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> > > Linger On

Linger On

Baner Road  

  • 46778757
  • No. 2, Mont Vert Zenith, Baner Road, Aundh, Pune
  • European
  • Meal for 2 - 300

21 Reviews / 21 Ratings

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Linger On Reviews


Very Good Hangout

Very nice ambiance and also reasonable like McD.


Good food and hangout place.

I had been to this place for light dinner and food was good. Nice sandwiches and Italian food..... Reasonably priced.


Nice Hang Out

True to it's name, this quaint restaurant offers some yummy food to eat while hanging out with friends. With an interesting array of Mocktails and Coolers, it does make it hard to choose which you want. The food available is from all over the world, truly making it world-cuisine. The breakfast spread is delicious, though I didn't have the opportunity to try it out. The Soups, Starters - or Nibbles as they call them here -, salads, tacos, wraps, sandwiches, pastas and burgers also have a lot of variety to offer. As also the main course. You have such a variety to choose from!!


benbang - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 13,2012


No WiFi

I had asked for Wifi when I visited Linger On on Sunday (9 Dec.). I was told NO WIFI. In that case, the WIFI sticker from the door should be taken out :-



good food,continous TV, chillax...enjoy

usually love when some cricket match is going the TV is always ON.
Like the food here.
Good place to hangout with GF, friends, etc



Mousakka, Caprioska, Roasti, Nacho's, Waldroff Salad, Cordon Bleu, Man Vs Food Meets Pune ( Lingeron Jumbo ), the Pixar Animation special Ratatouille and the Arabic Kasba

Long list aint it ? !

If you think this could be another "Around the world in 80 plates" menu, then say hello to Linger On Cafe at Baner.

This quaint little cafe opened doors somewhere around 2010-2011 to the public.

Its a 2 floor joint where the upper floor is occupied by some serious love birds wanting to stare in to each other's eyes for hours together or some chess players who want to be a class apart from the puppy lovers who occupy the majority of the space down stairs.

The place is an automatic teen friendly place for the card games, the big ass tv and the temperature controlled environment it supports.

If you can take your eyes of all the pretty girls, there is a small book shelf near the entrance which is more like a branch of the original tree aptly named "Tender Leaves" - a library. There is some variety of the books here, most of them look very intimidating to look at.

If you don't like those, do check out the board games and UNO around. If there is a large crowd, all the popular games would be gone by then - tough luck.

With the sole purpose of anonymously reviewing the place, i sat down with a serious grin on my face - reading the menu & at the same time, catching a glimpse of Sania Nehwal play her quarterfinal - very well aware of the fact that i could jinx her win.

The place is served by a solitary waiter, so at times, there is no one waiting on you, but the chap is always on his toes, so you would find him hashing out anything with anyone. His hand your table seems to be his mantra.

I was in no mood to do an Adam Richman and after enquiring the portions served, i was a little disgusted - everything i ask , was sufficient for one person.

Never mind, among the guffawing of the girls and them cuddling for pictures that instantly went up on social media sites, i ordered for a Chicken mushroom soup, Chicken Lasagna, Sinful Chocolate Truffle.

The soup was very tasty. I liked the garlic butter and the healthy amount of mushrooms in it, unfortunately, it was a little too liquidy for my taste. Never the less it was good.

The Lasagna came even before half my soup was downed, so i had to alternate between the soup and the lasagna. I was a little fortunate to have been doing so. The Lasagna was a Chicken dish , but the tamatar ka saas on the dish killed the chicken. This was probably the first time i have seen a tamatar murder a chich.

If the lasagna was supposed to be a landscape painting, the dish i got was more like modern art - figure it out.

I could have stopped here, but i had to try the dessert. On the counter i could see a lemon tart, an apple pie, rum balls. The most decadent looking was the Sinful Chocolate truffle. It is every bit sinful, chocolaty, the sponge in between gives a good texture to the dessert. I would have personally liked more of a mint crème instead of whipped cream which forms the center part of the dish .

