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> > > > Mayur Veg Thali

Mayur Veg Thali

Viman NagarRest of Pune    & IN 3 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02065000909, 02041200909, 08975950909
  • Ground Floor,Lunkad Skymax Mall,Datta Mandir Chowk,Viman Nagar,Pune
  • Gujarati, Rajasthani
  • Meal for 2 - 500

20 Reviews / 21 Ratings

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Mayur Veg Thali Reviews






Mayur Has Lost its Charm

I am a big fan of restaurants which serve thali and Mayur was one of my favourite restaurant. After visiting Rajdhani in Amanora Town center last Sunday, I told my family that I will take them to a better place which is know for its food and the courtesy extended by its staff. We drove down from Kharadi to MG Road to surprise our self that there was no Mayur there.I knew Mayur had opened its branches in Viman Nagar and I believe in Seasons Malls too. But I thought since I have been eating at MG road since the time I have known Pune I will take my family there for a nice surprise. We turned back to Viman Nagar for having a good lunch . I will break down my response in the sequence of events:

Entry: The restaurant was almost empty which to my surprise was a rare scene at MG road Branch. We were brokenheartedly welcomed and a waiter came running to ask How Many people and after I said 4 he did not tell me where to sit just showed me the way inside which I already knew. ( I ignored his attitude thinking, the food matters)

Food:As far as I remember, the staff at Mayur used to be very friendly and they used to serve its customer like a true Indian guest and I believe I did a big mistake by committing this to my family before coming here.. Food started coming in and I was delighted.However to my surprise they started with serving chapatis first and then some cold vegetables which we started eating with the only good item in the menu butter milk. The experience was getting horrible after they started bring the same thing again and again. I asked them for the thali menu and pointed that the menu includes Jaipuri kachori ,channa chaat as well to which he agreed . After 10 minutes he brought the items which we had requested and I thought this should have been served ideally before the main course was served..anyways we continued with our nightmare..When a guy came to serve us Kadhi I asked him if he had tikha kadhi and he said he will bring it ( I had requested this whenever I had gone to mayur earlier). I reminded the same guy that I have asked for Tikha Kadhi after 10 min which I presume he had forgotten. He bought me a bowl of kadhi which was half cooked and had a taste of raw turmeric. We winded up our lunch with some very cold tawa pulao with some unwanted stares ( since we asked for the jalebi second time) by the staff.

Staff: I really missed the staff which Mayur Camp branch had.They were always eager to help you and were always around so that none of your bowls are empty.Staff at Viman Nagar very very disappointing..They were rather happy chatting among themselves than serving customers. I presume they were not happy if a customer comes in and disturbs their peaceful life.

Rating: Most of you must be wondering why even a rating of 2..This is because of all the good eating moments I had at Mayur Thali in the past . I believe Mayur's management seriously needs to introspect whether they want to have many restaurants which serve good food or rather have one restaurant and serve good food.



Good, Best and Better

This place is ruling the thali world in pune ;) it was long back on a sunday that we went to viman nagar and were not aware that mayur is here too. Once we saw it me and my family headed straight to Mayur and it was a memorable experience. The taste then and now is the same.:) However there are a lot more options to choose from now. Cheers


Destination of Thali .. Mayur Rocks

I have been to all the outlets of Mayur and every time i enjoyed the food over there, was last week with family at Mayur veg thali Viman nagar outlet . This place is great for family to enjoy and chit chat over thali. " Shrikhand ..Gulab Jamun , Dal , Chapati , Aloo sabji and Kadhi all are mouthwatering as usual. Every time we feel like eating at home during some festival. Service and ambience all is just perfect . I will highly recommend this place for all thali lovers in India.



Quality food and service

Not a big name restaurant. But have been continuously impressed with the quality of food. Its simple, fresh and no fancy vegetarian food. It's a restaurant which lets you eat at your own pace ,instead of hurrying you for tables. Be careful when you order for takeaway, always order one person food less. The quantity will be huge



Not Worth - Oily food with slow service

Had a very bad experience yesterday for dinner .
Though there was a small crowd the staff was really at a snails pace..we had to ask 2-3 time even for a glass of water..only rotis were served with no other choice...while leaving we saw the waiter serving Bajra Bhakris....Paneer subji had thin negligible pieces of Paneer just for name sake...the thali sweet only had Gulab jamun with no other option or we need to pay Rs 70 for additional Sweet---Seems they are selling groupon vouchers and negotiating on the food....Overall a Bad experience


nigams_25 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

December 07,2012


Good Food

Good service and very good food. Special Thali is really good which they serve on Sat-Sun.


