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> > > > Grubshup


Law College RoadRest of Pune  

  • 09552510426, 09011056302
  • Ground Floor, Ratna Trade Estate, Junction of Canal Road and Law College Road, Law College Road, Pune
  • Fastfood, Snacks, Tea and Coffee, Biryani
  • Meal for 2 - 500

41 Reviews / 41 Ratings

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Grubshup Reviews

gourmet9 - Burrp User


17 Reviews

January 31,2014






Great Place

I really like this place to hang out with friends and enjoy their food....They had an amazing and very interesting menu...And everything they serve is pretty good.... One of my favourite places to just chill and hangout....


A surprisingly amazing place

The place is a wonderful change from the usual Puneri restaurants. It has everything that a top restaurant with international and unique food would have, though the prices here are not exorbitant. Almost anything on the menu is good, but do try the pitawiches and the biryani. There are pastas and varied cuisines, sandwiches and rolls are good and the omlettes are excellent. The drinks are good as well and the desserts are lip smacking. Do visit if you're stuck in traffic around Nal Stop.


atul627 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

December 29,2012


Cool place for Gupshup !!

Cool place on Law clg road. Liked it. Better place for evening hangout with friends.



Nice place

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience at grubshup . The food is amazing the best part is the Breadbowl soup .
Why cant i see that in the menu attached in this site ?
The menu is damn interesting and funny enjoyed it reading :).
only thing which was disheartening was that there was no Green or early grey tea available on 2 occasional i visited .
Overall highly recommended place to go .




Experience at Grubshup

Grubshup seems to have a very a interesting menu card but the best part of that menu card is that nothing is available at the time actually order The food was decent , but is overly priced. The ice tea is great . It's got a nice ambiance . In totality its a nice place to hangout and relax but if you want real good food , Grubshup would not be your best bet. .


August 26, 2012response from management at Grubshup:

Hi iyerabhis,

Thanks for your visit and comments on Burrp!

As of now, our entire menucard is available. I am not sure what the circumstances (and time) of your visit was but for quite some time, we had our old menu card where we had this issue (the menucard was older than the actual menu we are serving at the restaurant). A couple weeks ago, we introduced the new menu card which now accurately reflects what's on offer.

If you can tell me which food was not available, I can find out more details and get back to you.<


Not worth the Hype !

I went here seeing some strong reviews .. but first time.. A restaurent known for gr8 sandwiches was out of bread ! believe it so we went with a pasta & some mocktail.. mocktail was poorly presented ( just some blue curacuo at bottom of glass filled with semi cold 7UP ) .. The pasta portions are really conservative .. I had a call from the owner to check what went wrong ( really appreciate that ) Second time we went the sandwiches were good .. but the service is really loose & lazy .. we even joked about the speed the waiter walks around.. sooo lazy & dull ! after couple of tries ..Might avoid in future .. For a restaurent who claim so much PUHHLEEZ get a better menu card than curry stained Xerox sheets !!


April 22, 2012response from management at Grubshup:

Hi ashoo1807,

thx a bunch for your comment and the second visit. I remember talking to you the first time. Really sorry about running out of the bread but you happened to visit on the day things just went wrong. Yeah, I'd also laugh if I heard a 'sandwich restaurant' ran out of bread but since it's my own restaurant, it's kinda hard to laugh :-) Still, it was one of those rare things (running out of bread) that just happen.

Thanks for your appreciative comments about the sandwiches. And absolutely agree with the menu card

Fireblade - Burrp User


3 Reviews

November 27,2011


Its an Art Gallery First

Been to this place few times & every time something or the other used to be a missing either the Chocolate frappe was served warm instead of cold or they forgot to add sugar in the cold coffee. The Masala omlette was no different from the road side vendors or from the one you get at the Railway station & its priced closed to 70-80 bucks. We had to send that back because it was served with no masala as such & SALT!. When we replaced this all we got was finely chopped green chillies sprinkled on top of the omlette. Next was the Serious Chicken Sandwhich which was served with ice cold stuffing between two pieces of grilled bread. This place is overpriced for the food which they serve. All in all i was disappointed with this place for more than one occassion & the Burrp Certificate is nothing but more than an ornament there. Seems more like an ART Gallery & the food given a second priority.


dosent fulfil expectation

after reading some mix reviews thought to visit this place with my frienz on Wednesday but we didn't like the flavors which they added to the food. and the half the food items are not available in menu card. overall not good experience.



