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> > > > Mast Kalandar

Mast Kalandar

Senapati Bapat RoadRest of Pune    & IN 5 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02041206022, 02041206033
  • Hotel Sahara Building, Near Chaturshringi Temple, Opposite ICC Trade Tower, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune
  • North Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 400

8 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Mast Kalandar Reviews

Consistently Good

Please note this review is for the outlet in Baner which was not listed on

After the terrific experience with regards to food and service that we had at the sister outlet in Dhole Patil Road, and since we had gone to Baner for some work anyways, we decided to go to the Mast Kalandar outlet in Baner. The service is consistent, the food was also very nice apart from the fact that the gravy vegetable that came in the thali was very spicy (it was a mirchi ka salan however traditionally mirchi ka salan is made from a non spicy chili such as a bhavnagari chili), otherwise the food was also very nice. In case you are in Baner looking for a home style cooked meal, I would definitely recommend this place. We did speak to the cashier cum order taker about the spiciness of the dish and he did apologize and said he was aware of the issue as other patrons had also given a similar feedback. My advice is, as people come here expecting a home cooked meal please do not make anything very spicy, preserve its authenticity.


Great Simple Food

Sometimes a great restaurant is not one that has fancy service, or fancy food or fancy beverages. A great restaurant is one that offers great service and great food! This is exactly what we got at Mast Kalandar. Its a great place and economical too. This is a perfect place for students or those craving some good home made food. The food is flavorful yet it is not spicy at all, nor is it over laden with ghee or oil. The service staff is polite and have a very pleasing sense of hospitality which makes one feel right at home. Absolutely loved it, we had no problems with digesting it. I highly recommend this place to all!!!

This review is actually for the outlet at Dhole Patil Road.


Value for Money

Although the taste and quantities are not the best in the world, with the price and the practicality advantage, its a winner of sorts. Good for a lonely meal when the misus is out.



worst place ever

Yes. The worst place I ever visited for food.
Disgusting quality of food. We ordered some combos and they told us that they had ran out of the veggies in those combos. So we had to settle on what they had.
Everyone was complaining about the delay in delivery. We also experienced it.
Food was awful...

I would never ever recommend this to anyone.



North Indian at its best

I have eaten in Mast kalandar bangalore 4 years back when I was in bangalore and still remember the taste and hospitality at their first store at benerghatta road, Last week when passing thru the SB road saw the same orange bright color next to sahara hotel and I knew my days of hardship are over. Finally I could visit the store yesterday with my friend for lunch. The store was packed with customers and the service was getting little slow and the place seemed smaller to deal with kind of crowd there. We managed to get a table after 15-20 mins , and I ordered the great indian maha combo and my friend ordered cholle bhature and mango lassi. food took around 15-20 mins and I was really having butterflies in stomach till that time, but then comes the good part, chaas and mango lassi came first and the mango lassi was really great cooler in this climate. the portions were good. Daal makhni had the same creamy taste and texture that I could never found in Pune in last 2 years.
The Paneer makhni was good and the gulab jamun is still to die for.

The decor of the store is done with bright colors and to top it all they have pan pasand candies.

The place is a must visit for all those who love real good meal at decent price point.


Good food with costly tag

Mast Kalandar is a Veg restaraunt.
Its a nice place to visit once or twice depending on how much money you want to shell out for veg.
No doubt Food qaulity and Ambience is great, but i felt menu is too costly for the pocket.
Even the quantity is not that great........Worth visiting once atleast for the taste they have.


Nice Place To be at...

Mast Kalandar... Can't be missed while driving by on S B Road... a food paradise for Pure Vegeterians...

after reading the review of @Sid_Moghe and going through their online menu thought that this place is worth a try... hence made a visit a few days back...

Now as soon as you enter the premises it gives you this feeling of a Diner. The Ambience is perfect with the kind of crowd the restaurant wants to attract...

A Glance at the menu it gives you the urge to order everything on it, as the menu mostly consists of the food items prepared in a typical Punjabi household... Not a Fancy Menu with perfect amount of Dishes in each course, suited for people on the go (justified by the near by IT Park, Hostels & College's).

Mast Kalandar is a place where you can have Moderately Priced Good Indian Food with quick service.

We zeroed in to the Hot & Spicy Tikki Plater for starters...

