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> > > Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal

Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal

Sasoon Road  

  • 9970264698, 65006592
  • Shop No.1, 2 & 3, Shardaram Park, 37 Sasoon Road, Sasoon Road, Near Pune Railway Station, Pune
  • Bengali
  • Meal for 2 - 700

35 Reviews / 35 Ratings

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Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal Reviews

A True Bengali Joint

A true Bengali restaurant in Pune, my wife is Bengali and she loves the place. It's a very simple restaurant ; clean and hygienic with a
typical Kolkata tiffin hotel feel to it. There is one wait staff who takes your order and prepares your drinks for you (mind you they do not serve alcohol) The menu is authentic Bengali food, there is no
fusion of flavours. One can find a lot of old favorites there and it is a very popular place for Bengali's living in the city of Pune.

The food is amazing, cooked to authenticity and to perfection. They can also customise the spicing according to your palate. The chapatis there are divine, piping hot and wholesome! The prices are a bit steep
but when you are paying for quality then what's there to complain about?

Will keep going there because this is a place we have fallen in love with during our stay in Pune.




The food is not at all good. The bhetki paturi was bad but the chanar kofta curry and cutlet chi chi were terrific and so were the desserts patole er dolma... o bhi sweet dish jaisa mitha hai... khana ekdam bakwas hai... bhulna praega e khana khake... bengali food keya hota hai.. sayad e logoko patai nahi keya hai... chi chi!!!!!! galti se bhi mat jana... :)



Horrible food, pathetic service

I had heard a lot about this place and going by the reviews decided to visit during Durga Puja (Festival season). They had Buffet dinner to offer, which included starters, main course and sweets.

To start with, we were given a table in the shady and damp basement with no waiters to assist. When we started to take buffet, everything was cold and available in limited portions. It was something like eating in a limited means party where as soon as food arrives, hungry guests jump on table and gather whatever minimum they can.

Worst part was that buffet was devoid of a must have bengali sweet (Rasogulla). Upon complaining to manager about the situation, he mentioned that he can't help as he is short-staffed and all of his staff is busy catering to various stalls in the city.

I wonder, then why does he want to run this place during festival season, if he is already earning in various stalls across city.

We couldn't eat the food, paid and went to another food joint to fill our growling stomach.

I ain't going there again, not at least during festival season.

Visited October 2012


Bongbabu - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 15,2012


Rice-n-Curry Rocks!!!

Ever since I am in Pune, visited this place multiple times with friends, family as well as with business associates, this place never turned me down. Being a frequent visitor, one thing that I vouch for is the consistent quality they maintained. Rui Sorse Jhal, Alu Posto, Loochi Cholar Daal, Chingri Malaikari, Bhetki Paturi, Loochi Kosha Mangsho, Ilish Bhape.....each of them made to perfection as we get it back home in Kolkata. RNC Rocks!!!


The best Bengali food in Pune

We went to this place today and had some of the best Bengali food we have had in Pune. The Kosha Mangsho was simply superb, the meat was perfectly cooked and the pieces were huge. The fish curry was very good and once again the fish pieces were huge!
The veg food was also very good!
The service was good and the waiter was very friendly!
I will definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for good Bengali food. It beats "O calcutta" hands down in taste and price!



Bood Bengali food

Been here 3 times in last 2 months with my Bengali friends. They introduced me to this hotel as an ‘authentic’ Bengali restaurant. I had no previous experience of Bengali food. But thanks to my friends that now I have developed a taste :)
Sorry can’t pronounce even a single item from their menu as It’s really an authentic one (one of my Bengali friend is born and brought up in Pune and he too finds it difficult to pronounce the items)
Good food, good service.
It may appear that it’s expensive, with even their mini thali priced at Rs. 225 (chicken) but the quantity which comes is humongous. So after the meal you never feel that it was not worth it.
Rosogulla are too good. Also another sweet made from rice(?) also worth a mention.
Warning : Never go for lunch on an office day as the food can make you drowsy.
I feel that may be they can reduce the quantity and also reduce the price. The female folks can never finish the serving. I hate seeing food being wasted.