Bad taste..

Was there on a last week along with friends.

Got a table almost immediately.

There is a choice of veg and non food

Starters are average and more choice is required.

Chicken biryani is depressive
really need to work hard on Biryanis

Overall food is not impressive but refills were slow also service at the table was slow. There was not much attention to the patrons.

I think if the management pays little attention to service and add some more starters I guess this would be better


Poor Place

It took 45 mins to find intersection of law college road... from kothrud to serach this place , I decided to try the place with frienz. . below of my experience at this place

- On entering the restaurant Ohhh I feel its Cafe Not Restaurant Off AC as...the Place is - It seemed so small.. . , , Even the Water not brought in on time to get it back any more.
We decided not to order anything more, and we called for the bill. There was some small goof up in the bill as well...!
The sandwiches & Tandoor took 50 mins of time really frustrated and it was very average. Pathetic service .


November 22, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Hi NDeo37,

thanks for the review and really sorry you didn't like Grubshup: the food and the ambience and service.
If it's not too much of a trouble, please call me on 90110-56303, so that I can investigate this more. As you can probably see from a whole bunch of reviews on this site and many others (including our guest book, which is open for everyone to see), we get high marks on all these three counts from hundreds of customers.

Still, none of it matters much if you did not have that kind of experience. I take it ve

reeth21 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 13,2011


Good place to hang out

Grubshup is a very nice place to hang out and chit-chat........The staff were well behaved! Would certainly go there again!


November 14, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Thank you very much Reeth21! You made our day!

anil paranjape
owner, grubshup

Awesome place to hangout !

Awesome place to hangout and eat and to connect with new people and been there every weekend !


unmeshm - Burrp User


2 Reviews

October 16,2011


Quaint Place Nice People

If you are in a mood for something different then this is the place to be. From "cutting chai" to "falafel in pita", from plain old "chicken tikka" to "desi mex" you will find it all here. Love to stop by this place whenever I can and so should you. Oh by the way - if you plan to sit for long - bring a cushion along :) come in and you will find out why. They have recently started adorning their walls with works from local artists which is a great public initiative especially since the proceeds are all meant to go to the artists.


vshashank - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 15,2011


Combo meals very good

Wide choice of items on their menu. Sandwiches, Bread Omelette good, but slightly costly. Their newly introduced lunch and dinner combo meal options are very good.



different and unique

try grubshup. its like nothing you may have experienced in Pune. Their pita bread and hummus is the most authentic one I have tasted since coming back from Israel. -Suhas



Interesting and Different - Recommended

What I like about Grubshup is how different it's menu is from any other restaurant you've been to. Not only do they have a very eclectic selection of items all the way from Japan to India to Europe, but they have very interesting mechanisms where you can create various do-it-yourself combinations by picking and choosing from different sections of the menu.

Giving it only 4 stars and not 5, because once in a while, the experimentation does fail and you end up with something that you don't particular like.

But definitely a place you must visit.


Great awesome hangout for friendly meetup!

Grubshup has a simple formula. Great food, decent prices and a homely atmosphere. And it works! I had often seen the board on my way to work, and visited it for the first time about an year ago. I personally find it a great place to eat at, although I do hate the policy of no laptops after 7pm (If you want to sit inside that is). (Personally I feel, you can just charge me extra if required). The menu is quite extensive and you can get 'world cuisine' at Indian prices, which is a nice plus for me. But i think the best offering they have, is the special chai...which is an absolute must if you happen to be a workaholic like me. All in all, Grubshup seems more like a community than a hotel and I hope you like it just as much as I do.

PS: Please do not ask us to move to a different place after we've taken a seat. Especially if we have guests. I can understand the economics of seat allocation, and the efficiency in moving if the place is crowded and 2 are occupying a table of 4. But I feel that we come to Grubshup to be reminded of a feeling that has a lot more to it than just bottom line. And the request - although polite- just interferes with it. :) All the best!


