening to the warnings. The waiters are so slow! Gosh! I had come straight from work and the last thing I wanted to a slow service. We just ordered starters. Thank god for that! It took them approximately 45minutes to get two plates of starters which normally would have taken them not more than 15-20minutes. I gulped them down and left to never ever return again.
If you have too much time to pass and want average food you could visit Foodlink. My advice there are tons of better places with great food. Check those out!



Great place, average food

One of the best located restaurants in Pune serving average quality overpriced food. The restaurant certainly provides the fine dine experience. Though, the food quality has a lot to improve. Desserts redeem the points lost by average food, hence combined with it's location and ambiance I give it 4 stars.


Customer devo bhav, NOT really. 

Friday evening,  mumbai to pune and a planned, not chance visit with some close friends. We are greeted and provided seats with a scenic view after explicitly telling them that we have come for a dinner buffet.
After ordering drinks we proceed to the buffet and are back with our starters, ready to start of what would be , very unfortunately, a horrible experience. Just as we sit and are about to eat, we are interrupted first by a waiter and then by his manager that we cannot eat buffet outside and should only order from the a la carte menu. We are surprised but agree to order with a request to be allowed to finish our starters from the buffet already in front of us. But no, the manager tells his staff to take the starters away. Shocking. But the rudest moment was about to hit us. As we, very politely asked him that this was extremely uneasy and stood up to leave, the manager was unapologetic , arguing on silly pretexts. He didn't even  offer us to stay and solve a very small matter amicably inspite to being told that we had travelled all the way from Mumbai, with guests from bangalore too. Truly unheard of, in a country like india , in a so called fine dining location. Expectations shattered, hungry and shocked by what hit us, we left.

So much for a goof up and a rooftop experience? Dear management, trust me no unconditional apology is going to bring back our ruined evening. Act or you will lose a substantial customer base sooner than you think. 



An evening to remember

I had been here quite a few times. And the place never disappoints me. The ambience is great. And the place serves the best pizzas. One evening i went here with a close friend. We sat in the open seating area. The bar looks great and cool breeze adds to the great evening. We had drinks and then ordered for Caesar salad. It was wonderful in taste. We then ordered for Pizza pazza which was a thin crust pizza. It was delicious too. The place is Not too expensive. It would cost around 1000 for two. Truly recommended for a great remarkable evening.


Carnivorous Cream Centre?

A little while ago, it was The Food Link Court - what happened?

The food, however, is still just as good, and the restaurant hasn't lost it's charm. The view from it's enviable rooftop location is unparallelled in the city. The management was thoughtful enough (or received enough complaints) to put in an awning for the winters. The seating for parties of 8+ could still use some spacing. A lounge was offered to us, but that's not the setting for a family dinner.

There's Italian and Indian on the menu. We ordered Shoofta Kebab and (It was difficult keeping a straight face while saying this) Maas Ke Saale. The shoofta kebab is described as a "cooling murgh kebab", so we expected mint, or some sort of frozen kebab. It was neither - more like a seekh. The Maas was outstanding, and they did a big show of serving it by getting a portable coal tandoor with three skewers of charring red mutton. Both were excellent. Hara Bhara Kebabs were ordered for the fodder-chewers: these were good.

Main course was a Margherita, another meat pizza (there's only three, we tried the one that seemed least generic) and some bruschetta. The pizzas were outstanding, both with genuine thin Italian crust and some really tasty cheeses. There's no sizes, and one is good enough for two people. Spaghetti Bolognaise was good, and also enough for two. The bruschetta was also very good, but vegetarian.

Dessert was Tiramisu, which was good but a little dry. Still, one of the better Tiramisus in the City of Cursed Italian.

The prices are a little high, but Pune seems to have few objections. A meal for 4 will cost around 3,000.

My only tiff with the management was that they were ready to compensate guests for parking charges - but only four wheelers. No substantial explanation was offered for this injustice, and the buck was passed on to higher management. Still, they offered to validate the other parking even though we didn't know that was possible, and it's not that big a deal.

Head here for some awesome food and a first-class view of the city at night. I hear they also have a buffet.



Dont ever try it!!

I have just 1 word for this place: HORRIBLE. The service is even more pathetic!! Dont ever try the maincourse. The food just burns a hole in ur pocket..
The only decent thing would be the view.
p.s: The lounge also sucks!!



You will be in love ...

been to foodlink last night and i will say perfect romantic place in pune, i heard about this place from my friends and really you have really fulfilled my expectations.. nice decore i feel like i was sitting at the top of the world @ peaceful place and enjoyed my dinner with my hubby. really class.

the food quality was also very nice.... in all the way you rocks...

i will recommend this place to crazy food lovers like me to enjoy the place...


