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Home/pune/MoMo Cafe, Courtyard by Marriott Pune, City Centre

MoMo Cafe, Courtyard by Marriott Pune, City Centre

Bund Garden Road  


3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Lunch and Dinner Buffet Sep 29 - Oct 31

  • MoMo Cafe brings to you Lunch and Dinner Buffet. 


    Rs. 499 + Breakfast from Mon - Sun (586.02 AI) 

    Rs. 699 + Lunch from Mon -Sat (820.90 AI) 

    Rs. 899 + Dinner from Mon -Sun (1055.78 AI)

Sunday Brunch Oct 26

  • Courtyard by Marriott brings to you Sunday Brunch at MoMo Cafe. Where you can enjoy an extensive array of mouth watering and delectable delicacies. 

    Price: Rs.1199 (AI) which include domestic spirit (all whisky, vodka, gin, beer)

MoMo Cafe, Courtyard by Marriott Pune, City Centre Reviews







Would Not Recommend..Food and Staff is Very Bad

Surprised to see the staff showing no courtesy for the customers. Food was appalling for lunch buffet, not at all worth the money. With such a brand name, expectations automatically become high but when you experience the food and the services I would say the local restaurants stand much better. In our case we saw a Groupon deal which had lunch buffet @ 485/- per person since we live in United States and had to gift someone very special a nice and memorable experience on their special occasion we decided to buy this deal. We bought 2 coupons for them and incidentally instead of taking a print out of both coupons they took just 1 print out because the groupon voucher was showing the price for 2 vouchers (927/-) and hence it was assumed that single voucher is good for 2 people. After their lunch they were asked to pay for another and interesting thing here is.. The person collecting the voucher did not have any common sense to understand that who would pay Rs 927/- for 800/- lunch buffet on an online offer. And asked our guests to pay for the second one which they agreed. When we came to know about this we contacted Marriott staff and told the entire story and that the vouchers were a gift and we did not want our guests to pay for the lunch. We asked them to redeem the second voucher and reimburse the credit card transaction that was done for the second buffet. The staff did not show any courtesy while speaking to us and refused to redeem this second voucher which they could have easily done at no additional cost and would have received money from Groupon for the second voucher but they did not extend this courtesy to the customer.
Our guest who went there were not happy with the food that was served as it was below average and asked us not to recommend this place to anybody. Instead of making their day special we ended up creating a hassle for them and our guest had to pay for the food which we already had vouchers for.

Customer Service and food was not at all good. Very disappointed and would not recommend it to anybody.



Is it really a part of Marriott

ok..i dnt know where to start...

i wz dr 4 d buffet...nd was having discount eventually i paid only Rs. 400 per person for it..Very nominal..isn't it..still im feeling like i have overpaid them.
First- very few item on the offering
Second- Even fewer which you could eat

Im not even feeling like writing about my exp.
Only saving point was d pizza nd dr service,which was top notch..

Final verdict-Avoid it big time..If u r craving for buffet,go to barbeque nation..or even sigri is good



worst ever

I was with my friend visited it was really worst experience with us chicken tikka was super hot from out side but cold from inside and they were preparing beef and veg dish in same utensil surly veg people will not like hummus was fully rotten and senior staff was quit rigid like government office people after having meal there was no mouth freshner and next day really suffer from food poison and i am sure of that was because of hotel food because whole day i had light home cook meal that night only i had heavy meal soon after going home i feel like vomiting i would wish to -5 star really 3rd class hotel