Best place to hangout

Cool sitting arrangement , great food, perfect ambiance and I like most is regular events being organised over there e.g movie show, book reading etc.


naturelle - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 03,2011


Great food, art and conversation

*Best Chicken Kathi Rolls in town. Blew my "no chicken" resolution to pieces :). Actually, so good that I haven't tried much else.
*Chilled out atmosphere, welcoming hosts.
*Great place to stretch your legs at the end of a long day.
*With some very affordable coffee.
*Chocolate sandwich and sketching paper on the house for my toddler. A very warm welcome!
*Fresh, ever-changing paintings on the walls lends a touch of culture and arty-chic
Will I go back? Already have!


October 3, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Hey Naturelle,

Thanks a bunch for your kind words. You made our (end of the) day today :-)
Next time you're at Grubshup, please try our new pastas and soups/salads as well. As always, they are one of a kind in the city and within a week, have garnered a loyal following. And regarding paintings, our walls are open for all artists/hobbyists in the community... hint... hint... BTW, we also have many other programs and events at Grubshup in our 'Food with a View' series of events, which include documentary screenings, lecture demos


Sitting arrangment is different n nice.

Very first liked the sitting arrangement.. Cold coffee n all all is gud but thought a bit on higher side as compare to ambience... otherwise alz well...


August 23, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Hi fast.foodie,

first of all, thank you very much for visiting Grubshup and writing the review. I liked the 'alz well' part a lot.
I am also glad you liked our sitting arrangement. Many people like the simplicity and innovativeness of it. You may also like the fact that it is all reclaimed wood that would have gone to garbage otherwise!

If you have any other suggestions as to how we can improve, please let us know in our guestbook (we just started our third book!) or drop me a line at my firstname dot lastname at grubsh

August 26, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Hello Mr anil.paranjape... Thanx for ur response...yup will surely look into ur guest book was not aware dat day wen i visited Grubshup... thanx



I came from Pimpale Saudagar to this place because it had featured in Newspaper.

Not very welcoming staff

Shawarma was Okay but just okay and the quantity of meat was little.

Try anything here but never the biryani. The quantity and taste both are sad.

Kathi roll was good.

Its rare to see this featured in newspaper.


August 10, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Hi Kauti007,

You have us really stumped. We have never served Shawarma at Grubshup. Not quite sure what you're referring to.
I am surprised about the Biryani comment. Biryanis are one of the most popular dishes and from BOTH viewpoints: quality and quantity.
I also didn't understand your last sentence about 'rarely featured in newspaper'. I don't know what frequency is 'rare'. We have been reviewed and featured (for the food part alone, not counting other activities we do) in various newspapers (and with great feedback) a

August 11, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Well its upto you to take the feedback.

I believe I has shawarma because it was chicken stuffed in Pita Bread.

And, yah biryani was greenish in color and came in a small bowl.

We tried a lot of things at this palce but sorry to say they didnt meet our expectations. Well its possible that my pallate doesnt fit there but yes will make a visit soon to confirm

August 11, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Hi Kauti007,

thanks for your response. I am not arguing, I just clarified our point in case there was some misunderstanding.

Shwarma is quite different with different spices and a different way of roasting the meat (which is also cut/sliced differently). It also needs a rotisserie-type device. I love it myself and would like to introduce it sometime but we have never done that so far. We also have not used the word Shwarma anywhere on our menu card. If you were expecting Shwarma just because it was chicken stuffed in Pita

August 12, 2011response from management at Grubshup:


I will try to drop by soon.


August 12, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Thanks a bunch Kauti007. Please don't forget to call me at 90110-56303




had heard its an amazing place.. but the nachos are seriously disappointing.. the cheese was way to less n so was the salad.. please work on it! n the seating is really beatiful! nice place to hang out with friends.. definitely looking to a betr experience next time!


July 30, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Hi awsomefood,

sorry you didn't like the Nachos. We have modeled it based on the Nachos that we used to love while living in Texas (Austin, yeah!! :-) for 3 years. Ours are very very popular the way they are and many people prefer less cheese. So we try to balance it somewhat. But we will be happy to customize it for you, especially with cheese. Next time, please let us know and we will do it the way you like it.

