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> > > Polka Dots

Polka Dots

Kalyani Nagar    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS


14 Reviews / 16 Ratings

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Polka Dots Reviews


Fab Food Always!

My family's favourite place for dining. When we are bored of trying new places and getting disappointed, we fall back on good old Polka Dots. Will never be able to pick my favourite dish, because there's just too much to love. Just go and try the grub. Sizzlers in particular I absolutely love!!


Decent Continental Food

If you wanna try some continental food and dont wanna go to a very expensive restaurant , this is the place to be. The ambience is okay . The waiters are well informed and they know their food well. I have tried the Italian Veg Cacciatore and the Mozarella fingers. Both were pretty good. The Veg Cacciatore they serve consists of sauteed mushrooms and cottage cheese in herb sauce and is yummy. They have a large variety of desserts too, would try them on my next visit.


Tasty Italian Food

Coz of my love for Italian food, I wanted to visit Polka Dots from a long time, and finally I did on the day I finished my engineering...

The ambiance of this place is okayish...Its an open place with a nice and cool sitting arrangement...The waiters are alert and friendly and can advise you well if you are in a dilemma about what to order and what not...

We had ordered the Italian Veg Cacciatore...It was irresistably yummy...A great combination of mushrooms and cottage cheese along with rice and gravy....The Cacciatore tasted great, and was enough for 2 people...Even though quantity wise, the quantity was not too much, but it was quite heavy so as to be enough for 2....

Even though a little on the pricey side, the food is definitely worth tryin , especially if you are lookin for something different to eat from the routine food...



Just Ok.

My husband had been to Polka Dots at Aundh 5 years ago and had enjoyed the food there, so we decided to go to the Kalyani Nagar one since that's closer . It was a sort of disappointment. The food was average or below average in taste and the banoffee pie was a disaster.


samthakur74 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 19,2011


Decent place with a few warts

My wife and me have been visiting PD at Kalyaninagar for the past two years. Initially we were ecstatic. Here was a place with both variety and value for money.
Over time we observed that the size of portions have diminished while prices have increased. Still we frequented it once in a while.
Last week, we had an extremely distasteful incident. We wanted a seating place with a bench (not chairs) as now we have a kid and its easier to manage him on a bench. Since there was a queue, we accepted chairs. Once a bench got vacated, we asked the maitre de for a switch. He REFUSED, stating, we would need to wait outside in the line. Point is the folks outside were perfectly willing to sit on the chairs. Eventually we had to simply, switch places by asking another waiter. There was no ruckus from the people waiting behind us. They did not seem to mind the chairs at all. Seems the maitre de was making his own rules (on the spot!)

Looks like PD has acquired a misplaced sense of snob value, where empathizing with the patrons has been forgotten. Seems to me its well on its way to becoming another also ran, with rude staff, overpriced menu and cramped space




wow food!

Vietnamese chicken noodle soup was great and so was the Nasigoreng chicken
( hope the spelling is correct) .
My friend had a mocktail which looked very tempting and paprika chicken which was excellent.
we shared a banoffee pie which was out of this world!
over all a great meal!!!


food is not tht great

i had a buffalo wings n bbc chicken wrap.... both are not good full of tomato sauce chicken also not cooked proper........waste of money only............... just ambiance is good......


A dotty affair

Polka Dots is a favourite among many students; because of its good food, good ambience and good price list. But the question is, is good enough? This place has lots to offer in terms of cuisines, be it italian, mexican or indian. However, the sauce seems the same in every dish and the desserts don't look as good as they sound in the menu. Go here if you are looking for a 'good' time as opposed to a great one.


just about average!! :(

well a visit that was much anticipated turned out to be JUST ABOUT AVERAGE!

on a saturday afternoon, for a lunch outing, me and two other friends of mine, open to experiments went to Polka Dots, Kalyani Nagar! much to our disappointment, it turned out to be an OVERPRICED BISTRO.

we ordered : iced tea and capucino 45/- & 35/- resp
the veg lasagna 145/-
the bavarian chicken steak 185/-
and the nachos 100/-

well the nachos came with way too watered down cheese sauce, the veg lasagna was fine but the sauce totally lacked the punch or any toungue tickling magic. well wat was really UNACCEPTABLE was the bavarian steak! i ordered it expecting a proper cut of chicken grilled or else but wat was actually served was two fairly thick chunks of perhaps a chicken salami just about warmed up! here i was telling my friends how good the reviews were for this place and i got salami for steak! :O ???

seriously, with all the reviews i had quite some expectations with this place and all of them got washed down in the watery cheese sauce!! :P when i actually paid the bill of rs 613 (total +taxes), i thought i should have chosen a far more plush place, atleast i wouldn't have regretted paying the cost!

food: 2/5



Good ambience and interesting food

They re-jigged their menu recently. And, by the looks (and taste) of it, the tweak was worth it.

Being a repeat customer at the joint (I live at Kalyaninagar, and there aren't many great places to eat), I'd rate them higher on the now_new international menu rather than the traditional tandoor ones. For the latter, they end up getting the meat to be a bit dry and stringy which does make for a bit of an unpleasant meal. The wraps are good. Surprisingly, their Thai dishes are excellent as well.

Start off with a pitcher of iced tea and a starter of chicken tempura platter and move on to something interesting. There are plenty of new stuff on the menu and most of them are really good.

If only they had found out an alternative to the mosquito coils that they light up.


sabya0702 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 03,2009


worth it.lots of variety in food

amazing food with a lot of variety i must admit.Love this place for the kind of food it serves.have been a number of times.though the price is a bit on a steeper side , still its worth it.a small place with few tables.should have been more spacious with more tables.But the hygeine and service is fully taken care of and that too with good taste.


obaid - Burrp User


1 Reviews

July 22,2008


Not that bad..

It was a pretty decent place :)


parikshit - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 14,2008


Amazing place..

Been a repeat customer of PD since the time they started..
Love their Kababs & gravies as much as their international menu like the Bavarian Steak, Fish & Chips, their Thai soups & gravies to every other thing on their menu.. And do they have some desserts to end the meal..!! Me & the wife are totally in love with their 'Death By Chocolate'.. as a matter of fact Death by Chocolate from PD has been a part of all the celebration in our lives so far; had it on our 1st date, the 1st day i'd been to meet her parents, on our engagement, wedding so on & so forth..!!


Priyanka P - Burrp User

Priyanka P

39 Reviews

December 27,2007


Really good food!

I love this restaurant! The food is delicious and the crowd great. Its a small place only about 12 tables, but the food brings you back again and again. Ideal place to go to if you can't decide which cuisine to go for - they have 4-5 cuisines to choose from. The service is great and the place has a cafe feel to it as it is outdoor-kinda seating. The desserts are heavenly - don't forget to save some tummy-space for them, you wouldn't want to miss them.