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> > > > Juice Destination

Juice Destination

AundhRest of Pune  


7 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Juice Destination Reviews


Cool place to hangout with

Go for it. The juices and snacks are worth each penny you spend. Do try their shakes and masala maggi:)



Mumbai Is Lacking one..

Its a 6 months experience....If you are looking for "TASTE BHI HEALTH BHI " under one roof then "JD" is the destination...Implementing the very famous quote "VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE" it juices, mastanis , sandwiches QUALITY is always delivered at its BEST...i'm missing all d GOOD TASTE...wishing "JD" all the success for now and for future... :)



satisfied on every visit!!

A fabulous place, small in size but its got big to the juices and specially mastanis. Salads are a hidden treasure at this place since we end up paying more than 100 bucks at Subway which is available at this place for a mere Rs 50.
The rates are pretty economical and I consider it as a perfect place for a healthy meal as any wheat bread sandwich plus a glass of juice makes a good day..long way to go..kudos!!


juicy and healthy!

Juice Destiny is a good place for thirsty shoppers and health freaks. The location is also very strategic as there are two gyms in the locality. Their menu and prices are fine. The place also serves some snacks, which I have not tried yet but have seen a good rush of people coming to have a bite there. They also have a take away facility. Their fruit combinations for juices are new and taste well.


Juice Destiny - A good start

I was going through reviews of some members on Juice Destiny wherein it is mentioned that Juice Glass (Orange) of Rs. 35/- is costly ! On the contrary, I think it is very cost effctive. Since, I have travelled world & visited Restaurants & Juice shops across globe in Australia, Canada, US (as well as India), I can comment on the costing & relative pricing of Juices. For a glass of Orange Juice, we need min. 6 Oranges (if one will not mix water & ice). If oranges are Rs. 50 per Dozen (Pl. check rates in the market), Rs. 25.00 will be raw material cost. Even if one gets them in wholesale, the raw material cost of a good juice glass (without mixing of water) is still Rs. 20/- Add other expenses - Manpower, electricity, Rent & consider ROI & then, you will find that Rs. 35/- per Glass of Juice is on a lower side. I thank Juice Destiny to make available to us good healthy alternative to unhealthy soft drinks at a cost effective rates.


euphorian - Burrp User


3 Reviews

October 15,2009


Much needed in Aundh..!!

Recently came across this place, i think such kind of a joint was very much needed in Aundh.
It has a very catchy look and methinks the prices are not bad as per the size of glass...or shud i say a beer mug full of juice,moreover sandwiches here are surprisingly delicious as the name fancies a Juice Bar.

Since i am a regular at Air,i luv this place to fetch some energy after workouts and hey its not just the juices, the menu is extensive...i've surfed thru a lot of places and the way deserts prices are over-charged, this place has such kinds at a very moderate price. In fact milkshakes @ Rs.35/- are quite mederately priced.

Well a very "exceptional" drink on their Menu i witnessed was Hangover!!!

Overall...a gud experience.


Exorbitant price for a glass of juice

A glass of orange juice for 35 Rs, and that?s just the start. The cost of other juices is on the way up from here. Agreed that their glass size is much bigger, but its not more than twice the normally available size, so at max they should charge double. But they are charging more than that.For what, I wonder!!

Even more interesting is the fact that same orange juice at Juice Destiny in Magarpatta costs 30 Rs. Talk of pricing as per their own wishes..huh.