BTW, thanks a bunch for your words of encouragement about our ambience etc. Will make the food part also righ

July 30, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

sure :)

July 30, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

well im a big fan of nachos n i understand ur need of maintaining a balance but that amt of cheese is definitely less n also it was even melted.. u defnitely shld also add a little masala to ur salad.. and probably give this an entirely new name altogther! i do not mean to criticize it aimlessly but the chips were tooo oily too..

August 10, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Hey Awsomefood,
sorry for not replying earlier. I didn't get notified by Burrp! on your second comment. I'll be happy to sit with you with a plateful of Nachos and understand what you feel's missing. As I told another guest recently, about 75% of our guests that eat Nachos just love them. About 25% want more cheese. So we're exploring a 'more cheese' option. But feel free to call me any time. Since you like Nachos, I'd like to know more about your Nacho hot buttons :-)


Shady place :-(

i hv been to this place, it was raining that day, so i thought to go @ this place as its nearby, i found this place very awful as the quality of food was so so, i asked for indian food n even that also was embarrassing, only they r mixing the colors, most important thing is i felt like sitting in school canteen as d sitting arrangement horrible n i wonder y? then howcome its Burrp certified place........

will never plan for this again even its raining.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


July 7, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Hi Manisha,

I am sorry we didn't meet your expectations and thank you for taking the pains to write the review. We have hundreds of reviews written by our guests in our guestbook in their own handwriting and only about 1% are negative. So experience such as yours is a rarity at Grubshup.

We cannot do anything about the seating. We have open seating with backless wooden blocks (very nicely cladded though!). It's designed that way and most of our guests think it's elegant and chic (we have loads of recorded reviews on the am



I went to Grubshup based only on the reviews that I read on Burrp and I have to say, I wasn't disappointed.

We went around 6 pm just to get a light snack on a rainy day. The place was kinda empty but I loved the frames they had hanging around - they were displaying the works of an artist who molded paper to create his art. Gorgeous art, but that's another story! Anyway, we all loved the menu with the little trivia all over it! I think it took us about a half an hour to order only because we were so distracted by the little information all over the menu!

We decided to have the lemon mint iced teas and a special chai. The iced teas were good but the chai definitely came out as the winner.. It had a wonderful blend of spices and had just enough sugar to make it perfect for me or maybe it was just the perfect drink on a cold rainy day.

We decided to get half a mushroom basil pesto sandwich, nachoes and a falafel. I am so glad we ordered half the sandwich because the portion sizes are LARGE! In any case, the sandwich was wonderful - hot, cheesy and the basil pesto had a wonderful aroma! The mushrooms were cooked well but I think the basil pesto totally ruled! If you like mushrooms, you have to try this sandwich!

I love falafels. I could eat them all the time and Grubshup's falafel was perfect! Wonderfully moist and a beautiful blend of all the spices, unlike some of the other falafels I have eaten in town. I highly recommend their falafel.

Nachos disappointed us considering everything else was so fantastic - the chips were overly salty and had some masala on it which did not go well with the cheese. The cheese sauce poured wasn't great - something just wasn't. I would not order the nachos again. Other than that, we had a swell time! The ambiance is very chilled out and relaxing. You can put your feet up and enjoy your chai without feeling like you are committing a social sin!

A must visit for anyone who wants to enjoy a good fresh meal with great flavors and doesn't want to spend much. This place is definitely excellent value for money! I definitely will be going back to Grubshup soon!


June 23, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Oh wow, Pnqqueen! We're really really happy you came and cannot thank you enough for all the pains you took to write this review. Glad that you liked the food and ambience. I will come to the nachos in a minute. But first, let me accept your compliments on the art on behalf of the artist, Mr. Satish Ghatpande! He's an amazing artist. Each of those frames takes 2-3 months to complete. With his work, we inaugurated our Art Hub (at the hands of international artists such as Mr. Ravi Paranjape, Sateesh Paknikar and Vijay Koparkar). Our Art


nice place to meet friends...

We,my school/college friend meet at Grupshup every weekend :)
the main thing to come again again is We all like the Special Tea... offcors with some gr8 sandwiches ... I am a punekar so never tried Lebanese or that kinf of food...But Ill definitely try it when I next time...

around 6 months ago we used to get "Shahi Pohe" :P.. we miss that... I did not see this in new menu card....
Only one point I want to tell is...