All in all, when you go there, you ensure you taste the different varieties of cuisines offered. Please dont look at the shots on the wall. Shruti Moghe has made them look insanely edible but they are not served all the same on the table :)

Wallet Attack - 425


Anjum  - Burrp User


123 Reviews

September 05,2012

Expert Review 3.0

b! Review: Linger On @ Aundh

Linger On isn’t a fancy restaurant. Siddharth Moghe says it’s meant to be a quaint little carefree bistro and it fits that bill perfectly.

It’s a two floor joint where the upper floor is occupied by playful love birds wanting staring into each other’s eyes or some chess players that are a class apart. If you’re not into the big league games, UNO, Chess, Scrabble and if I remember correctly Business is an arm’s reach away.

The place is an automatic teen magnet, with its humungous television and temperature controlled environment. Coffee, cupcake and game on – we’d never leave either. Not a fan of games or television, no problem. You can spend a while sinking comfortably into one of the many books on a book shelf near the entrance. It has the regulars like Reader’s Digest, the news dailies, as well as a few best sellers. Plenty of furious page turning action for book bugs.

The menu handed to us looked like a trip around the world in 80 plates. There are dishes from various kinds of cuisines from around the world. While this isn’t exactly a fine dining, or gourmet selection, it is fun.
We eyed the Jumbo Linger On sandwich which seemed enough for more than a couple of hungry folks or one very ravenous person, but this wasn’t on our list. This didn’t stop the tables next to ours from loading up on food followed by uploading pictures via Instagram.

Amidst the click-happy frenzy going on around us, we decided to jump right in and ordered a Chicken mushroom soup (a combo with the main course for Rs52, otherwise Rs76), Chicken Lasagna (Rs229) and the Sinful Chocolate Truffle (Rs124).
While we liked the garlic butter and the handfuls of mushrooms tossed into the soup, it was a little too watered down for our taste. We would have preferred this one a little thicker.

Garfield would approve of this restaurant. The Lasagna arrived well before we had the chance to get through the soup entirely. Our inner glutton rejoiced as we decided to alternate between the scalding soup and the early-bird take on this Italian favourite.
While we the thought of the traditional ground beef and Italian sausage flavours’ is enough to work up a heady appetite, this was probably the first time we have seen a tamatar murder a chicken. If the lasagna was supposed to be a landscape painting, the dish looked more like modern art. If only the tomato sauce was a little less over powering and if the lasagne would have not tasted like it was made from a ‘ready to eat’ pack, it would have been much better.

All the while we were at Linger On, we wondered if the waiter was an Urban Legend because we almost didn’t see him, yet every table was well attended to and plate’s food appeared almost magically.

Done with our main course, we snuck a peek at the dessert counter with lemon tarts, apple pie and rum balls that seemed cheekily inviting us to try them all. However, we’d already spied the most decadent looking Sinful Chocolate truffle.
It is every bit sinful and chocolaty as we wanted it to be. The sponge provided great textural contrast to the gooey ganache. The only thing that would take this dish to the next level would be a mint crème instead of whipped cream at its heart. With so much chocolate, it would be great to have a hint of fresh minty flavour.

With so much happening at Linger On, it would be hard to imagine more activity, but prepaid Wi-Fi access makes this place so much more fun. So, while you wait for your order, check-in on Foursquare, Instagram your order, like their Facebook page and send out Twitpics of what you are about to devour. Finally, head to burrp! and scribble a little review to let everyone know what Linger On is all about.

Must try – Sinful Chocolate Truffle

Meal for 2 – 500 + taxes



Shawarma! O mama!!

I dont know if owner has ever tasted Shawarma. I'm sure the shit that was served in the name of Shawarma was utterly distasteful. When i told the manager, he said we did say that it was italian version of Shawarma. Oh yeah? Lets start serving Japanese version of Jalebi or Swedish version of Gobi Paratha... I dont want to linger on for your comics. I would go to a library. Give me a value for money first then start adding value.


Linger on...well said!

Tried the place out today for an in between meal between tea and dinner :)
Awesome food and atmosphere. Board games,novels Kids books,comics and regular magazines available along with news papers so that you can read and sup at the same time. Loved the ambience and the food was excellent. Tried the char grilled chicken and fish and chips and a coffee. Recommended.



Good Food. Bad Ethics

They server good food. But they have been spamming my SMS inbox since last 3 weeks using a UK number to bypass the DND mechanism. If you visit this store, do not leave your cell number with them.



