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> > > > Momo Cafe, Courtyard by Marriott Pune Hinjewadi


4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Superb Sunday Splurge Jul 05

  • MoMo Cafe is the spanking new hotspot for your Sundays from now on! And why not? A Sunday brunch is fantastic as you can take your own time, wake up late, spend time with your children, go on a long drive with the family, putting up your feet and letting your hair down in a place where good food is coupled with enough for the rest of the family including your little one to do. You can leisurely sip into your drinks at the poolside while your kids can enjoy a dip! So come and make every Sunday a fun, family day with us!! 


    The brunch at MoMo café has the world on offer. Offering a perfect gastronomic amalgamation of food from all over the globe, plentiful menu options with live counters great ambiences, a live band and unlimited fun & frolic for kids and family, the Sunday brunch surely looks like a larger-than-life Sunday. All this and a handful of loved ones, and it's a perfect way to relax the mind and nourish the soul. 

    Premium Brunch: Rs. 950 + taxes with unlimited alcohol 

    Regular Brunch: Rs. 750 + taxes without alcohol

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Momo Cafe, Courtyard by Marriott Pune Hinjewadi Reviews

Mediocre Is The Word!

I must have been having a bad day, because that is how you get over to an average restaurant after a useless one. At a recent trip to Hilton Shillim, we did not get good options for a dinner with the family, so we drove all the way to Pune to get some dinner. And we ended up at the Courtyard by Marriott, where the sole dining choice is the Momo Cafe.

There was a buffet dining option, and we went for it because we were hungry enough, plus it was a family celebration. I'd say, they were above average, but they were not exactly hitting home run with their fare. Lets go course by course:

Appetizers: Papads, Kachoris, chicken kebabs and such stuff. The kachoris were very very good and we had multiple helpings. the kebabs were a little dry, perhaps because they were not replaced and/or were not moving fast enough. Who wants to invest in keeping the meat fresh and rolling if no one wants to take it, yo?

There was also hummus, pita bread and some other accompaniments. While the Hummus was good, the pita bread was not so great because it was not made thick enough.

Over to the soups, there was a chicken and vegetarian soup each, however they were tucked away next to desserts, and we did not notice this right until the time we were heading for desserts.

On to the food, the focus was largely on Chinese and Indian here. There were about 5-6 gravies each on the gravy stations for Vegetarians and Non-vegetarians, and they contained stuff like Paneer, Chole, tofu, a dry veggie and dal on the veg station and Mutton rogun josh, baked fish and chicken curry on the non-veg end. There was also rice, steamed as well as pulao, and a noodles station, where noodles were cold and we had to ask for them to be replaced with hot noodles. Oh yes, there was also curd rice.

The dal, rice and paneer were good, as well as the noodles with the tofu. When I say good here, I don't mean mind-blowing stuff, but your regular fare which every restaurant would serve, with no indistinguishable taste or qualities to remember it for the next time. So we could have it all without complaining, but I wouldn't raise my hand the next time and say, hey, lets go to the Courtyard by Marriott for the food there.

Coming to the endgame, the desserts spread, like reviewed by some others before me, was good. There was chocolate mousse, Swiss rolls, mini bite pastries etc, and then there was Halwa. I don't remember exactly which halwa they made that day, but it was darn good to have a second helping.

We could not have multiple helpings because we had to also consume a cake from their 'to go' store. Like I mentioned, it was a family celebration, and it ain't done till a cake is cut. This was a fruit cake, and it was very soft and good. So, appreciated the taste and the flavors being just right.

To sum it up, I won't get back again because most of the stuff was 'above average' but unmemorable, however if they ever did a kachori and halwa buffet, I might just drive from Mumbai all the way just for it.


Give me Mo…mo!

Momo Cafe, located within Courtyard Pune, brings to the town yet another seven-star dining experience.

'Good food' and 'so orange' are the thoughts we left with. Not quite two months old, Momo Cafe is the newest in the 7-star restaurant genus. Modern decor offers a feast for the eyes and creative chefs offer a feast for the palate. An extensive buffet line-up along with a specialised a la carte menu is the norm here and even though the latter is expensive, all considered, the quality warrants the pricing.

The cafe is divided into four sections, three for seating and one for piling on your plate. A separate row on one side provides private seating for couples. The cafe is not too bright, and individual overhead lamps are provided for couple dining. There is no alfresco, but we didn't miss it much. Tables are placed in booths so privacy is not a concern.
The café doesn’t seem to stick to any theme; wooden cabinets are generously adorned with artifacts that lend an air of eccentricity. One wall is covered with orange panels that go surprisingly well with the green sofas and placemats.

The a la carte menu is not extensive, but provides some offbeat dishes such as New Zealand Fish Stew. The buffet boasts a wide selection of starters and salads. Chicken tossed in onion rings and egg mushroom pasta are the dishes to look out for.
There's a fantastic 'make your own' sectionfor raita and salad. The ingredients on hand are many, so there's no lack of combinations. If you stray into the vegetarian section, don't hasten to leave. The roast pumpkin and potato salad and corn and bell pepper salad are well dressed with fresh ingredients.
Momos are not included in the buffet, so these have to be ordered. And one shouldn’t leave without trying their chicken momos.
Mocktails are excellent but we suggest the fruit punch – a delectable concoction of juice, ice-cream and orange and strawberry crush blended and served in a tulip glass.