Will be here again for sure :)



An unpleasant experience

we were there for dinner with our extended family on 2nd June 2012. The front place was crowded hence they put us up in the basement. This sitting location is horrible, stuffy and smoky. The waiters were not attending to us. When asked for water to all, one of them said they are running out of glasses :-).. the food was just about OK the "kobiraji chicken" needs a special mention. The person taking the order recommended us and told that for a size of 9 folks we must order 4 plates. When they arrived, it was all mushy and had one very small chicken peice, that is small enough to be divided into 2 peices, the bill showed they slapped INR 1000/- for this dish ( INR 250 each).. !!!
Horrible experience, would not recommend for a celebration atleast. very high priced, not worth!!
the owner/manager must find out how the most busy restaurants in FC road execute when crowded, merely by opening a Bengali restaurant does not work..


1of best places @ Pune for Bong Food

Its been almost 2 years now that i am in Pune and i have visited this place more than the other Bengali Cuisine Restaurants, not only due to the good food but also for the interior design.And always I have chosen to sit downstairs.I find the downstairs better than the upper part.Although the prices are high, it pinches in my pocket to come and eat here,Yet every month once or twice i come here with my group.
Choto Bhoj is awesome.
Chobbo Chossho is again awesome.But in "Ajker Torkari" i have always found Fulkopi.I was just wondering, in spite of so many vegetables , y do you serve only Fulkopi?
The luchis take a long time to come, at times it gets frustrating to wait for the food when you are midway with your meal.
Fish Orly - Extremely Overpriced But WOW...Wat Subtle taste.SLURRP
Daab Chinrgi Is also Awesome.
Once the fish had a certain strange smell to it, on telling it to the waiter , he had changed it in few Minutes.

But i think RNC can add few sweets to its menu list and slightly lessen the prices


First experience....

We visited the place with a lot of expectations but I guess we're let down , the Bhakti fry we ordered was all bread and little fish , on the main course the steamed rice was dry n flaky as if reheated and served , the dab chingri was synthetically sweet and the illish which tasted good was low in qty .


Poila Baisakh at Rice-n-Curry

Yesterday on the eve of Poila Baisakh I went to Rice-n-Curry with my family. This was my first visit although Iam in Pune for past 5 years...We were scared if we have to wait for hours to get a place on this particular day. Lucky we were than just within 15 mints we got a decent place to sit. The Menu of Poila Baisakh was awesome and inspite of the rush the Food taste was not compensated by the management. It was truly delicious...Starting from the diff salads till the fish(doi fish), chiken mutton was fantastic. No critisism but prawn was not upto the level as expected(may be since all the food tastes were so brilliant). Rs. 550 was the charge per plate. Hmmm price wise okie/manageable, may be 400-450 would have been superb !! The management reaction was very cordial & co-operative. Would love to go their again & again.. Thanks Rice-n-Curry for a beautiful delicious buffet yesterday.

Warm regards
Subhabrata Chakraborty



Just Awesome Bengali Food in Pune

Yesterday I tried first time Rice-N-Curry's delicious "Chobya Chosya" Thali, each and every preparation(Beguni, Luchi, Rice, Shukto, Mug Dal, Alu Bhaja, Pach Torkari, Rui Sorse Jhal, Kosha Mangso, Chatni, Papad and Payes) just Awesome.

Hope very soon will visit the place again.


abhi_bol - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 07,2011


Rude Reply.

Miss Maitra,
Come on whats with that rudeness and arrogance...first sign of success(?) ...your this comment.
"not the fake "professionalism" on a platter to our guests; neither have we compromised on hygiene and quality like the street side joints you love to visit." .

My advise learn some humility that will make even your food taste better.


nomad - Burrp User


91 Reviews

September 07,2011



Maitra Grewal sure responds rudely to customer feedbacks, and how! Another was the owner of Mayur Thali who was booed down by diners for being rude.