Wavers from Good to Poor

I am a regular at Foodlink since my office is located in the same premises. Also most of our eat outs are organized at foodlink.

Apart from a stunning menu and the sky deck / sky bar they have which is always awesome, they score very low on the consistency of the food quality.

There were times when i paid a full price for the meal and it was amazing and there were times where i was disappointed looking at the menu and the way it was handled. There are times when office organizes a party and bec of lack of prep or large numbers, the food isnt plated in time at all.

I am a starter and a dessert person. Many times their selection of starters is just about ok barring exception of their chicken preparations. The preparations are varying from pleasant to downright trash.

I like their chicken preparations a lot. Esp the tikkas. The fish is also pretty decent. But the at the end of the meal, for a dessert person like me, if the dessert is not visually appealing its a downright disappointment. in Foodlinks case, this is the case almost everytime.

The desserts never really make any statement. They are a very lame ending to an otherwise good meal should it be the case.

If the management decides to do something about this review, the desserts have to be moved out from the entrance to a different place and their quality needs a total overhaul.


October 6, 2011response from management at Foodlink:

Dear Mr.Moghe,Greetings from Foodlink,Pune. We would like to thank you and your office collegues for the continued patronage of our per your feedback we would definately try and be more consistent.Unfortunately shifting the dessert counter would require major structuralchanges and would need some planning, but we would certainly work on the presentation and quality of the desserts. Hope we would meet upto your expectations on your next visit. Do ask for me, would like to meet you personally - Vishi Oberoi

November 5, 2011response from management at Foodlink:


thanks for the response. I was waiting for the lunch you catered to on 3rd November. Some of the observations i made are as follows.
1. the dessert counter was way too far from the main counter.
2. the chicken was as usual top notch.
3. not much had changed with the sweets being horrible as usual. The malpua was just bad. The first batch of gulab jamuns that i had had uncooked centres. The mousse was ok.
4. Appreciate the wait staff for the constant supply and smile on their faces.
5. after everyone was done eat

ravjas - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 19,2011


Great Place to Party

I attended a office party here recently and had a great time. We were about 50 of us and had booked the lounge area near the bar. The ambience was fantastic as this place is located on the top floor of the buiding and you get a great view of Pune city. Free flowing starters,amazing food, great music,drinks all contributed to a fantastic experience for my colleagues and me.


September 21, 2011response from management at Foodlink:

Dear Guest, Thank you for the kind appreciation.Because of such positive feedback keeps us Team Foodlink highly motivated.


Perfect Place to dine in Pune!!!

I am originally from Mumbai...but I came across this restaurant on an Official tour
I really wish we could have such restaurants in Mumbai too and I am not just talking about the ambience but the whole experience!....the food...the drinks....the view and even the service.
I went in the evening and sat next to the bar.....The bar counter was soooo amazing and plus it had a great view of the Pune city on the front and the mountain at the back!
Even the food was amazing and as much as i was told by people about the high price....the rates were quite affordable! I came to know from the waiter that they had recently renewed their menu and changed the prices (lucky me!) :-D
The waiters were so helpful and even suggested few dishes which we really liked.
Next time when I am coming to Pune...I am surely coming again...I have even heard they have an amazing lunch buffet....will try it out next time m in the city! Thanks to the staff for this wonderful experience.


September 21, 2011response from management at Foodlink:

Dear Mr.Sharma,Thank You for the kind appreciation. We look forward to be at your service soon.It will be our endeavour to live upto your expectations even in the future.

shefalip - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 17,2011



Been to this restaurant recently for the first time and was pleasantly suprised by the awesome ambience. Situated on the top floor of the ICC Tower, the view of Pune city was great from our table in the outside area of the restaurant. Food served here is multi cuisine which suited my friends and me fine as I was in the mood for kababs and my friends wanted chinese. Both food and service was great and we generally had a good time as even the weather was fantastic.


September 21, 2011response from management at Foodlink:

Dear Ms Shefali,We really appreciate your kind words.Thank You.We look forward to be at your service soon. We would also like to inform you that we also serve a sumptuous lunch buffet with exciting live counters at a value for money rate of Rs 399/- inclusive of taxes.

pathetic food, very costly

first of all the food taste is not good, expect some starter, the main course was waste. the hotel is very expensive as it is on roof top and the view from that is good.


sanjay11 - Burrp User


37 Reviews

February 01,2011


Amazing Place ( recomm buffet lunch )

Great Ambi, Supereb View, Relaxing atmosphere, good staff, excellent food, cost moderate.

If you want to take your family, gf, wife......then enjoy this place in the evening. ( note the cost goes up during this time )




Perhaps one of the most beautiful place to dine and unwind yourself overlooking the entire pune city. Perfect place to be with friends, family and loved ones, added up with good food, great staff and awesome ambience.
Foodlink rocks..........