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> > > > Hyatt Regency Pune

Hyatt Regency Pune

Nagar RoadRest of Pune  


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Hyatt Regency Pune Reviews

veggi_love - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 08,2012


Worst place to have food

I had been here twice for dinner party and both times experience was worst!
Very limited option for veggi, hardly few regular dishes with Paneer and mix veg only. Desserts were also not good. Food taste was worst. Too much expensive. Not recommanded for dinner at all...not worth.



Food is what I live for

Awesome food. Different types of salads, pickles dipped in variety of sauces wide variety of cuisines, live counters of pasta, fresh juices, sea food and mouthwatering desserts and list goes on...... I had to be very choosy coz of too many options. Very nice service and nice ambiance to enjoy food. Though it is expensive but when you see so many yummy things you just forget about it ;) . Recommended to try once at least even if it feels too hard on your pocket ;). Make sure you have bookings if planning to visit in huge number.



Dinner at Hyatt, Worse place to be in

Worst place to eat in pune... "HAYAT REGENCY PUNE". Last night i went there with my collegues and in the name of 5 star i got : 1) Only two starter(one veg and one nonveg) and when we demand for the same again they simply denied it by saying that they are going to serve starter only once on a table. 2) No clearence of table after starter and we have to take our dinner on dirty table. 3) Baddest service i ever face in my life during dinner . (we people are literally requesting them for chapatis and got them after 15-20 minutes). 4) Very limited option and worst menu (Veg -bhindi, tur-dal, one paneer sabji..... Non-veg - Fish(only curry without fish pieces also it was not hot), uncooked mutton, chicken is really good)). 5) Limited side items (Only one refilling of dahiwada(10 pieces) during our stay of 2 hours in hotel, same with the salad and other items). 6) In the end we have to start self service as the waiters are behaving like VIP and come on 2 waiters for 25 peoples are not enough man. 7) only one option of rice. 8) In the end at the valvet parking i have to wait for about 25 minutes for my car and i have to shout on manager to get it. Good thing: Deserts are really good no doubt about it. Date and timing we were there: 30th Dec'2011 from 8:45pm to 11:15 pm. In short : If you want to enjoy a peaceful dinner than HAYAT-PUNE should never be the recomendation from my side. DON't GO THERE.....!!!


beauty1986 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 23,2011


Amazing foood

I am so in love with the food......specially the yummy deserts......worth trying ...Ambience and Service was excellent and so was the feel.....I had a gr8 time and would strongly recommend everyone to try their Buffet...:)


Tea is a cup of life

Thanks to burrp, I had the unique pleasure of going to THE HYATT for Afternoon tea (it was amazing).

The coffee shop is in a quiet corner in the lobby of the very impressive Hyatt, with wood panelled walls and Italian marble flooring and marble beams.
The table was very comfortable and had cozy sofa sets attached. They were loosely arranged everywhere in the lobby, most were adjacent to windows which allowed patrons to enjoy the view of the fountain (almost overflowing), surrounded by shrubs and palm trees. A modest library accompanied the coffee shop with a variety of books to choose from while you enjoy your meal.

Service was very courteous and helpful, however there was only one person handling everything, which made things a bit slow at times.

The food which is the most important part was amazing!

The Veg Puff was excellent; it was very delicate with well seasoned potato stuffing wrapped inside very crispy layers. The sandwich had fresh cucumber salad and cheese which felt really nice and cheesy, but the bread felt a bit chewy and dry.

There were many flavours of tea available and I personally love peach, so I chose the Peach and Chamomile Tea.

There was a board near the spread of food, which talked about the ceremony that goes along with a glass of tea.
When it was all laid out in front of me - the tea served hot in a kettle with herbs still in it, with different sugars separate and a strainer next to it, the waiter extracting and filling up a glass for me - I started understanding what the board was trying to say.

The tea was crystal clear with a touch of orange with a beautiful fragrance and a balanced flavour of peach and tea. There were oatmeal cookies which had great texture; being slightly chewy with ample, but not overpowering sweetness. Pistachio cookies were very crisp and crunchy with a generous helping of pistachio in them which gave the cookies great flavour. The Scones had raisins (too few) on the top and were accompanied by marmalade and whipped cream to put on it. They were fluffy, but a bit bland.

Banana bread made with mashed bananas was excellent, probably the highlight of the spread. It was amazingly moist, not too gooey but more cake-like, with the sweetness of caramel and the flavour of banana.

There was a four layer chocolate pastry with cream on cake followed by a layer of peanut butter on a thin layer of cake (base) again. The ratio of peanut butter to chocolate cream was spot on. The salty taste of peanut butter perfectly balanced the sweetness of the cream and the cake.

The last was a desert: White chocolate tart with a sweet white cream filling, topped with (a bit too sour) fig.

Though it's the Hyatt and yes, it's not exactly light on the wallet; I thoroughly enjoyed the Afternoon Tea and I'll probably go back to The Cafe for more... because there's not a lot wrong with the world when you have a perfect cup of tea in one hand and Banana bread in the other.