Bit Fishy-a mix bag

I visited for d first time in RNC...was delighted to see the ambiance...a fine tune of tagore music was playing and bind to draw your attention...then I look out the entire menu book...I found it bit copy cat of popular restaurant "Bhajahari Manna" though it's difficult to incorporate the taste... I found it pretty expensive(expensive than Hanglas,Calcutta club all bong restaurant in Mumbai)...Initially I was fumble to get what to eat.since I visited for having the lunch so I was looking for a compact Thali..actually I found there was no fish thali,only veg,chicken and mutton thali...I was direly craving for the i ordered a veg Thali and additionally a dish Of Hilsha fish...The small veg Thali cost 150 bucks and a medium seize fish is 275 Buck(Hilsha cost 600-700 rs per KG in PUNE and your getting a fragment of it)...the cooking quality is ok can't expect the professionalism of Oh Calcutta...the restaurant operates by a family being a Bong and being in pune for a long time we r quite bore to visit the so called bengali eating out places like DEEP n one can definitely visit at RnC for a better change..though it'll cost you but I can assure you that u won't be disheartened too much..yes one more thing,I didn't find any signature sweet dishes of bengal on the menu a thumbs up from my side for the ambiance,food quality,hospitality and of course thumbs down for the over priced dishes(though we have to consider d location of the restaurant and the rent for this)..I'll rate it 6 out of 10!

My Suggestions
1)I would request the owner that in case H/she reads this review to arrange a feedback form and on which he can work hard to make a bright future.
2)within the price range of rs 500 you one can expect a complete meal including 2/3 types of starter and please arrange a buffet lunch or dinner on regular basis.Most of the Kolkata's famous restaurant are doing it vedic village
3)Reduce the cost and concentrate on sales volume(a dal cost rs 75?).you can buy fish from the local fish market too and i can assure that the taste won't differ much except Hilsha,Crab and bagda Prawn(except some proper kolkata fellow like me no body can tress out the difference)
4)Start kolkata styled Mutton n chicken's having a huge demand for it..
5)can i expect a food stall in congress bhavan ground during durga puja?


September 6, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Dear Kaushik,
Thanks for your time to put this up. Yes we do read the reviews from our Guests and take necessary actions wherever it aligns with our business objective.
Response to your views:
If we serve the same Bengali Dishes, that doesn't mean the menu is copied, it’s just ridiculous!! Have some better knowledge about Bengali Food and look into details in our menu, you will find many more dishes that ALL your favourite joints do not even dare to serve.
We do not serve so called "Thali". We have couple of set menu and the p

September 6, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Well since I'm free from all biases and prejudice so there is no question about my preferential restaurant or food joint.there is many places in pune and across d maharashtra state where you can buy authentic Hilsha.yes straight imported from kolkata.And I have a better acquaintance of Padma,ganga or Narmada hilsa I never tried to compare d taste.I find it quite ok at your restaurant.though i had much better Hilsha at Hanglas or Calcutta club in Bombay and the price is bit lower too.
To me it's not important where I eat my favorite

September 6, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Dear Kaushik,
If you are happy with the Hilsa from all other places, it's absolutely fine. We being in the industry know exactly who procures from where (even the suppliers). Hundreds of my elderly guests (Bong parents from Kolkata in their 60s and 70s) are happy with the Illish we serve. Understandably they are not net savvy to put their compliments every now and then in Burrp.

Mention about Hygiene factor is not to make somebody inferior, it's factual. It's only about the matter of time when you get down by eating in shabby join

Sabi Roy - Burrp User

Sabi Roy

1 Reviews

September 02,2011


Awesome--see improvement on every visit.

When I first visited RnC, we found the food to be ok and the service good. Have been there multiple times now. And on each visit, I could notice marked improvement in the taste, menu, service.

This week, we had started out with the aim of bingeing on awesome Bengali food at RnC. In fact, my husband was imagining the prawn cutlet even while driving to the place. :)

When we reached, due to some electrical failure at RnC, we had to turn away from there. Since we desperately wanted Bong food, we went to Oh Calcutta. Now, as you know Oh! is supposed to be a classy, expensive Bong restaurant. One would expect impeccable taste in any dish. Earlier we have visited Oh and found the food good. This time, to our disappointment, the mutton kosha that we ordered was horrible, the ilish was not at all fresh, and therefore, the evening was very sadly ruined. 3 of 4 also ended up in indigestion and upset stomach--maybe because of the fish.

