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Home/pune/Godrej Nature's Basket

Godrej Nature's Basket

AundhRest of Pune    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02025889530
  • Aundh Saghvi Road, Off Parihar Chowk , Opposite Reliance Mart, Aundh, Pune

3 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Godrej Nature's Basket Reviews


Filthy Vegetables

my experience in ordering some uncommon vegetables from Godrej Nature’s basket located at Aundh area of Pune was quite woeful. I had a party at my home and I order some bell papers, Zucchini, Broccoli, mushrooms etc. Upon inspected, I found bell paper, zucchini etc were quite filthy and soiled. Material was worse than that is available at any rode side vendor. I am really disappointed with the quality of material delivered. All your claims of delivering extra fresh stuff is all fake. My entire party got spoiled. I will never order anything from Godrej in future and will also spread this awareness to all the people known to me.



2 wheelers not welcome

This is regarding the Aundh store. i just discovered that people who visit the store in two wheelers are not welcome as there is just no parking facility at all. I just turned back from the store without shopping as valet refuse to park two wheeler.This was done with NO REMORSE WHATSOEVER.


a rather expensive place to buy food

Natures basket is basically to cater to the expat population in Pune.

Its got its marketing and location spot on when it opened in Aundh for the fact that there is a lot of expat population staying in and around Aundh.

There is also very little competition to the people they cater to. Their only and major competition being Fine Foods at Giakwad Nagar and perhaps The Providore store.

A walk around the store tells u clearly that this is not the go to shop if you want to buy your regular groceries. Yes they do stock some fine stuff from trikaya ( Rosemary and thyme , oregano - the stuff u wont get at your local subji mandi ) and lot more Italian stuff ( pasta, sauces et all ) but then its not the staple food Indians eat.

They do have some insane items for sale - Dragon Fruit ( this one is a must buy atleast once ) . The ice burn lettuce looked nice.

Not to mention a decent amount of cold cuts and cheese ( not necessarily artisan ). The tea section is also well stocked and so are the fruit juices.

One thing i liked is they let you taste what you'd want to buy. They have a decent collection of chocolates and bakery goods.

The wine and beer section was yet to be stocked.

For the sheer fact of it not catering to my every day needs it gets a 3/5
I dare not give it less than 4/5 for the variety in the food on sale.

Lets hope the wine and beer collection is more Indian affordable...

I would still go there once a while to venture into new food types or brands but in getting foreign stuff to Indian shores, i think Natures basket is loosing out on getting better Indian products to the masses.