Last 2-3 times I came in, the glass in which water was served had some thread of cloth floting on.... may the cloth with which the glasses are dried....

nice place to chill....
keep the good going...


May 20, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Hi NooDat,

sorry about the 'cloth-thread-in-the-water-glass' experience. We will look into it. Also, sorry for not responding earlier. Was out of the country with little internet access, just came back to India.

Thanks a lot for the great comments. We will continue to delight you with new exciting menu options. Please accept our big thanks for your continued patronage. We love to have you over!

anil paranjape

lambya - Burrp User


2 Reviews

April 29,2011


Ventilation required

I am sorry to say but it seems that guest comfort is not important for the Grubshup management,as claimed. Still there are no fans and a/c are not 'on' even after promising to 'figure out something this summer'. Day temp has touched 40 and it is impossible to sit inside.Today even the owner was standing outside, presumably because he could not bear the heat inside !! Anyway,we have stopped going to Grubshup,at least till the outside climate becomes cool or till inside temp becomes bearable !


April 30, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Dear Lambya,
It's kind of funny addressing you that way but your Burrp! signin doesn't leave me any choice. I hope you understand.
A few clarifications:

I was standing outside because I always do. I SIT inside when I am working on my laptop or having a meeting. I am a very restless person, I need to move around a lot :-) Especially when I talk on the phone or sending SMSes or reading them etc.

We have tried coolers but they haven't worked for us and are now trying out fans which we will replicate if successful. In

I mean..What Can I Say More..Its Just Fabulous !!

I was there yesterday with my friend Nnaik a.k.a Neha naik.. :D What a place.. Peaceful..Different..Amazing Menu Card..Mouth-watering food..Brilliant Service..Itke divas zoplo hoto kharach..anyway..kharach avadla..ani aplya martahi mansacha aslyamule khup ananda zala :) Ekach request aahe..ata tar me frequently yet rahin..just that please see if you can play some class rock music..e.g. pink floyd,led zeppelin, Beatles etc..ajun maja yeil :) [P.S.-me drummer ani singer aslyamule mala music cha atishay ved aahe..especially classic rock..ani tumcha restaurant cha ambiance la pan ekdam suitable aahe :)] btw my name is Nikhil Sugwekar..USER ID vegla taklay fakta :D


April 23, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Dear Nikhil,

Thanks a lot for yours and Neha's patronage (and taking the time to pen this review both of you!) Thanks for all the kind words of praise. The music is loosely designed to be from all over the world but I haven't done a great job mixing it well. I have been creating more time-slot-based playlists which will have classic rock as well (Yes, Led/Pink/Beatles/Dire Straits/Eagles/Men at Work etc etc). There'll also be a lot of blues and soul (my favorites). Hang on a little, am almost there...

anil paranja


"Haat Key" Place You Should Check Out

I would have probably rated it 4.5 but Burrp doesn't let me. In true Indian fashion, have rounded it off to 5 :)

* Liked:
a) Good food
b) "Haat Key" menu with a mix of quirky American, Lebanese & even mainstream Indian dishes
c) Witty lines in the menu card
d) Reasonable prices

* Did not like (Dislike seemed too strong a word):
a) Seating. "Marathit sangaycha tar "Bakdi" mhanta yeil", No cushions or back support. If you are taking family along, this is the first thing the 'not so young' will note.

b) Located at a busy traffic junction. Noise, Pollution !!! In case you have kids with you, showing them around & keeping them engaged is not an option. Fortunately the restaurant is AC.

Overall, like the place and will be going back soon.

This part of Pune city has many good Idli - Dosa joints (think Vaishali, Roopali, Wadeshwar, Aryan...) but few other options. Grubshup is one.

Best Wishes.


April 23, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Dear Harshad,

thanks much! We will try our best to truly earn the remaining 0.5* that you rounded off :-)
A word about seating: I understand that it can be uncomfortable at times. However, many 'not so young' people still like it and kids just love it! The philosophy behind Grubshup is to create a community diner. If we could, we'd actually have long benches and tables that people would share (one of our favorite hangouts in Portland, Oregon had that). Then we thought it'd look like a dining hall, so we did the next best thin

May 19, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Thanks Anil. You have a good thing going. Best Wishes!


