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Koregaon ParkRest of Pune  

  • 08390907407, 09975024552
  • Satellite Building, Lane No. 6, Koregaon Park, Pune
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 1800

14 Reviews / 16 Ratings

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Kiva Reviews







A Perfect Place to Enjoy Food, Drinks and Music

Kiva is one of the best places in Pune that offers delicious food along with great drinks. Guess the place was under renovation a few months back but now is fully functional and back to its old glory. Recently visited this place with a few friends and had a great time.

We started off with the Buffalo Stripes that were well marinated in chilly flakes and covered in hot barbeque sauce. They were so delicious that we devoured them in no time.

Next we had the Tangy Prawns. I must say that it was a unique appetizer with prawns cooked in a tangy blend of red chili paste and tamarind, giving it a mouth-watering tangy and spicy flavor.

Moving on to the main course, the four of us ordered some unique dishes, each delicious in its own way. The first dish we ordered was Rosemary Lamb which was a marinated lamb grilled and served on a bed of spinach, mushrooms, jalapeno, gherkin and pepper. All I can say is Wow!!! The dish was absolutely heavenly and all of us loved it.

Next was the Chef de Gamberoni, a sea food dish with succulent king prawns cooked with coconut cream in tender coconut shell served with saffron rice. Healthy in its own terms, the dish for delicious and made us order a second round of it.

Next was the Coriander Crusted Kingfish which was a Kingfish steak coated with chopped coriander, grilled and served on a bed of onion and raisins tossed with thyme. Well garnished and deliciously cooked, we felt that the Kingfish would now definitely rest in peace in our tummies.

Last on the list was Barbeque Chicken on Cilantro Mash. Delicious nevertheless, the traditional barbequed chicken legs were served on the bed of cilantro mashed potatoes and sautéed veggies.

So, Kiva still maintains their old glory of great food, drinks and ambience! Check it out!


Ram Nori - Burrp User

Ram Nori

1 Reviews

January 19,2012


Need to get rid off the Manager...

I go to Kiva often as I love their food. The place would be even better if they got rid off the obnoxious manager and turned down their music few notches. I hope the owners do read these comments and make necessary changes.



Too loud

Have been to this place a few times. The food, ambiance and service is pretty good.
But its too loud for a lounge. The music is not too good either


A World cuisine restaurant that actually delivers!

The one thing you notice about Kiva, Koregaon Park, first-up is the tastefully done up decor and ambiance. Interesting wall-art, diffused lighting, great music to go with it and separate sections for the lounge and the restaurant do give it a very international feel, so to speak. It also does raise your expectations for the food and thankfully, they deliver BIG TIME.

We started off with the rich and perfectly done cream of chicken soup, prawns in black bean sauce and chicken bulgogi. So yes, this is world cuisine and yes, it does avoid being the mess that most multi-cuisine restaurants are now-a-days. The starters and the soup were all spiced and seasoned well. The meats were succulent and well cooked with just the right amount of sauce to coat it well.

For the mains, we ordered Nilgiri Chicken {served with parathas and rice} and Sea-Food Paella. The chicken came with a rich, herb infused gravy and the delicious paella was loaded with prawns, fish and squids. The portions of the mains are rather huge so if you're getting entrees, 2 portions of mains shared between 3 people should suffice.

For desserts, we tried their rum flambeed chocolate brownies with vanilla ice-cream and the ferrero rocher mousse cake. While the brownies were gooey and delicious, the mousse cake was a huge disappointment. It lacked the chocolate-hazelnut flavour and richness which ought to have been there.

Apart from all this Kiva has a huge menu comprising of Indian, Italian, Continental, Oriental, South-East Asian, etc. menu and even sizzlers. Saw a couple of aged Punjabi gentlemen heartily tucking into their Dal- Chawal meal.

They've got an in-house DJ belting out hits of all genres and keeping the place rocking.

A well stocked bar with a range of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails is available for those looking to have a drink.

Also worth mentioning is their set-menu available for lunch, which seemed pretty impressive and really good value for money. Should try!

Their service is quick and efficient as it should be for an upmarket restaurant like this.

Kiva will show you a good time...just stay away from the mousse cake.



A great place

I used to frequent Kiva at Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Unfortunately they shut down. Since then I have been craving for Kiva food! And finally this time in pune, I made time to try it out and went there both the nights I was in Pune.