The whole time, we kept comparing Oh! with RnC. We have come to the conclusion that RnC serves much better, tastier, and fresh food while being economical on the pocket. We would recommend RnC anyday to anybody who wants to sample Bong food.

Also not to be forgotten is the way the host Dipta goes out to make sure that guests feel pampered. Just by overhearing that it was my sister in law's birthday, he packed payesh for her--thats how hospitable he is. Anyways, hoping we will be there again soon..and wishing that RnC becomes bigger and better.. :)


September 6, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Dear Sabi,
It's our great pleasure to please guests like you time and again.
Our apology for the inconvenience caused due to the electrical failure and for this horrifying experience you had while dining out in some other places.

Do visit us again and we will surprise you with betterment each time.


Pleasant Surprise

In my couple of visits to this place , I tasted a variety of bengoli delicacies.

Once things I can say for sure, unlike most of the places in pune, you would be pleasantly surprised with teh kind of service and attention you get here.

I am not a bengoli and this person was more than willing to explain me every dish we ordered and the way it has to be savored.

Sicne I have had a lot of delicacies, cant explain each one so will rate each on scale of 5

Fish Egg Pakora : 4/5

Betki Fry : Basically fish meat mashed with some spices and deep fried in form of a cuboid : 3/5

Chicken Kaviraj : chicken and egg minced kept under deep fried egg : Very Oily but can judge that

Chicken Dakbangla : Thin chicken grave : 4/5

Fish in yogurt curry : 3.5/5

Fish head crushed in Moong Lentils : 5/5, The best dish i ever tasted in a bong restaurant. I actually wanted muri ghonto which was sadly not on menu.

Fish Chop : 3.5/5

Sukhto : Mixed of seasonal veg along with bitter gourd. : 4/5

fish in mustard paste : 4/5

Kosha manso : Dry mutton curry : 4.5/5

Something which i really didnt like was NO FINGER BOWLS.

I went with my bengoli friend so we went ala carte , but my suggestion do try the set meals. They are truel Value for Money


July 18, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Hello Kauti007,
Whata detailed review!! And ratings. Thanks a ton for your precious time to evaluate each of these dish in so details. We do respect individual judgement and all your ratings will be analyzed.
WE do serve finger bowls on the table if you ask for, hundreds of ours gets that. Next time please ask for it and sure it will be on your Table.


Rice-n-Curry Team

August 1, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

The food quality is superb but still no FingerBowl. The waiter very politelysaid, " Washbasin is nearby ".

This does not stop me from coming to this place but people are used to fingerbowl.

August 2, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

My sincere apology for the inconvenience.
Now this is a matter of my concern. Please help me to identify the waiter (mail me at
I assure the measure will be corrective and not punitive.

Rice-n-Curry Team

August 12, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Well I think fingerbowl issue isnt there anymore. Thats really cool of you.

Recently my friends visited and it was offered without asking for it.



Very Welcoming Owner... But I am sorry I am sure that BEgali food is towards the sweeter side! :) Misconception is the actual conception.
Not my Types!


July 13, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Dear Radhika,
Thanks for choosing Rice-n-Curry to clear confusion about Bengali Food!
While "Not my type" is purely a subjective issue, the rating is, we believe an objective method of evaluation. Surely your rating confused us about our belief!!

Now talking about the myth of "Sweet Food". Bengali cuisine which is about thousand years old in general acknowledges the presence of at least FIVE different taste sensations and accordingly explores the possibility to please all of them!
As there are always regional version, fo

Possibly a bong's hideout!

Hi Maitra,
I would straight jump to my review -
Good -
1. Authentic tasty food. I felt nostalgic after having a few bites, as I was born/ brought up in Asansol (WB).
2.The quantity for a 2 person meal is more than sufficient.
3. The pricing done is agreeable & not very high.

Not so good -
1. The menu lacks few bengali savories. Eg - Misty Doi. The menu can cut down on some items and add others, eg - Chicken/Mutton rolls.
2. The decor is quite limited and few bengali artifacts could be added to give a close bengal experience.
3. The menu should have some recommendations based on people's likings/interests etc as many would be gorging bengali food for the 1st time.

