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> > > > Malaka Spice

Malaka Spice

Viman NagarRest of Pune    & IN 2 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02066890308
  • F-72, 1st Floor,Phoenix Market City,S No. 207,Viman Nagar, Pune
  • South East Asian
  • Meal for 2 - 1500

13 Reviews / 13 Ratings

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Malaka Spice Reviews

Great Place

Loved this place, great menu designed for those who want to either begin shopping or have concluded their shopping experience. The place itself is designed like a street and one feels like one is sitting in Europe in one of their road side cafe's watching the world go by. The service is smart and casual and the food is as good as its elder sister Malaka Spice. Overall this place makes for a good dining experience for those wanting to grab a quick bite.


Great Grub!!

Was at Phoenix yesterday! After a very tiring day of shopping, we decided to go for an early dinner to Malaka Street! For about an hour that we were at M Street, we really enjoyed the ambiance, away from the hustle bustle of the overcrowded mall! Didn't order any starters,went straight for the main course. Although I'm not a great fan of Asian cuisine, I really liked the Indonesian Noodles and Rice that my wife ordered. Service was a little slack, but understandably so I guess,because it was a Sunday. But overall a nice evening! Will probably head there with friends for booze and a nice light lunch. Will definitely recommend it too!




we had been to this place several times and every time we had lunch their we never get disappointed , the Chinese and Thai food was awesome and it is full of joy to after the shopping you can enjoy the food . i will highly recommend this place to all fellow burrpers after shopping @ phoenix njoy the malaka street food.



Malaka Always Serves Fab Food

I had been to this place during lunch hours with my friends. This place gives everybody a fantastic experience .Ambiance, quality of food everything is just perfect .Highly recommend this place.


Good choise when you are at Phoenix

we had been to this place several times and every time we had lunch their we never get disappointed , the Chinese and Thai food was awesome and it is full of joy to after the shopping you can enjoy the food . i will highly recommend this place to all fellow burrpers after shopping @ phoenix njoy the malaka street food.




I walked in here simply because its Malaka. Unfortunately did not live up to my expectations. The waiters take ages to take your order even when its not crowded, Longer time to serve the food. After all this the food is just about average and it totally kills your appetite. So basically by the time you are done with your meal, you are still hungry, and have spend money for just sitting around.



Awesome Food

Awesome Food..
Awesome Ambience..
Decent Service.. In the end Enjoyed it...


Maroon86 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 22,2012


awesome food

We got a call from Malaka Street at PHoenix for our anniversary to wish us and invite us for dinner yest (on our earlier visit we had filled in the customer satisfaction form and had entered our anniversary date in there) they gave us an offer to come for dinner that night on a bill of Rs 1000 we got alcohol worth the same price free and also a cake. The food was awesome and so was the service. We had a great time there.


Never to Dissappoint

This place has never disappointed me in my several visits. Favorite among the dishes are the lamb chops, the top hats and the various curries . The cocktails and sangria are also pretty much upto the mark. Good service and more than satisfactory portions make this a encouraging porposition.


prasoonk - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 10,2012


Good South East food here

I love Thai and chinese food available here. Ambiance is brilliant as well.


If you R @ PhoeniX do not Miss this Place

visited this place for a friends birthday..

the food was really nice... staff was wonderful.. and ambiance was the best of it all..

Nd if u r @ PhoniX do Not Miss this Place ..

will definitely visit again!!!



good food bad servive

I went to this place with my husband on a sunday for lunch...The ambience is not like the streets of asia though they hve tried alot to make it look like one..tables are too close to eachother...we had a lady sitting next to us who was constantly staring at us and our food...the service is very very slow..They took nearly 40 mins to serve us food...N the worst part we had the bill on our table even before we had complety finished eating...felt like i was sitting in some sad udipi restaurant....
The only good part bout this place is the is just awsome...Love the flavours..
the food kind of nullifies everythng...would recommend this place to some1 who loves to have good authentic food...would definetly give this place one more try hoping that i dont get the same bad service again...


Best yet East Asian Food experience in Pune

I had been there on the 23rd Jan, 2012 on my wedding anniversary for a dinner. Prior to the visit, I had called up the restaurant and spoke to Manager to help me make some arrangements of flowers and cakes to surprise my wife. The manager, Shashikant, was most helpful and very sporting to pick a big bouquet or flowers, a greeting card and also a complimentary Black Forest cake (the flowers and card were charged). We got a wonderful greeting at my entrance itself with the flowers and wishes from the team.

We had ordered for a bottle of Vallonne Wines Cabernet Sauvignon 2010; it was good as always. And it was brought to our table as soon as we settled in.

Shashikant help us with all the other orders; we just specified our preference with the kind of meat and the heat scale. We got the Top Hat (chicken), Fish Satay, Spicy Chicken in Betel Leave & Spicy Singapore Tossed Prawn. The starter were all a fresh new experience and the best was the chicken in betel leave.

For the main course, we ordered Pad Thai chicken flat noodles and Fish in Black Pepper. The pad thai was alright; but I suggest that it would be good if they would put less sprouts and make it spicier. The fish in black pepper was just brilliant.

The ambiance was good but nothing have us the feeling of the streets of East Asia. The plastic furniture where put down. They had a enclosed smoking cubicle in the shape of a Phone booth from UK; good for people who can't stay without a smoke for a few hours. I wish place had a more of a street like appeal. The rickshaw place at the entrance is the only thing that tells you about it being a East Asian Thai restaurant.

For Food: 4 / 5
For Interior: 2.5 / 5
Lighting: 4 / 5
Overall Ambiance: 3 / 5
Service: 4.5 / 5