Kiva has a great ambience, for a friendly get-together, a romantic date, or just to hang-out. It has it all. While the menu may not be overloaded with a lot of variety, whatever they have is really good. 90% of the time.

The Mushrom Aglio Olio is a must try. I got hungry just by writing that down :)


Go for a fine romantic evening !

Courteous Staff (Actually came out to the start point at Lane 6 to pick us up), superb blackcurrent cocktail(MUST TRY), delicious food...5/5 for ambience..a definitely go-go for a date with your special one as i went with mine :P


agamoni - Burrp User


3 Reviews

October 16,2011


Aweesome food

We had gone to Kiva to celebrate my birthday......the place is pretty good...the highlight is definetly the food... a little expensive but totally worth it....every dish was just awesome......the alcohol prices are moderate but a food party is what you should enjoy there with may be some beer....the music is also damn good and gels along well with the interiors....the only missing thing is a dance floor which the place should terms of food you must try the chicken in plum sauce, mutton kebab, chicken lasagna, Burmese curry and the paneer galoti kebab. I would rate this place to be serving one of the best foods in Pune without a doubt....


Saivish - Burrp User


2 Reviews

August 15,2011


Unfriendly Staff

Nice ambience, Good food but poor service and unfriendly staff. Inspite of several reminders the staff wouldnt serve the called dishes in your respective plates.
Its like help your self.


binalzg - Burrp User


17 Reviews

January 09,2011


Just about average

My husband and I were at Kiva last night after reading good reviews and while we were not downright disappointed, we're not going back there anytime soon. The crowd is most college kids and fresh grads, which is not really our scene. The music is much too loud and it's impossible to talk unless you scream into each other's ears. The DJ wasn't putting much though into his selection - a confused mix of bryan adams, black eyes peas, some trance and some other stuff from the 90s that didn't flow well at all. There was a big tv behind the bar playing the colors channel! Why on earth? The decor is nice, the drinks are made decently well and are fairly priced but the overall experience is nothing special.


devitypes - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 11,2010


shocking manager!

a friend and me (both women, well educated, fairly well-off, and extremely well travelled), went to kiva this saturday after impulsively driving down to pune from mumbai. we just wanted a good drink at a good place (we are fussy about where we go), chose kiva and were hanging around the bar. but no matter where we stood, the manager had a problem with us - and kept insisting that we were interrupting his servers. he spoke loudly, and used offensive attitude, questioning us 'why r u so stubborn', 'why can u not understand',etc. even after we shifted our spot by the bar, he came to the next spot too and yelled at us. i was simply stunned - this is no way to talk to women, and no way to talk to guests if you are in the hospitality business. even if we were in the wrong (and we weren't, cause we changed spots!), this is absolutely un-hospitality behavior, and truly a shocking conduct for a manager to have. i sincerely hope the owner of this restaurant reads this review and takes positive action. how can women be treated so badly at a fairly premium restaurant-bar??? this is pune we are talking about, not a backward city, from another era, or a male dominated kingdom where women cannot step to a bar for a drink!!!


Really Good one

Nice place for weekends to enjoy with a group.
Starters- really nice.
It's a second place (first - Oberoi's Shimla), where I found a great chicken salad.
Drinks are good too. Expensive but you wud not mind if you are lover of good songs even... cheers ;-)



Nice, for a cosy evening out

Came here on a Saturday night. Nice ambiance, good choice of numbers and much more spacious than the sister place in Aundh. Rode here cos we were shut out from Hard rock (about 5 mins drive from there). The cocktails are good and so are the starters, didnt try hands on the food.

The crowd drawn is slightly more matured than the Hard Rock crowd, and is reflected in the choice of decor, ambiance and the music. If you are looking for a fun evening out and find Hard rock kiddish these days then Kiva in KP is the place to be (very different from the Aundh one).

Has a very potent bite on the wallet though a good meal with starters and drinks and food will drop ur net worth by 1000 bucks per person. A group of 5-6 people is the ideal for enjoyment here.


Awesome Lounge

Nice decor and ambiance. Yum starters. You'll love the songs played.



Amazing Pub!!

Good Ambiance, Amazing Music and great Cocktails.
One of the Best places to party on a weekend.
Try the Flaming Forest (cocktail).