Main course: Our first impression of the main course was one of confusion. It seems as though the chefs couldn't agree on the dishes so they cooked everything. We found Italian, Indian, Continental and a little bit of Middle Eastern. The two top dishes on the menu were grilled chicken with pepper jus and dahimurg, which was slow-cooked. The chicken was tender to the point where the meat was falling off the bone. The curry is mild, and a little oily but still very good. The grilled chicken wasn't hot enough, but the jus was perfect and piping.
Lamb stew was good although the meat still had some fight in it and there were more veggies than we cared for. Amritsari fried fish fingers were cold and a little soggy. We believe they would have been excellent if they were hot out of the frier. Make sure to ask for some butter naan or lacchha paratha; they were exquisite.
Pizza, too, was on the menu. The chicken shawarma pizza is creative, but poorly executed. The base was undercooked and a little yeasty and the pizza itself was cold with not enough shawarma. The same applied to the grilled veg pizza, and we concluded that pizza isn't the best thing here.

Vegetarian dishes: The chefs weren't too creative in the herbivore section, and only the paneer-jalfrezi stood out. Not too much spice and a whole lot of paneer was the recipe, and it was excellent. Subz Meloni, mushroom-muttar and methi-aloo were the other features, so it didn't come as much of a surprise that this area was relatively empty. Steamed rice and subz biryani are available, and the biryani is indeed dum. Pasta with pesto and cheddar cream sauce was also served, al dente, but this was nothing to brag about.

Desserts: This section of the buffet is spectacular and the centre of attention for all diners.The passionfruit cheesecake was our favourite. It was topped with an orange coulis and chocolate chips, and the cheesecake was interspersed with orange rind – an explosion of flavours. The Opera Gateau was layered with cream and chocolate.
Chocolate Marquise (another fancy word for mousse) was just cream-chocolate on a piece of chocolate. And chocolate is never bad. The sticky toffee pudding – morelike a cake - wasn't very sticky but had traces of cinnamon and just melted on the tongue. The apple and berry crumble was too sweet, and we couldn't figure out the Berry Roulade. It was more like a Swiss Roll (it didn't even have meat), and we didn't bother with seconds. The honey almond tart was delicious, but not nearly crunchy enough.
Their moong dal halwa tasted excellent with some vanilla ice cream and so was the shrikhand, made in-house. The chefs make a different dish every day so make sure you try these, they’re really good.

The servers here will always catch your eye so you are never left waiting for someone. What’s more, they are well-informed, which is so hard to come across these days. When you head for more food, they clean up the table and the carnage you left behind is magically gone when you’re back. There are chefs all over the place so gastronomic help is not hard to find. The chefs are friendly and will gladly comply with any special requests you may have.However, the temperature of food is a regrettable shortcoming.

Nevertheless, dining at Momo Café is an excellent way to spend an evening and decent value for money. The service is great, the food good and the ambience warm.



We accidentally ordered a cake for a birthday and then got hooked to the bakery of Cafe Momo. The cakes are amazing and so are the cookies.
We would like to taste the other things on offer but the prices do not allow us to visit this place !!!


Pls Avoid this place

Hi, I saw Vikrams review - he escaped the torture at the Mariotts maybe because he ordered alacarte. I was not so lucky. I tried their buffet and had no one blame except me. The food was average - now, you dont expect great food from these five stars anyway, but the mix and match on the buffet spread itself was pathetic. Yes the idea of a buffet in Mariott at 700 was nice - but then remember guys- it is courtyard and not JW - so you have all the mess here - it has impatient staff who at dot allocates your reservation to someone else and does not even apologies when you come in - is impatient and discourteous and thinks they are doing you a favour in serving- in just true five star style treated my english friend with respect and me with disdain - and was bewildered - when the angrez told him that I was his boss- racist guys.
Oh I forgot abt the food - but then I dont have anything to write about it anyway - if you want to see botlegourd being served in a buffet ever - pls be there- as they do that. The starters are just two and one is fish and other s paneer- no chickens (I know you cant believe this, but true).
Rotis are stale- and the mutton is watery and yes bland too ( for their english guests)
Boasts of a wine card but does not have anything of five plus years ( no it is in the wine card but not in the house).
So go at yor own risk - or I could sugges you to try the limetree across the road - food is better there and so are the people. Ditch this pseudo Mariott.


Delicious Dining in A Clean Well-Lighted Place


A Clean, Well-Lighted Place! That is the first thought that instantly comes to my mind the moment I enter MoMo Café at Courtyard Marriott on Saturday afternoon.

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place is the title of my favourite Ernest Hemingway Short Story. The phrase depicts the café where the story is set.

Well that is what MoMo Café is - a Clean Airy Well Lighted Spacious Friendly café with wonderful feel-good ambience and superb food, tasteful décor and pleasant aesthetics which make you feel fresh, cheerful, comfortable and relaxed. Yes, the bright vibes of the place certainly lift my spirits and make me feel good the moment I enter the lobby of Courtyard.

