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> > > Man Meet Chaat Joint

Man Meet Chaat Joint

FC Road  


2 Reviews / 2 Ratings

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Man Meet Chaat Joint Reviews



really liked the chats is more hygienic than eating on some road varla thela.


Tikki Voyage

Once again, a joint I've been visiting since childhood. Centrally located, extremely hygienic. Widely renowned for its chaat and desserts, it hasn't changed much in the last decade, except for the prices.

A must try is the basket chaat, which I have had nowhere else, but can safely say is one of the best. One is enough to make you reconsider your zest for dessert. Well, for a normal eater.

They also give Aloo and Chhola Tikkis, very well made and incredibly crispy. Their Chhola Bhaturas are fantastic, and the Bhatura is fairly large. They also serve a mean SPDP and Dahi Wada.

It wouldn't be out of place to go here just for desserts, since this is their USP. Jalebi, Rabdi, Kulfi with Faluda are the favourites here. And if you feel particularly adventurous, they have (well, used to) jalebi with milk, which is a fabulous combination.

They also serve Pani Puri, wherein the pani is made with Bisleri. Slightly over the top, but good if you're treating guests from out of state.

Overall, a great family place, and you won't leave disappointed. Unfortunately, parking is a problem, and some of their tables are right next to the road, and FC Road isn't the least crowded place in the world.