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Karve NagarRest of Pune  


21 Reviews / 22 Ratings

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Multispice Reviews

jiggy23 - Burrp User


67 Reviews

August 09,2013


Nice Place For A Family Dinner!

Went here with my family a week back and we all wanted to try their Italian food! Loved the Pasta!! It was authentic Italian cuisine! The ambience is really great. Service is also very good. They give great portions and have reasonable pricing too! We had a very satisfactory meal. Most importantly it was a serene place so my parents really liked it. So its a thumbs up from my side!






Wonderful experience at Multispice

I had been this place twice this is really been superb veg restaurant at this part of side service , food , ambiance all is just decent . manchurian;s are the best . panir tikka dal tadka , roti is @ the best we got food in 15 mins and that whats gives us happiness as we all too hungry . taste was amazing . will love to come again.


Hidden Gem for Vegetarians

What a fun vegetarian diner at Multispice ! We were gang of friends went for dinner and surprisingly landed at this Hidden Gem. I really enjoy all the lovely variety of dishes and vegan menu. They have lot of variety on the menu at this restaurant. As someone who is lactose intolerant - I *really* love their desserts... Paneer. You can have classic dinner dishes with a creative spin on them.

I feel like I'm eating spring (minus the allergies).

Veg Manchurian crispi potato was mouth watering, Paneer tikka , dal , kofta all was fab, butter nan was perfect , desert all in all this place was really hidden gem for veggie. Keep it up & thanks burrp! for telling us about this place.



abhijit thorat

since the owner is known to us ,wedid not have to spend time ordering.the food served was piping hot and the distinct flavour certainly increased the appetite. the food was very distinct and diff in taste.we could smell the freshly ground spices.the rotis were hot and crispy, tossed salad was delicious.desserts were rare and exotic. the ambience was relaxing the seating informal.all in all a great place to enjoy sumtuous and pure veg food.



A wonderful and species place

A very species place have gown to several times, I have had several meetings at this place, a very species place and located out of the hussa and bussel of the city it has a lot of parking space, and a good lone. The food is not bade aether but I typical odder fresh juice.



B'day party

Had a gr8 time with entire family (50 pax) .Food , Service & Ambiance is very Good !!


July 11, 2012response from management at Multispice:

Thank you deepan....its pleasure to have you all at multispice.
Do visit our restaurant for better experience ...and suggestions are most welcome.


Good organisation and management

I was looking for a place where I could give a small party to my college friends on Saturday evening. The Manager, Mr. Sudama arranged for a dinner on a short notice (on thursday). His experience helped me design a menu for my friends.
On Saturday, The hospitable hotel staff gave us a warm welcome and took the charge of managing the party. The manager himself keenly monitored the event and made quick alterations, suggestions etc. in the menu by judging the taste of the guests, thus making the event a success.
My friends said they couldn't believe I could manage the party with such grace, They were in fact right as I had handed over the responsibility to the responsible shoulders of the hotel manager. Thanks Multispice!!


July 11, 2012response from management at Multispice:


Atul Gore - Burrp User

Atul Gore

1 Reviews

February 16,2012


Nicely organized Birthday party

We organized our kid's first birthday party here in Jan this year. We met the management 2-3 times before finalizing the menu and price. On one ocassion we had the chance to meet the owner of this place who himself happens to be an experienced hotelier. He suggested subtle changes to the menu that made a great difference. Continental desserts is their speciality and we had a nice cake tasting session before we finalized on the dessert. :)

On the day of the event, the welcome drink, starters and the main course food quality was great and our guests had a very nice evening indeed. The dessert was the highlight and we are thankful we took their suggestion to change it from traditional to continental.

They have a nice big lawn with ample lighting, that was comfortably able to accomodate our 100 pax group.

A very nice experience indeed!


July 11, 2012response from management at Multispice:



Good service, ambiance but average food quality

Ambiance is good. Service was decent and staff was courteous however food quality was average. It is a good place for family get-together (especially garden) but you will be disappointed if you are looking for great food.


monika75 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 01,2012


Excellent place parties and family dinners

Its a good place for parties and their restaurant is a good place for dinner with family and friends. Their party lawn and rest-rooms are well maintained and their staff is co-operative.
Highly recommended restaurants for pure vegetarians, because of the quality of food and their services.
Their staff was extremely helpful during my reception held at their lawns. I would highly recommend Multispice based on the feed-back which I received from the guests and also based on my personal observation.



Great Food

I lived in mumbai for two years and recently moved back to Pune. I missed authentic tasty Indian food found at every corner at dirt cheap prices in mumbai. I found myself at this Place, it turned out to be the best decision to make.
The atmosphere of a this place in any city is good, impersonal and matter-of-fact.
I came away totally satisfied with the lunch deal - price, quantity and quality.