December 11, 2012response from management at Mayur Veg Thali:

Thank you for your kind appreciation and for recommending us.


Good food

Really good food at good price. The surroundings is pleasant and i have always had satisfying experience here. Folks can try out once :)


December 6, 2012response from management at Mayur Veg Thali:

Greetings from Mayur !

Thank You for your kind appreciation and for recommending us ...

vikiby - Burrp User


9 Reviews

November 19,2012


Slipping Style

The last few visits have seen a noticeable drop in the quality and service of this once great eating joint,

I hope they rectify their errors soon enough

Service is slow and sloppy. The food seems to be heading down and the menu looks stale.

Is it due to the quick expansion of outlets over Pune


November 19, 2012response from management at Mayur Veg Thali:

This is so unfortunate that You were not pleased with our food quality and service. Our expansion is not quick as we opened our Camp branch in 2001, Deccan in 2007 & Viman Nagar in 2011.
We request you to kindly give us a chance once again... Do call me on 982209699 or email the details of your visit on and we will surely make your experience a memorable one !
- amit chordia


Visited here a couple of times last month during the Ganesh Festival specially to try out MAYUR's modaks....... hmmmmm n they were amazingly delicious. With a splatter of shudh ghee enjoyed another dessert Shrikhand with a local friend of mine. It was a magical experiece and speccial attention was provided by the manager asking us as to how was the food, that makes me give MAYUR the 1 extra star. Food is fresh and served steamy hot with a variety of vegetables, rotis and my favourite khichdi in the end. Definitely would keep visiting MAYUR in the future!!!!


November 17, 2012response from management at Mayur Veg Thali:

Dear Mr. Deepak,
Thank You for your kind appreciation... I'm glad U liked the Modak's ! Do try our 'Ondhiyo' the most exotic gujju dish, which will be served every Sat. & Sun. Till Feb. 2013
Thank You & keep binging at Mayur !
- amit chordia

Vivek Gupta - Burrp User

Vivek Gupta

8 Reviews

November 10,2012


Very good place. Value for Money

We went there as a group of 15 and we were served the best food with the utmost courtesy and my mom who has problems with any kind of spicy food was accomodated with fresh "MODA" or non spicy food which they speciall juggled up for her. fantastic time.


November 17, 2012response from management at Mayur Veg Thali:

Thank You so much for your kind words ! Yes, at Mayur we do take care of special requests, like non spicy, jain food, no oil, no nuts, etc. Because each one of You is so special for us ...
Thank You and looking forward to be at your service soon !
- amit chordia

awsm food

food is jst awsm.. and worth.. must try..i insist


November 17, 2012response from management at Mayur Veg Thali:

Thank You ! See you soon...


Bad Experience !

We had been to this outlet in Viman nagar. We found the food very mediocre; infact doesnot tantalize the taste buds at all ! It was just not worth the Rs 240 per thali they charge that too on weekdays. Secondly the service was not appreciaable either- it was neither quick nor pleasant. Further, when we ordered for a thali to be packed we found at home that they had given incomplete combination items.
The ambience and hygiene was good though. We just hope the food improves to go with the posh locality and the nice ambience. Till then we shall not try it again nor recommend to anyone.


November 17, 2012response from management at Mayur Veg Thali:

This is so unfortunate that You were not pleased with our food.
We request you to kindly give us a chance once again... Do call me on 982209699 and we will surely make your experience a memorable one !


Doesn't deserve much

Went with my parents last year when the store opened. Ambience was good with hygiene maintained, though south Indian we ordered was just okay.

Next time I Went with my family for dinner intending to try their famous Thali. We were four in all and placed orders for thali , pav bhaji , cheese pulao & peethla roti. To our dismay only one dish arrived first with the promise that others are on the way. We waited patiently for complete 20 minutes when I told the in-charge that its always good to bring all the dishes together. Amazingly, he flatly refused and literally said "It works like this over here, we cannot change it". He further refused to accost any superior.

Anyways, rest of the food arrived eventually. When the thali arrived, that was the first thing that brought smiles to our faces -- for the batis were nothing more than small coins of wheat flour with lots of dal. Probably the idea was to eat it like
ghee-idlees. Dal was sweet arhar which doesn't go well with batis. Gatte ki sabji though was a winner with authentic taste. Peethla and Pav bhaji were just able to slide through the food pipe.