The place gives you more than just satisfaction!!

I had been to this place just a few hours ago..

What impressed me was that the place was flawless, even in the smallest of the things such as a menu card.. Or "FAQ" as they call it.. Not only have they put their own style food on the menu, but also explained it nicely on menu!!

The food was excellent.. Items on menu were quite different than the regular stuff we see around.. And at decent rates..

Ambience was awesome and the staff was very polite.. And most importantly, the music was sober unlike many places!! This Place gets 10/10 from me!!


April 22, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Dear Nnaik,

Wow! You just floored us with compliments. We will do our best to continue to deserve and earn your accolades. Here's wishing you happy meeting, tweeting and eating at Grubshup. If you're on facebook, we are now there to. Would appreciate you 'Like'ing us on FB, where we plan to post periodic updates. We will continue to introduce new dishes from all over the world and FB is one of the channels to let everyone know about it.

Once again, thank you very much for your visit, patronage and appreciation! Hope to


Why did I not go earlier

Alright My office is quite close to the place and I had been itching to have a good wholesome sandwich for a while so somebody suggested this place for their cheese omelette's.

Well off I went to check it out. The first thing that strikes me is the simplicity of the place, Being a fan of the minimalistic style I obviously liked it very comfortable. The music was a no no for me. In my humble opinion the decor + the menu did not equal the music that was playing. I have not gone to a place anywhere in the world where you eat a proper sandwich while listening to Kenny G

The menu in front and the first thing I saw and could not get my eyes off was the Philly Cheese Steak. Now its been ages since I dove into one and obviously that was what I got. Now this might be a little biased because I am a big time fan of the Philly cheese steak. I can look past the chicken in place of the beef and bread in place of the Amoroso roll. But the cheese was not enough it should be like a cover over the meat and the peppers and the onions. Also I am not sure if it was American cheese. But it was close enough to bring back memories. Nicely executed with a clean presentation and good portions. The flavors are all there to have a little party in you mouth. Yes it is a little expensive but it is filling and filled with amazing flavors. The bread is very different and makes a difference it is not flaky and has a texture that just blasts the peppers and the chicken in your mouth.
I washed it down with a cold coffee which was good but I was more focused on the sandwich. Will I go back. Yes no doubt about it but this time it will have to be a different sandwich after all it has been too long since I bit into my favorites.
Something I forgot about the sandwich it is served with chips. My head did not go around that sorry Philly cheese and fries or onion rings. Maybe I am becoming a little too nostalgic. Nevamind, I had only a few but they are not my cup of tea so I left them alone.

The service was well to be honest I did not pay close attention.


March 16, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Dear Aditya,

Needless to say, I just loved your review. All of it, including the criticism! Thank you very much for your patronage and for taking pains to write such a detailed review. We hope to continue to delight you even more in your future visits. Being a Wharton grad, I also have very fond memories of Philly Cheese Steak, which BTW, is great even in SFO, close to the business district.

Now regarding the music: I absolutely agree with you about Kenny G :-) There are only a few battles in your marital life that you w

March 16, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Would Love a steak. I will be back tmrw anyways :P Hope to see you then :) TC

lambya - Burrp User


2 Reviews

March 10,2011


ventilation required

we started going to Grubshup last summer to beat the heat,as it is a/c and because it is centrally located. But sadly the a/c units are mostly 'OFF' even if it is hot outside. Even fans are not provided.There is no ventilation because it is on ground floor & the place becomes stuffy. I hope our experience would be better this summer. If there is any environment issue, at least fans should be provided, instead of the loud music in which nobody is really interested.- Pravin


March 10, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Hey Pravin,
It is a matter of the environment but of course, we don't want our guests to be uncomfortable. We will figure something out this summer.
Thanks much for your feedback and patronage.


sanjay11 - Burrp User


37 Reviews

February 01,2011


Good place for meetings ... thats ALL

Yes, i have been to this place for couple of meetings n friends get together. The place is central ( + point ) for hangout

With regards too food, not impressed.
Rest room, very dirty not for family


February 1, 2011response from management at Grubshup:

Hi Sanjay11,

Thank you for visiting Grubshup and taking the time to review it.
I am really disappointed (in ourselves) that we fell far short of delighting you. My sincere apologies for that. I hope to get another chance to set things right (and that we don't squander that chance :-)

Regarding the quality of the food, if you can call me at 90110-56303, I'd really appreciate it. I'd like to understand how and where we fell short of expectations.