Cafe Linger On - true to its name

Met a friend here one morning, and though initially breakfast (sausages, eggs, toast, pancakes etc) was being considered, the need to have something a bit more substantial ensured that the Chicken Pesto Pasta was ordered.

Besides breakfast, they have a pretty varied menu, with rolls/wraps, appetizers, sandwiches, pastas, pizzas and desserts, which is quite sufficient for a full fledged meal. For kids, they also separately have hakka noodles, pasta and smiley fries.

As I looked around, the first thing that caught my eye was a bookshelf, packed with business and management books, magazines, board games, newspapers and... COMICS! :D

The friend had to leave early, and as I anyway had to wait, I happily grabbed a couple of comics to check out. A couple of hours passed by quite easily, poring over the adventures of Tintin and Asterix along with a cup of hot green tea to keep me company.

It was a decent first time experience here and the prices were pretty reasonable too though there wasn't enough time to sample the other dishes on offer. Oh yes, all that reading stuff also ensures that if you're looking for a place to kill time, there is ample scope to "linger on" here for quite a while. ;)




hey guys, i went to this place a week before with my frendz n really loved d food as well as the place, is really nice cafe in baner to hangout with frendz ..
we are five ppl n really surprised after seeing the prices for veg meal
we all had woooooooow feeling thnks Linger on ! :-)



Excellent place to linger on and on

A few friends and I decided to hang out at Linger on this past weekend. One of us had been there earlier and was impressed. So we decided to check it out and wow we all came back really happy. The chicken Calabrese, Moussaka and their Mighty meat pizza are must haves. Also they have a Jumbo Sandwich which they claim is good for 4 or for a really hungry 1 (Man Vs Food comes to Pune!), but had to leave it for next time. Will be back for the Jumbo Sandwich for sure. and btw their Apple Pie is really cool too...


great place for lunch on a busy weekday

went on a weekday this time, with a couple of friends from office for lunch. I picked the combo oriental meal. good food, ideal for a busy day and a break from office food too :-). will return.



My worst Cheesecake Experience

This place scores on every aspect apart from Food. The menu definitely looks interesting but the taste didn't match the expectations. I had a really bad cheesecake experience here. Never going back there again. Not worth at all.


mjvb28 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 09,2011


Fabulous new place to eat in Pune

Very classy menu and the dishes taste as good as they sound! Loved the chicken Moussaka. Friendly staff and owners add to the ambience. A must visit if you are in Pune.



Wholesome breakfast

Went there for a quick breakfast with my kiddo..Had Roasti, cheese omellete and Waffles with Fruits..enjoyed our breakfast completely..haven't had this kind of continental breakfast except in some five star restaurants..Will definitely recommend this one!!


dinks19 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 28,2011


Not value for money

Went there for dinner with high hopes,came out disappointed. Small menu, not many options, and highly priced for its quantity and quality. I was expecting some great European food, what i got was Veg pulao for Spanish Rice. Not going there ever and will not recommend to friends eithet..BAD!


Excellent Hang Out

Its a very no nonsense hang out, airy yet cozy with a large patio so u dont feel like you are sitting on the road. The menu is quite different from the run of the mill stuff which cafe's nowadays offer. The music is retro most of the times which goes well with the tasty Mediterranean food. Love their tomato salsa (served with bruschettas) and ABSOLUTELY love (and recommend) their Lemon tarts. In fact, they will know me as soon as they read this, as the guy who hogs Lemon Tarts!!!


Who will go to the CCD at Baner now :O ?

Went there after dinner (today). Great desserts and nice music. Will surely be there back again to try their Breakfast (8 am to 11 am) menu next weekend.



Great place for lunch

Went here for a quick lunch, the food and ambience was great. Tried lamb patties with pita bread was very good. Wholesome food, topped up with a tiramisu for dessert.

will go again



Great Hangout at Baner

Tried this place over the weekend and loved it. It opened a few days ago and wanted to check it out.

Nice Decor, good music and food.
I went there alone in the evening to have some snacks and tried Mushroom A Langlaise and enjoyed it thoroughly.
Service was a tad slow but the food more than made up for it.

Would be going back for more with my friends.