Tikki's fried to the right crispness and topped with chutnez hutting your taste buds at the RIGHT spot... (the chutnez are perfect blend and not watery stuff what we usually get at other odd joints)

For main course we had ordered... a Maha Combo Meal (1 Paneer Veggie, Veggie of the day, Dal Makhani, 2 Lachcha Paratha, Gulab Jamun, Butter Milk & Raita/Salad) & Dilli Style Rajma Chawal.

The Paneer Gravy was made to perfection and creamy in taste... Dal Makhani is something which you wont let go till you done with the last morsel...

Rajma was Ok... (or the Dal Makhani was over powering my taste buds)

One Best Part with competitive prices Mast Kalandar na neither Compromised on Quantity nor Quality of food served.

In all a good Meal with Satisfied Belly and Heart.

Damages: A Meal for 2 costed approx INR 350.

Report Card:

Ambience: 3/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 5/5
Over Experience: 5/5


good place for a quick bite

Mast Kalandar opened doors on SB road on 30th November.

I happened to see the decoration and peeped in.

The place is comfortable with sufficient seating space. The cash counter is right opposite the door which you cant miss (this is where u deal in cash before you can deal with your food)

It being the second day of operation, the menu card is not very clear on the fine print but you can make out the items on the menu card.

I checked with the cashier and ordered for a great indian maha combo. As per the menu card, the dish was supposed to have 1 paneer curry, 1 dal makhni, 1 pulav, 1 raita, 1 masala chaas, 1 gulab jamun, 2 laccha parathas, 1 dry vegetable sabji .

The menu card says the meal is priced at inr 149 but since the fine print is all messed up in the bottom right corner of the menu card, the final price was INR 156.

Understandably so, some of the items on the menu wouldn't be there or be running low on stock - this was what was going on in the store when a few guys walked in and ordered something, the guy goes in the kitchen and comes back - this happened a few times. Finally those guys settled in for some masala shikhanji and something else.

In the mean time the waiter came up and put a number "2" stand on my table along with a glass of water. The same stand also had a copy of my order with number 2 written on it. This ensures the the waiter delivers the order X on the table marked with the number X.( i wonder how many such stands they must be having ) -- a novel method to go about their tasks i say

When my order was served, I could see , 1 dal makhni, 1 paneer butter masala, 1 mix veg curry, 1 raita, 1 gulab jamun, 1 pulav , 2 laccha parathas and some sprout salad - exactly in the order mentioned in the menu card. I said to myself - so far so good.

Not to mention, the curries were nicely garnished with some cream. Having seen Dal Makhni and knowing my partiality to it, i closed my eyes and ate 2 quick spoons of it - The ball was out of the park on the very first delivery.

Mast Kalandar if promises to deliver this Makhni all the time - i will order from them as long as i am working around SBRoad.

The Dal Makhni was nice and creamy - midly spiced. Perfect balance of garlic ( they way i like it ) and was properly cooked.

The paneer butter masala was a little tangy for normal taste, but i am ok with it. The paneer was nice and soft. The gravy wasnt too oily and the entire equation was more or less balanced.

I did not give much heed to the dry vegetable curry though.

The raita lacked the onions and tamatoes , but hell - good thick curd and addition of chat masala has to taste good - so it did.

The laccha parathas were nice and hot - soft - not burnt from the back - not too oily - properly roasted.

The sprout salad was more of an impromptu thing - which is ok.

The masala chass was the icing on the cake or should i say - the tadka on the dal. Properly spiced with curry leaves, ginger and green chillies. I am more of a plain chaas guy or Taak as to what we call it in Marathi - i like to go berserk on the plain butter milk - bottoms up. Here i had to deal with a few green chillies on the way, which was all but a minor speed bump

The pulav was the penultimate item to be tasted. It a decent effort - the pulav.

When i was done with everything except the mix veg curry - my stomach was full , there was no disgust in me for having wasted the money on bad food. Instead i felt nice and full.

No it wasnt heavy and i wasnt finding it difficult to walk straight with my stomach in nor was it required to loosen the top button of my pant.

All in all - this meal deal is a good deal whenever u are extremely hungry. An average Indian stomach should be able to get this thing inside and stay quiet for some time.If u are not very hungry or if u are in doubt i guess there will be better options to choose from in the menu.

Lets hope the other options in the menu are as good as they get.