Regarding the Rest Room, we do not have a dedicated restroom. An

pseuxipher - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 28,2010


great place

i like this place, i bring in my friends as well as my business clients, you could even have a WIFI
taste is absolutely fantastic BUT at times i do feel that the quantity of food per serving be increased


December 28, 2010response from management at Grubshup:

Hi Pseuxipher,

thank you very much for your review and kind words. You capped a great week for Grubshup: we just got honored by Burrp as the 'most popular hangout' in Pune. We're truly honored by all of you.

Regarding your suggestion about portion sizes: Grubshup original menu has been designed to facilitate sharing. In a group, people often have different cravings, hunger-levels and requirements. Someone may have already had their lunch and looking for dessert, someone's still hungry, someone may want Indian, others mexi

Awesome place!

Tea here rocks.. it gives u the feel of a roadside, hillside in a nice cozy ambience...

Loads of choices on offer.. Sandwiches are great..

I just love the ambience so much that rest all is inmaterial. Nice place to hang out with friends, got a different charm to it which cannot be described in words. You got to visit the place to feel it...

Nice job mate!!


November 10, 2010response from management at Grubshup:

Hey Sushant, thank you very much for the compliments. I'll gladly accept them on behalf of the entire Grubshup crew. Thanks a bunch for your patronage.

rm1978 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 09,2010


Your response to Bland chicken In briyani

Mr Owner, you dont use boiled chicken in briyani and marinate after boiling. This is basic cooking.
I was at your place last week, after speaking to your service staff i learnt that you are not treating them well and there dignity as employee is at stake. Though your place and food is nice but your staff doesnt seems to be happy. If you wish to speak to me for more details call me on my number 9922838308........Regards


November 9, 2010response from management at Grubshup:

Hi rm1978,

thank you very much for your comments and I really mean it. I just tried calling you but you didn't pick up the phone. I will try again later tonight or early tomorrow. You can reach me as well at 90110-56303.

Regarding the Biryani, it is pre-boiled chicken but it is (and should always be) boiled in marinade. As I had explained to the gentleman who had that issue in, one of our new staff members had boiled it without the marinade and then tried to marinate it afterwards. That's what caused the issue. That mist

November 10, 2010response from management at Grubshup:

As I promised, here's an update after talking to rm1978 at length. He is a chef who has worked in the industry for 10 years in UK and other high-end establishments and is now doing something refreshingly different. Now I understand his concern for our staff and I deeply appreciate it. It was a very enjoyable conversation and am very glad I met him over the phone although under these weird circumstances :-)

Regarding our staff concerns, he talked to our server who expressed displeasure at having to work long hours etc. We don't know

awesome...gr8..lets do that again !!

My first visit was great..loved the menu, the food and is a great place to hang out..
Loved the Des-Mex sandwich, with any aerated mocktail..and the pricing is also perfect...
service could be quicker, but who cares about time when you are with friends...
a must try


November 9, 2010response from management at Grubshup:

Hey VSrinivas2084,

thank you very much for your patronage and the great words of encouragement. I am sorry about the service part. For some time, we have been chronically short of service staff and Diwali added to those woes. We're literally limping as far as service staff strength goes. Really sorry about that. As Diwali vacations wrap up, we hope to get back to our full strength.

In the meanwhile, hope you continue to patronize us and try out the rest of our menu too...
anil paranjape
owner (or rather,

November 9, 2010response from management at Grubshup:

Hey Anil
nice to hear from you
no problem with the service, it at the back of my head now...
looking forward to my next bite at grubshup

cheerio !!

Perfect this time!!

Just back from Grubshup
And this time even the chicken was nicely cooked and marinated.
Hats of to Humus, Nachos and Butter Pita...
I'm in love with this place... :)


November 9, 2010response from management at Grubshup:

Hello Jazz2Jive (nice name dude, hope you can share some nice jazz tracks to use at Grubshup),

I had noted your previous review where you had issues with the the chicken and I believe we had talked on email. I am glad you had a very positive experience with the chicken this time. That time, it was not that the chicken was bad but just that it was most probably overboiled which makes it bland and difficult to marinate. In any case, we're glad it worked well for you this time.