To summarize, this is a good restaurant seeing the quality,taste of food served. If the reviews on Burrp are taken consciously, it can easily become one of the best authentic restaurants in Pune.

Nishant Verma


June 20, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Dear Nishant,
It's really feel good to know that we not only served you good food but gave you back a piece of a memory of your childhood that you cherished.

About your concern about not so good things,
Our desert section needs lot of addition and we will serve all Bengali goodies like Misti Doi in next 2/3 months time. WE don't want to serve rolls and downgrade it from a Fine Dine to QSR.

For Decor, it is conscious decision to keep it minimal and contemporary along with touch of Kantha work and Dokra pieces. WE didn'


i am very disappointed last time i visited the tagore festival and it was awesome & was waitin for ur next event but this time it was just for two days and i could not attend cause i was not in town on sat n try n continue the festival atleast for 4 -5 days........


June 15, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Dear Click Devil,
We can understand your disappointment for not being in town as you missed the Buffet.

Burrp is a platform for reviews rather than communication, request you to keep this place exclusive for reviews only. For communicating to us, please help us writing at

Rice-n-Curry Team

pnqguy - Burrp User


25 Reviews

August 04,2011


Fish O Fish!

While I am not a fan of fish eating or bengali food but my mother being a bengali, I had to treat her to a bengali lunch. We were pleasantly welcomed by the owners who are hospitable.
The food was delectably tasty with the right proportion of spices and came in quickly,
My honest feedback would be that the service while good needs to be more professional, I found that paper napkins were not placed on the tables, while asked for bottled water we were given normal water and co-ordination was a litle misplaced.
They also have a limited menu which is understandable.
However if you want a good hearty bengali food then head for this restaurant.


Keep up the good work

My 2 cents.

1. Awesome food.
2. Good Service.
3. Nice ambience (loved the traditional soothing background music).

If food is the focus, try this place.
I will certainly be coming back .


June 11, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Dear Rahul,
Thank you so much for your review. We are honoured to please a guest with fine taste like you. Not only you are a food lover, but you enjoyed the instrumental music we play.

Come this weekend (11th and 12th of June) and enjoy a Gala Buffet spread with specialities of Jamai Sosthi.

Rice-n-Cury Team

Best Bengali Food in Pune

B for Best and B for Bengali Food and F for fantastic fish - describes Rice n Curry in 1 statement..the best authentic bengali food is here in pune with the best of fish served in various delicacies...wel disciplined staff n mouth watering food... u shuld really try out dis place...


June 11, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Dear Nagarjuna,
It was a pleasure to please a food lover like you. We know for sure, in your next visit we will surprise you with many more authentic dishes.

Rice-n-Curry Team

tagore festival

i went there on a friday afternoon for having a lunch. they told me that they are arranging a tagore festival buffet for three days starting from 5th of may the day i visited. they were ready with the food it will take 10 min to start. so i thought its better to wait for 10 min. after 10 min i was told you head downstairs were the buffet was arranged.
the view of the food was just undescribeable.........starting from mutton chicken fish they had something 20 different preparations. the dishes very good in taste and the mutton used was fresh accompanying them was rice & puri. generally i dont eat a lot of sweet but a special mention for the dudhi ka halwa just 2 awesome.
after finishing i even inquired that are they running this daily but he said no its just for three day . i had to visit it once again but couldnt make it . i hope that you people would once again arrange such festival very soon......waiting eagerly


May 14, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Dear Click Devil,
Thanks for your visit to our restaurant and your valued review.
We will arrange another great buffet in June close to the day of "Jamai Sasthi", a day dedicated to the son-in-laws, when the mom-in-law invites the son-in-law and treat him with a GRAND Feast. The number of dishes served actually measures the affection between the two.

We are planning to have a really GRAND buffet during that period (somewhere close to 7th of June) watch our website and Burrp for the exact update.


Good Food but expensive!

