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> > > Scream, Le Meridien Pune

Scream, Le Meridien Pune

Near Pune Railway Station  


10 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Scream, Le Meridien Pune Reviews

All mixed opinion!

Not that good to Go go in for it ... This place has lost the charm inspite of becoming the best one .. Its located in one of the Biggest properties in pune but still not worth it .. The music sucks big time . Sound is good . but DJ is bad . Expensive . All Chapri crowd i shud say . No more an option infact not an option for me anymore to party there . Hav bettter places to visit :)




One of the few surviving nightclubs in Pune.This is a genuine nightclub and has a very good sound system.Enjoy the music as you scream and jive.


Pure Sadness

this place has lost it,'twas fun to be,but some 3-4 years back,not now!!
People have moved ahead in time,nut it seems the "SCREAMS" people are lost in transition.
Crowd is just ok,DJ sucks big time and service is pathetic..
highly over priced and not worth wasting your money and time in..visit HARD ROCK CAFE instead..enjoy..


Pathetic DJ...below avg music...Decent Crowd !

Just been there on saturday night, and DJ was a bigtime bag. He knew only AKON n some Usher songs, and was adamant to play only those. In the end, i eventually lost the zeal to dance anymore after those countless repeats. To our rescue, some other DJ came in n started wid really awesome bollywood remixes, but after sometime, the old one came back and runied the night again. Please Please Please Le Merdn..GET A GOOD DJ with great knowledge about TRANCE. Crowd was decent after from some mad elderies that just hopped in and danced like crazy fools...AAHHHHHHHHH


rasika - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 11,2011


Atrocious and Disgusting

This place sucks bigtime, the scream pub especially. I was there for the Kyau Albert performance, and the bar management sucks!!! really, they were swiping most of the peoples' credit cards for an extra amount, we never got the money back, even though the management had promised to pay us back. I can't believe a 5-star like Le Mer can suck this big!!! The worst pub ever!!! Avoid this place as much as you can. The most pathetic bar ever!!



You are going to a disc located in one of the best hotels of pune.... and the dj sucked, sorry to say, played absolutely lousy music, the crowd was pretty okay on a saturday night!!
Not worth going to!!



Was here recently and I must say this place now should get off the market. They play lousy music - bollywood is one thing but you cant play the same shit again and again and again. A couple of songs here then in Hindi is fine, but it works the other way here one or two good english songs rest everything is "prem ki naiya hai ram ke bharose" types. Guys you need to mature with the crowd, start playing more house/trance for a change.




Well this place is loud on Music , High on Spirits and Heavy on Pockets ... So watch out "first timers" ...It can be pretty deadly...its open till 1or 1-30 am or so....Nice AMbi...But crowd aint upto the mark....
Just watch out for DJ's special special performance there if he wants tooo....

Over all i would rate it : Sweeet....


Best place in Pune.

This is the best place in Pune that once can go clubbing. Bit heavy on the pocket, but once in a while it's fine. What you get is complete value for money. Good crowd, good music. Open till pretty late in the morning.


Best place to go clubbing

Despite being prohibitively expensive, Scream is the best place to go clubbing in Pune. A bit on the steep side, the last I went here it was 1000 bucks per couple with no cover. However, once inside, the atmosphere is great, the music is awesome and the crowd is simply brilliant. Open till a bit later than most other places, if you have deep pockets this is the place to be. And even if you don't, there are ways around it.