Thank you very much for your patronage and for no


Awesome Menu and @ affordable price

When i 1st saw this place i thought its just like n e new restaurant opening in pune but believe me its lot different. The menu card is has large variety of dishes with unusual comments n also they have another menu which they change everyday, the food is very affordable n this place is not much crowded. A good place to spend time with friends. :)


November 9, 2010response from management at Grubshup:

Dear Rohan,

thanks a bunch (although belated) for your review and the Excellent rating. We are very heartened and encouraged by your kind words. One 'ouch' part in your review is that we are 'not much crowded' :-) It's changing now and we hope to change that even more. Still, we assure you the same high standards of taste, health, hygiene, fun factor and service.

anil paranjape
Owner (Grubshup)

Nice place to hang out

Enjoyed my first visit.
The ambiance is cool, different... loved it
They play various types of music one after another, its refreshing.
Rates are very much reasonable.
Service is nice.
Menu card is awesome... you can spend an hour reading it.
And food..
Had mock-tails, refreshing.
Humus and Pita - Perfect!
Biryani was also tasty.

What i did not like was the smell of chicken they used, it was like chunks of cold chicken. Even biryani had chicken chunks nice golden from outside, but pure white and taste less from inside. Hope this was one of a case, will try again next time before i decide to avoid chicken there.
Over all nice experience, i am gonna go again for some other dishes and pita+humus for sure.


November 9, 2010response from management at Grubshup:

Hi Jazz,

I responded to your second review and clarified the chicken part.
BTW, thanks a bunch for the feedback on the menu card. It has been a labor of love and having designed and written that myself, when I hear this type of feedback (which is quite often), it really makes my day.

anil paranjape
owner (Grubshup)


I'm in Love with it.

Its been a whole night since I visited here with my wife and friends, but the fun is still alive.

We tried nearly everything, which sounded new and different, from first to last page of the menu and to our surprise everything was so very delicious. Starting with Make-Your-Own-Mocktails, we had Lime Soda with 4 different flavors, making a total of 24 combinations out of it. It was fun and tongue still thanks us.

Then we had Italian Subzee, Hummus, Po'Boy Veg and Chicken Teriyaki with Butter Pitas, Cheese Pitas and Roomali Rotis . I liked the Italian Subzee and Chicken the most. Butter Pitas were delicious.

Really liked the staff who were more than ready to explain the menu and help us choose, with a smile. Ambience was appeasing and music was romantic, topped with such a nice hospitality.

I recommend it for all food-lovers, and that too when its so light on pocket.


November 9, 2010response from management at Grubshup:

Hey Sudhir, Muchas Gracias for our very first five-star rating! We're truly humbled by it. For a very young restaurant with a lot of out-of-the-ordinary ideas, a pat on the back such as yours is very heartening indeed.

I am glad you tried the 'make your own mocktails' and tried all those combinations. Sir, you did true justice to the concept!

Although this response is belated, it's from the core of our collective heart! Thanks and hope to continue to delight you always.

anil paranjape
owner (Grubshup)


Had a good experience!

I had been to this place some days ago with my friends.
We liked the Po'Boy Chicken, Italian Chicken, Chicken Stew and Chicken Kheema masala.
A suggestion: Try the Pita instead of the usual roti, with butter!
The mocktails were refreshing; we'd the Lychee Sunrise, Green Temptation, and a mocktail from the 'Make-Your-Own-Meals-and-Mocktails'.

Liked the staff over here; they were helpful and polite.

To summarise my first visit: Nice ambience, good food, refreshing mocktails, good service and the most importantly, an ideal for hang-out with friends as well as family (it's affordable..!!) :)

A good experience!


November 9, 2010response from management at Grubshup:

Man, you're the one who pushed us to build presence on Burrp! and we'll be eternally grateful to you for that. Please accept a big bow and a big bouquet of thanks from us for that (and the review).

Hope to meet you in person some day.

anil paranjape
owner (Grubshup)