Expensive good food can be experimented once in a while. However in this case i felt although the food quality is good..but the quantity served is pretty less. Being a bengali myself i felt, i could have prepared a better meal in home than spending so much in there. The prawn curry was given in a flat dish to make sure the curry is not served much..This is ridiculous! Wont try again here..better wl cook at home if i have to try Bengali cuisine


May 14, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Prawns we serve is the “Tiger Prawns” sourced from Bengal, our standard size is 20 counts or 20pcs per KG. In our menu card it’s mentioned that we serve four pieces of prawns in our Tiger Prawns dishes.
We source our prawns from Prawn farms located in Sundarban area in West Bengal and don’t serve the one harvested in Mumbai and Gujarat Coast where the heavy metals and other contaminations are frequently reported in sea foods.
We serve our Prawns in a platter not to save gravy. If you mention at the time of order that you need more

Rice-n-Curry. And then some.

The initial and somewhat evident problem with a Bengali going to eat at a Bengali restaurant is that the chances of being surprised are considerably less. Rice-n-Curry, Flavors of Bengal which is located opposite Ruby Hall, a bit ahead of Vohuman Cafe, is a Bengali food joint. It doesn’t fall into the pretentious chic and put on suaveness of Oh ! Calcutta. More like the no nonsense, good food at a reasonable price kind of joint. There was a time when South Calcutta used to be dotted with these kind of no-frills eat-outs. No more though. Sadly. There are two kinds of Bengali restaurants – the fancy kind where you get all sorts of food that takes time and patience to cook. And, then there’s the kind where you get food that you have, at some point, eaten at home because someone had cooked it. Rice-n-Curry is the second kind.

We visited the place on Saturday at around 1200 hours. We were practically the first folks in. And, the usual discussion of “if this is the scene at this time during the weekend, will this place work out” ensued. The place has a bit of fun – there’s a single person who attends to the orders, gets them from the kitchen and also attends to the phone.

We started off with Fish Orly. Those who fancy the same thing from Bijoligrill would be disappointed. The batter was a bit too inconsistent. But heh ! I hadn’t had a decent Orly in a while and this got some good marks. Standard fare of luchi and chholar dal followed. The dal was a bit too sweet for me but the wife says that my argument of the chholar dal to require a bit of kick is unwarranted and plain wrong. The luchi was good enough to go with the Goalanda Mutton Curry (which comes with a large slice of potato for those who love their curries that way). The wife had Doi Maach (with a good portion of fish) along with some plain/steamed rice. In between there was a Mochaa Paaturi (which was eventually shared by a friend too). We ordered for a portion of the Paayesh, which was pretty decently made. Top marks there too.

When we had placed the orders for the starters, we woke up a friend to exhort him to join us and he joined in to have a ‘set meal’ – the Murgi Bhoj. That had eggplant fried in batter, a curry, a dal, rice, the chicken and, aloo bhaja (that thinly shredded one). The meal is rounded off by chutney. By all means it looked to be a well arranged one with portions reasonable for a single person.

The test that remains is to check how they do Koshaa Maangsho. That’s where things are going to be in the finicky zone. The service is fast, they do patiently explain the items to those who aren't familiar with Bengali food and, they take care of their guests. That's good. Recommended if you are in the mood for Bengali cuisine.


May 14, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Wow!! We are overwhelmed with your review.
We know for sure the acid test is pending on our Kosha Mangsho.

Egerly waiting for your next visit and we are confident we will please you with our Kosha Mangsho and Loochi.

Rice-n-Curry Team

May 29, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Thanks for opening up the place and inviting us in even though we were way ahead of the time. I haven't seen many restaurants at Pune do that. You get A+ for that.

And yes, the Luchi-Kosha Mangsho was good. I'd recommend for others.


Bengali food was really nice!!...

We have tried Bengali food many times at "Oh Calcutta"...but other than the ambiance nothing much for me there a veggie like me....and its expensive too ....
But Rice and Curry was an awesome experience with GREAT veggie food for me ...and Fish for my husband... The Quantity and quality was too Good...!!!
Would love to go there and have the Set menu once again...This set menu gave us all the dishes in the menu... so we could try all the things...
A must visit place....


