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5 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Classic Twist Oct 08 - Nov 30

  • McDonald’s India with the launch of its new ‘Classic with a Twist’ (CWT) burgers dares the loyal fans and customers to choose from its all time favorite traditional classics or experiment with their taste buds with new exciting bold flavour that add a zingy twist to classic favourites. This new limited time offer will see products such as McVeggie Twist & McChicken Twist. It’s the love affair you can’t resist. The CWT burgers are prepared with the finest of ingredients re-creating the magic of the golden era with a new remix. Your favourite crispy McVeggie and McChicken patty is now available in a with crispy fresh lettuce, crunchy onions, slices of tomato and dollops of cheese & onion sauce topped with oregano seasoning and a corn meal dusted bun-making it an irresistible delight to appeal to the palates of Indian customers only here for a limited time, so try one now!

    The launch of these new burgers during the festive season, is being communicated through a campaign called ‘Dare to Choose’ which invites the consumers to make a choice of opting to go with traditional favourites or experimenting with new mouth-watering burgers.
    McVeggie Twist burger: Rs. 81 + taxes
    Medium McVeggie Twist value meal: Rs. 140 + taxes (which consists of medium fries and coke)
    McChicken Twist burger: Rs. 93 + taxes
    Medium value meal: Rs. 150 + taxes

McDonald's Reviews

Mc Donalds...always a pleasure

good place. good food. best prices. try the breakfast offered from 7 am to 11 am and amazng more offers..


hungryboy - Burrp User


2 Reviews

October 07,2011


Mc Donald's as always

McDonalds' food is common all over the city so no comments here. Only part of McDonalds I don't like is that they take ages to introduce something new. This McDonald's has the worst possible service. The staff is rude and unhelpful. Many times ice creams are not available here. Also, one thing I don't understand about this place is, even if it is full, they do not open the glass covered seating area.


Good One!

Smart & Trained staff, Great Quality Food, Good Hygiene maintained, Fast Delivery. Overall McD gives you a good impression! Only Delivery boys are chapter..they do some fiddle faddle to ur order..Do not try it's home delivery. Better to eat ther itself. My Fav Dishes - Chicken maharaja & Fillet 'O' Fish


Below Average

MCD has become very average infact the food quality, milk shake quality has gone down horribly....have been eating mcd's sinc the past 10 years but noticed it for the first time that by keeping the prices the same they have gone horribly wrong on food quality. I would say it was wrong to choose them for Sunday lunch....even the chicekn nuggets actually were pathetic and not worth the meal value. This feedback is fr the one in Fatima nagar, Wanowarie



open till late

Normal MacD but this one is open till atleast 12.00- 12.30 and it works out good if you need a mid-night snack.