Disappointing service for Good food

After reading good reviews, I visited Multi-spice with my friend and I will not call it a good experience at all.

First of all, the venue was noisy. Location carries too much of sounds from other people and waiters. The table we selected was almost in the middle lane, and found myself surrounded by waiters. One waiter approached us for the order, and we asked him for menucard. Simply I don't know how they can ask orders without menucard. Food was tasty, fresh and good. We ordered two + two rotis and before even we finish with half of the first serve, waiter was there asking for next roti. Same thing happened with rice. While having Rice dish, I was yet to finish my Papad, and suddenly I checked, my papad thali was gone, a waiter took it off considering I am done with my food. Ridiculous. Somehow we felt like waiters are not comfortable having us there and want us to leave ASAP.

The food is good, but venue is noisy and service is pathetic. a big thumbdown from my side. Rating 2 star is just because of food and not to miss, there is ample parking available. One good must have thing in PUNE. Credit should be given to management for it.

I still wonder whether it is the same place for which I have seen so many good reviews. But yes it is the same place floating Burrp card on the table.


October 2, 2011response from management at Multispice:

I apologise frm entire multispice team for havng a bad experience
. I will surely look into the matter and concentrate on waiter training.
Thankyou for letting us know ur experience.

Excellent place for fun with friends or family.

I have been to Multispice number of times and I'm very fond of this place. It has nice ambience and delectable food to accompany it. The great thing is that it is very reasonably priced as well. If you need a place to habgout with friends or have dinner with family or maybe celebrate something, its all in one place.
They can take care of almost any type of parties.
Also the place is very easy to reach and has ample parking.
Food Quality and Quantity are both good.

Hope the tradition continues.


September 14, 2011response from management at Multispice:

Thank you sagar. I appreciate your effort to write a review .Do visit our Second outlet at lonikalbhor(pune solapur road)

prasads - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 08,2011


Must Visit

I have visited multispice almost 4-5 times...
In each visit I find it very good in terms of food quality, taste of food, available variety, service and mostly a very good ambiance...
I will definitely give a preference to MultiSpice for small parties and get together...

Hope will get the same kind of service and taste every time...


Rafat Syed - Burrp User

Rafat Syed

1 Reviews

September 01,2011


pure veg restaurant

i enjoyed best veg food in Multispice restaurant as my friend recommend this place because i wanted to have a small get together and i really enjoyed food and service and ofcource ambience of the restaurant


September 1, 2011response from management at Multispice:

thank you rafat )


my visit to pune

My visit to Multispice restaurant was a tremendous experience and I was impressed with the hospitality they offered me while I was celebrating my birthday.. Tandoor starters and Indian cuisine were excellent. A garden view restaurant, this place is a must visit



Sizzling moments!!!

Had a Paneer Chilly Chinese Sizzler and it was awesome!!! Was too full to hit the deserts. Sure to be back there again soon.



splendid discovery of food and desserts

i was truly amazed that the chocolate mousse and sizzlers were out of this world,i personally recommend that it should be tasted by all. This multi cuisine restaurant has a mass variety of food from world over ,dont miss it


August 18, 2011response from management at Multispice:

Thank You Prithishta for the compliment . You should try other variety also,I am sure you will like it.

Real spice

If you are living in and around Kothrud, Karve Nagar, Erandwane, then there is a good reason for you to be happy. this is One of the good restaurant near Mhatre Bridge, Erandwane. This place offers the finest quality food for people with refined taste and who thoroughly enjoy food.
I am a foodie and I try out every good restaurant, when I heard about this place especially being close to my Flat I had to try it out. As it was my first time to the restaurant I left the choice to the wait staff to guide me with. So I asked them to suggest some good starters , I was a little apprehensive about starting my meal with bitter taste but I was wrong, it was truly amazing. It was truly out of the world,
Infact their Food are so good that we wanted to try more but did not have space in our stomach, If you ask me I loved this place and would recommend all you food lovers to try this restaurant. The place is huge with a good capacity, also an open air kind of a place. So the next time you are in the mood for good Spicy food, then I suggest you head straight to Multispice…


August 12, 2011response from management at Multispice:

Thankyou for ur feedback. We will strive to give you a great experiences
by intoducing new foods.:!next time try new desserts..

Excellent accommodation facility

good rooms with very basic features.good locality and very quiet place ...ample parking



good value for money

great food ..... sizzlers,palak cheese rolls and mouthwatering desserts.its in the heart of city but still tranquil....i will definately visit this place again