April 28, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Dear Burrp_Chef,
Thanks so much for sharing your views with the fellow Burrpers. Many thanks for demystifying the myth that Bengali Food means only Fish and Rice. Yes we make excellent Veg food as well that can take a Non-Bong to the biggest surprise!
Visit us again and again and enjoy the sheer Good Food.

Rice-n-Curry Team


Good Food

Dear Maitra,
I ahve been to restaurant of couple of times. the food is good no doubts. Couple of Points. The presentation of food does not match very well with the nice and chic ambiace and the good food. I feel there is a lot of room for improvement without hampering your cost factor. I am a Chef myself and run a Food & Beverage Consultancy in Pune. We can help you with techinal aspects and food styling which will enhance your food and sale.
You can mail me or call me at 9850602985


April 16, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Dear Amey,
Your compliment about our food and ambiance is our "Michelin Star"!!
Sure we will get in touch with you to get your guidance on our food presentation aspect!
Do visit us many more times and see how we Surprise you with lot many Authentic Bengali Treasure!
Rice-n-Curry Team

best Bengali food in Town

This is one of the best places to get proper, organic meat products in Pune without additives or toxic preservatives that often render out the taste of most meat flavors.


April 16, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Dear Manisha,
Thank you for mentioning the other side of our speciality! Though people assosiate Bengali Cuisine with Fish and Rice, and we do really serve some of the best fishes in town, but as you mentioned, we serve some of the best meat dish as well where you can enjoy the best of it. Our best selling dish is Loochi-Kosha Mangsho (Thick gravy goat meat paired with Bengali Puri).

Looking forward to many more visit of yours and your friends.

Rice-n-curry Team



this place is awesome......a must try.........went with a friend who had never tried bengali food....and we just really loved the food the service........if u happen 2 visit this place always try out the fish....over chicken n mutton...........gr888 goin guys keep it up..........just dont change the taste n quality... :-)


April 16, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Dear Click Devil,
Thanks for your cooooool review, you can see we are blusshing!
We are trying our best to keep the same quality and taste.

Rice-n-Curry Team

vikiby - Burrp User


9 Reviews

April 09,2011


Good Start

Went with my friend who had never tried Bengali Food before. Parking is a big pain and can turn one off when you are hungry for a meal.

The menu is quite exhaustive and it would be nice if the people serving the food know more about the menu. Every time we had a query, we were asked to wait for someone else to come and explain.

The food is good and comes close to authentic Bangla food.

Needs more varieties in desserts and better menu knowledge


April 9, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Dear Viki,
Thank you so much for considering our restaurant to baptise your friend with Bengali Cuisine! Wow!!
Though we have about 6 car parks, we agree with you, sometimes our parking gets occupied by others, we are trying to resolve it ASAP.
We feel proud with your judgement about our's exhaustive!! We tried to explain each dish in the menu itself, and it's really difficult to get personnel with exhaustive knowledge of Bengali Food. That is the reason we prefer our serving staffs not to explain much about the menu but

Worth a try !!

Hearing a new Benagli style restaurant has opened, we decided to go and check out.
The place is nice though small. The menu is diversified so take ur time to see the details and order food. Food was great and really tasted homely.. You will be surprised by the taste of simple vegetables in the thali. which taste just like home. The only drawback remains the price of starters. Too pricey for the quantity served. we ordered fish pakora which were very small and 4 in no. Priced around 150. One prawns starter we ordered which was really differently prepared but was priced around 225-250 for only 4 peices.
But the thalis which have a wide variety are superb. They hav a no. of bengali style disher which are very good in taste. The problem - Normal thalis dont have fish included. Only veg items. If you want a thali with a portion of fish and chicken included u will have to shell out 500 per thali.
But the best one to try out is the Mutton or chicken Kosha with Puri. The taste is awsome. First bite and you will know that I have to order one more plate.
Overall worth a try. Not a place if you wish you want a feast of fish thinking that ill be eating varities and quantities of fish. Too costly. Have to eat rice and vegetables also to compensate. But everything tastes superb. Advise - Try to go minimal on starters.


March 25, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Dear Indianterrain,
Thanks so much for your visit and review of our restaurant. We really feel honoured that you liked the food so much.