Overall thali is okay for which they are known for, but its not close to authentic Rajasthani food. Add to that the super behavior, and we have got all the ingredients of a perfect evening.


November 17, 2012response from management at Mayur Veg Thali:

Hello Sir,
We do apologize for your experience at Mayur ! It is our constant effort to improve our services to make your experience a delighted one... Do call us on 9822096999 and we will be glad to invite you for a great experience !
Thanking you in anticipation,
- amit chordia

Home Sweet Home - Mayur

My childrens live in London, but whenever they r down in Pune, v surely visit the Mayur Thali, the food is amazing, there are no words to express the quality of the food being served, whereas the services rendered by the waiters is excellent.I have to tell you i love this place keeps me coming back !I think Mayur has come up with the new age of sleeping pills.

Good service and good food makes the things good for us. Keep up the good work.


March 25, 2012response from management at Mayur Veg Thali:

Thank U so much for your kind appreciation Sir ! We look forward to be at your service again, soon...


Good food-expensive than Deccan branch

I have been to Vimannagaer branch. The food was great. Service was great. Whether it is the Deccan branch or Vimannagar I never get disappointed. But I was surprised that price of the Thali at Vimannagar was Rs.300/- as compared to Rs.220/- at the Deccan branch on weekends.


March 17, 2012response from management at Mayur Veg Thali:

Dear Sir ,
Thank you for your kind appreciation.

The price of the thali at Viman Nagar on weekends is Rs. 270/- and at Deccan is Rs. 250/-

The price of the thali mainly depends on the rent of that particular place, because the contents of the thali are almost same everywhere.

Looking forwards to serve you soon !

punerockr - Burrp User


12 Reviews

February 22,2012


Really Surprised Me!!!!

after a terrible experience at Camp branch an year ago, mayur viman nagar was a surprising welcome.
refreshing ambiance,awsome food,really clean and open atmosphere,and good staffs,it had it of now,its the best thali serving restaurant in pune..


February 22, 2012response from management at Mayur Veg Thali:

Thank U for ur kind appreciation... Hope to see u soon !


Best place for Veggies !

I am a regular customer of Mayur Camp, and on their recommendation, I visited their place in Viman Nagar.

Though I took a little time and 2 phone calls to trace this place, it was not just worth it, but a great - great experience.

This is not like a regular thali place - much upgraded - with beautiful interiors, tv screens, great rocking music, along with delicious food.
The food is great as always, my kids got their favourite pav bhaji & chaat. Their mosambi juice was amazing too
I would highly recommend all veg. guys to try out this place !




We had been to MAYUR at Viman Nagar last week, and I need to mention that it was a great experience.
We were well received by a hostess who greeted us well and asked if we would like to have thali or a la carte.
We were seated inside and we were really mersmerised by their interiors of white-green & gray. The LED TV was screening the Champions Leage cricket match.
I had the Thali, while my wife and children ordered for Pav Bhaji, Chana Bhatura, Panki & Pani Puri. The Pav Bhaji is the best i have had in Pune ! The bhatura's were not at all oily, the panki was something new - which was really nice. The juices & milkshakes were also amazing. One of their captains Mr. Soparam was taking very good care of us and was very polite. He even taught me how to eat Dal-Baati and crushed the baati with his own hands for me. Great experience !
Waiting to go back soon.



You Rock !

Hmmmm... Where shud I start... Refreshing Interiors, Prompt Service, Great Music, Clean Environment.. am I forgetting something ??? Oh yes... Mond Blowing Food !!!
I was there recently for a kitty party, and it was truly a great experience...
The chaat, spdp, chhole bhatura, thalipeeth pitla, sabudana khichadi, watermelon juice, rasmalai... was all just perfect.
I tried the Corn Panki for the first time, and just couldnt binging on it...
All n all a great experience !



Excellent !

Mayur has been my favourite for a long long time... Absolute value for money, fresh food and great service ! And the new outlet at Viman Nagar is much above expectations... Great ambience, excellent music and not to forget the awesome food. And now they not only serve thali, lot of snacky items too :) I had paani puri, talipeeth pithla, paanki (first time in Pune) and everything was upto the mark... I've already visited 5 times in the last one month. And still going again...