We walk in the spacious courtyard, past MoMo 2 Go, theto go grab and go deli, stocked with tempting baked delights, for those in a hurry.

Well, I am not in a hurry, so I leisurely stroll past the spic-and-span counter adorned with tempting goodies and the appetizing buffet spread. There are pickles, in traditional jars, a mix and match and toss your own salad counter, and soups and broths. Everything is so visually pleasing that I can sense the appetite being built up inside me.

It is heartening to see the immaculate open display kitchen. It always feels reassuring to see your food being cooked in front of you with impeccable standards of hygiene and quality.

I look around. MoMo Café is a happy place and the seating is comfortable, ample, user-friendly and well-designed.

It is a leisurely Saturday afternoon cosmopolitan crowd comprising a delightful assortment of joyful families, young IT executives, couples, singles, friends, business guests, eager foodies, relaxed tourists and cosy friends spending a leisurely afternoon over a chilled beer, a tasty bite and snug conversation. There is plenty of space, there is plenty of light, freshness in the air, and everyone, the kids and the adults, seems to be having a pleasant time, enjoying the food and the friendly atmosphere.

A discerning yet innovative menu features an imaginative choice of select dishes from a variety of cuisines, from the Orient and the Occident, ranging from starters, soups, salads, sandwiches, pizzas and pastas to Kebabs and an astute selection of traditional Indian dishes, sumptuous main course delicacies, and exclusive desserts to round off your meal. Despite the impressive array of multi-cuisine, it is a short and sweet uncluttered concise well thought-out menu. A sure sign of a restaurant that takes its food seriously.

We are wondering what to order, when Subhash, the Executive Chef, joins us, so we leave it to him to do the honours. He asks to select anything we fancy from the impressive array of dishes laid out for the lunch buffet and then we will try his recommendations from the a-la-carte menu.

I pick up some Seafood Broth. It is non-spicy with a combination of seafood and lots of vegetables and nourishing, just like a basic Seafood Broth ought to be. The buffet seems to be very popular perhaps because the spread is so elaborate and I wonder what to sample. I start off with some bhuna gosht. It is excellent. Succulent flavoursome pieces of mutton in luxuriant gravy. The scrumptious Mustard Fried Fish and Stroganoff tempt me to try out the whole buffet lunch but Subhash has already ordered a pizza from their wood fired pizza oven. I will only say this: The thin crust pizza is probably the best pizza I have ever tasted.It is light, the crust melts in the mouth and allows the tongue to fully relish the taste of sauce, cheese and delectable toppings.

Let us have a Momo, I say, harking back to mouth-watering memories of my Shillong days when I first relished the yummy wholesome Momo. At first I thought that maybe MoMo Café was a Momo place but Vyshnavi and Subhash educate me. The name MoMo Café exemplifies the concept of Modern Living and Modern Eating. But surely, is it not apt that MoMo Café has Momos on its menu? Maybe next time!

Subhash orders Nasi Goreng for me and Conchiglie Pasta for my darling vegetarian wife. There is an interesting choice of wines, spirits and cocktails, but we prefer freshly squeezed orange juice as an accompaniment.

We are indeed fortunate to have an opportunity to interact with Subhash who is a veritable human encyclopaedia on wining and dining and all things culinary. The enlightening foodie conversation is sheer delight and Subhash sincere love of food, passion for cooking and impressive repertoire of culinary knowledge enhance the eating experience and make our meal even more appetizing and intellectually stimulating.

The Nasi Goreng, Spicy Prawn Fried Rice with soft fried egg and Chicken Satay, is lip-smacking and fulfilling. I have a bite of the vegetarian Conchiglie Pasta too, savouring its inimitable taste of spinach in basil flavoured sauce, as Subhash explains the intricacies. The foam and the way this delicate dish is made.

For dessert, we have Tiramisu, the pièce de résistance of the meal. The MoMo Café inimitable signature Tiramisu is marvellous. A fitting climax to a splendid meal. Subhash tells us it is a non-alcoholic Tiramisu, to cater to children and local preferences, but let me tell you that it is the best Tiramisu I have ever had and the delightful symbiosis of delectable tastes lingers within me for a long long time.

I will cherish mouth-watering memories of this lovely Saturday afternoon forever. I am sure MoMo Café is going to be a hit, a boon to the foodies of Pune, due to its unique location, superb food, vibrant ambience, impeccable standards of hygiene and quality, and the warm and friendly service.

I am going to certainly going to eat at MoMo Café again. And this time I am going to check out the Indian Cuisine. I will start with melt-in-the-mouth dissolve-on-your-tongue Galawat Kebab, savour a Nalli Nihari and see how it compares with the authentic versions of this luscious fortifying breakfast dish I have relished in the heart of Delhi and Mumbai. Then I will try some Dum Biryani and end with a soothing Kulfi Falooda.

A true Foodie eats twice, first in his imagination, and then with his taste buds. So whenever a Foodie ventures out to a new place he builds up some expectations. MoMo Café certainly exceeded my expectations in all aspects and we thoroughly enjoyed the overall dining experience.