We hear you! The place will be not so small in few days, another 45 seats are getting added in a larger dining hall in the basement.

We took notice of your concern about the starters. We make these fish dishes with fish comming from Kolkata and not with some locally procured low priced fish. Also we don't add lot of fluffy coating et el but fill up our starters with Real Stuff! The prawns


Bhuri Bhoj at its "Bhery" best

R u a 'Bong'? and still not tried Rice n Curry, the flavours of Bengal. Buddy, u r missing something in Pune. Though a very small initiatives as of now but definitely has got the potential to be the Best in town.
We had the Friday dinner at Rice n Curry with two of my friends. Good food with authentic taste of Bengali cuisine. Kudos guys for awesome service.
All must try: Chorbo Chosyo ( kind of Thali).
Think on : parking space and expansion of seating area.


March 14, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Dear Anirban,

Thanks so much for your review and suggestions.
Yes we hear you!! We are adding more seating space, another 45 seats will be added in next few days.
Parking area is also getting done up and will be reserved for Rice-n-Curry guests only!

Rice-n-Curry Team

Boshu1983 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 28,2011


Good homely bengali food, at reasonable prices

I am a bengali from delhi. And i know what home cooked bong food should taste like. At rice and curry, i tasted just that. Very nice spread and by taste, it is authentic bong food. Prices are very reasonable, portions are sufficient and the hospitality is great.

Location of the rest is also fine. This is sure to take off well with time.


March 1, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Dear Boshu,
Thanks for visiting us. Your compliments are our best reward! We promise you serving the same Taste of home made food again and again.


mgk_foodie - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 11,2011


Fishes flown down from Kolkata

Last evening I was walking down the road opposite to Ruby Hall where a New Luxury Hotel is coming up holding it's head high in the Bund Garden skyline. Just before that tall building a bright Neon Sign caught my eyes, Rice-n-Curry, Flavours of Bengal!!
Flavours of Bengal? Something Punites needs desperately. Honestly there are very few restaurants serving Bengali Food. One of them is over priced, for other joints, the ambiance is shabby.

Rice-n-Curry, with it's stunning look of a Log Hut from outside and a slick contemporary decor inside (in Ivory and Champagne) with comfortable Sofas to seat, serving authentic Bengali Food. They proudly mention that the Fishes they use are flying down directly from Kolkata. No wonder the food served supports the claim.

We tried Bhetki Fish Fingers....absolutely a bliss!! The super soft Bhetki delicately spiced with true Bong style and then deep fried in a bread crumb coat is just heavenly, so far it's unheard of in Pune.

Next we tried the Chingri Bhape or the steamed Tiger Prawns, Prawns from the Sundarban delta subtly proved it's paydegree with it's sweet taste and distinct flavour. Smeared in a mustard marination, the prawns were just rightly done. We paired it with Steamed Rice. Next was the Illish, like any other true blue Bong, I can travel miles for a good Illish. Here when it's coming directly from Kolkata, no wonder I will visit this place frequently. The dish was made with absolute perfection the way my Granny used to make at home.

We summed up with Aamsotto Chutni and Nolen Gur er Rosogolla.

Extremely pocket friendly when you consider the fact that Kolkata Bhetki is served in your platter at just Rs 150/ or a Large stake of Illish flown all the way from Bengal is served at Rs. 225/

With Bangla Gaan playing in the background and some folk art pieces thrown in (Even the runner used on the Table is Kantha Stitched), the ambiance is just right for taking out for Dinner to your Bong GF's parent or even to your friends.


February 25, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Dear MGK,
Million thanks for your valued review!!
Please visit us again to taste many more wonders from Bengal.


sonam_garg - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 11,2011


Great Food

Recently had dinner at Rice-n-Curry with friends, loved the food! Veg spread is pretty good...friends who had non-veg were literally drooling. Will give 'oye calcutta' a run for their money.


February 25, 2011response from management at Rice-n-Curry Flavours of Bengal:

Dear Sonam,
We are extreemly delighted that we could satisfy a Veggi Foodie like you. We have included more Veg dishes in our menu, please visit us again.