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> > > > Pollo Campero

Pollo Campero

Viman NagarRest of Pune  

  • 66890599, 66890601, 66890600
  • G13, Ground Floor, Phoenix Market City, S No. 207, Viman Nagar, Pune
  • American, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 200

8 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Pollo Campero Reviews






Bad Choice for Veggies, Good for non Vegetarian's

Ladies and gentlemen, before we begin please have a look at the pics attached and kindly do not go by them. They are blown up versions of what you would get if you end up ordering them. Sadly neither the burger, nor the wrap remotely match up to the size shown in the promotional posters. What's more is that the "Hunger Buster' combo offers a mini wrap and a mini pastry that is definitely not filling at all and I have no clue as to why is it called a 'Hunger Buster'.

Now, lets go ahead. Campero would not be a good choice for vegetarians. The items on the menu are really tiny for what they show on the posters. We ordered a 'Veggie Fiesta' - a small burger, some fries and regular Pepsi for Rs 119/- and a "Hunger Buster' meal for Rs 135/- described above. Needless to say that they weren't sufficient and did not match up to our expectations. Definitely not value for money. Also ordered 'Peruvian Chicken Caesar Salad combo' for 189 bucks consisting of a chicken quarter, Caesar Salad, 1 in no. Tortilla and a regular Pepsi (one can also get an iced tea). This was an O.K deal and the chicken quarter was indeed tasty. Also on the menu and ordered by us was the 'Rice meal combo' with regular Pepsi, some unknown gravy, and a choice of Picante strips chicken (Avoid!!!) /Campero traditional chicken (Can't say , had not tried) / Veg. strips (I was told it would be patties) - you can safely give this one a miss.

They do have some unlimited chicken offers, I cannot recollect but non vegetarian enthusiasts can give it a try. However, what struck me as odd was the fact that it was a self service restaurant in the Amanora mall and yet they charged a service tax! So, we ended up paying a bill of Rs 682/- including VAT and service charges still hungry .

Must say, staff was courteous though!
My verdict: Go to Subway right next this place for a quick filling bite at Amanora.




this is about going the whole hog.The unlimited Rs 199 buffet on weekdays between 7-11 pm is value .Go on a chicken spree and be good at gluttony.


vikiby - Burrp User


9 Reviews

November 19,2012


Pain from Spain

This new kid on the block claims to be from Latin America and boy is he right

The prices are crazy compared to a KFC and the chicken seems to be dead for ages.

Been there twice and am pretty sure not going back in a hurry.


Tappu11 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 17,2012


Waste of money

I went there on a saturday, opted for their unlimited option and waited for unlimited time. There were not enough people to serve and hence it took me whole one hour to get my second serving. The chicken pieces were dry and the pepsi - adulterated with soda.


Top notch Bad service

Average food .. definately not going to try again. Service is bad for unlimited offer. They even went on to provide fountain pepsi with no cola flavour and just a fizz



Beat that KFC

I'm not a big fan of deep fried KFC chicken and was not too keen on eating at yet another fast food chain that seemed to have little to offer.

Thankfully, I decided to try this all the same. Ordered the spicy chx combo and the unlimited meal combo. Both were delicious. The outside was evenly coated and crispy, the flesh moist and cooked through and through.

The fries weren't the greatest, but they were good enough. The unlimited supply of chx, soda (which I swapped for iced tea) and a pulav like lemon rice was nice.

What was also refreshing and the highlight of my meal here, was the Cucumber Mojito. Most refreshing drink, I've tasted in a long time.

Everything about this place was great for a quick fun meal. The moderate prices and cheerful staff made the deal sooo much sweeter. .

Now, if only they came to Mumbai! (hint, hint...)


Unlimited Food Offer: review

I had always passed by Pollo Camero resturant and felt tempted by the Unlimited Food offer but never had the time to visit it. Finally ysday I visited the place. For those who are not aware, the offer is unlimited helpings of its signature fried chicken, french fries, latin rice, coleslaw, a bread piece and a cold drink for Rs 199 (taxes extra). Yes, sounds too good to be true. I had read a few reviews about the service, time limit etc on net so called them up to reconfirm if there was no max seating time in the resturant for the offer. Thankfully they is none. The offer runs from 8pm -11pm. We reached there at 10pm and placed the offer. The cashier was courteous and explained the offer and reminded that it cannot be shared. The food was delivered on our table in prompt 10 minutes. The fried chicken is awesome in taste. I found it better than KFC since this one is a little more spicy and will suit Indian palate. The coleslaw is tasty and goes well with the soft bread piece. The rice I found a tad disappointing as it was a bit dry and the fries were not that crisp and slightly soft but then hey you don't go for offer like these to eat fries n rice :) The chicken is really tasty and the server was regular while bringing 2nd, 3rd,4th...... ;-) rounds of helping. I had gone in weekday and the crowd was less..hardly 9-10 people who were availing this offer. Need to check how the service is on maddning weekends.

Overall experience was great. For 199 getting unlimted fried can't get better than this.

This restaurant is now on my list for once a month visits ;-)



Great food, Bad service!

I had gone to the pune outlet in phoenix today, it was my first visit, and we thoroughly enjoyed the quality given to us. The food is good no doubt.
However, our order for the 'unlimited 199rs offer' arrived by 9.30pm whereas we placed our order at 9.13pm (time on the bill) After serving just one helping, we kept calling out to the waiter for a second helping which he coolly ignored, we signalled to him again, he smiled, nodded but never attended to us. This was around 10 pm. During this time he even served on the table next to ours as well as all the surrounding tables, and on asking him politely he said he will give us in the next batch. After one hour of waiting for just a piece of chicken for my younger brother, he said he cannot serve us as our 45min span was over and also the boiler has been switched off. So basically we just ate from 9.30 to 10pm and between this time is when he refused to come to our table leading to us to wait for a further hour and then being given the excuse of us exceeding our time span??!
I come from a family that travels and ventures to try new places. I also free-lance and write reviews/articles/columns in the local supplements etc and such an experience is a first time which gives me second thoughts on re-visiting the place! I'm not saying the service/waiter was rude or bad, he was good at the start and just got bad eventually. You've certainly lost a valuable customer.
Please, this is a genuine note from a customer and not a deliberate review to ruin reputation, do not delete, and do revert. :)
Thank you for your patience,