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> > > Shikhara


Kalyani Nagar  


4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Shikhara Reviews

huzefahandy - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 16,2010


Great ambiance bad food

How would you rate a specialty restaurant when their main items are not available, that too at 8 pm on a Saturday night with two festive occasions coinciding.
I did just say 'badly managed[' coz the restuarant was not even full and they gave the lame excuse that they ran out of it. (famous Kashmiri food like gustaba and rista, kebabs)
We were a big group and left on the mercy of waiter's recommendation as only he had clue of what was available in stock. Unfortunately, what was was served was not up to mark and all we were left with was a large bill.
This place is super expensive - just wish the food had matched its gr8 looking ambiance :(


awesome for wholesome

great place, great food, great service, great owner (rachna mam),good music..........the name should br great-era


A ride in the "Shikhaara"

I don't think there is ever a way to define "a perfect dinner" and I don't think I will try to attempt it. Although i must say that I had what I would call an absolute thrilling evening. What made it thrilling??Aaaaah.... the ambiance, the setting, the food and yes, the company.

I dined at Shikhaara at kalyani Nagar. A roof-top restaurant that serves Kashmiri and North-Indian delicacies. And i must say that it was the one of the most tastiest Kashmiri food Ive ever eaten. Definitely there is no match for the Kashmiri food cooked by my friend Zohaib's mom. The rooftop hotel has very comfortable seating, chairs, sofas and baithaks (take your pick). The walls of the restaurants have something engraved in Kashmiri language i believe as I could not make head or tail of it. Now for the setting. A candle-lit dinner under a clear sky with a full moon to grace the dark night and the icing on the cake was the music that was playing. From jagjit singh, pankaj udhas to mehdi hussain. The ghazals that were playing back to back just made the air more soothing and enticing.

We were offered papads which were complimentary that helped us get into a perfect conversation. We ordered Kali miri kabab which was spicy and warm for our throats considering we were having cough ;-). we ordered Rishta (minced mutton koftas in red chilli gravy) which was medium-spicy and tasted absolutely perfect with onion kulchas. We ordered steam rice as the gravy was not thick and quite spicy. In deserts we ordered firni that was yummy to say the least with aroma of kesar and other spices. If this was not enough and we could not stop talking about how wonderful the food and the place was, we were served Qahwas that were complimentary as well. Wow!!..its been long since i have had one and I absolutely savored each and every sip of it.

Although its slightly pricey with around INR 350-400 per head, but it is definitely worth the visit.


Worth another visit to try out the range available

This is the rooftop restaurant of Casanova. And, predictably enough, has lack of signage when trying to figure it via the stairs. They could do with proper lights on the stair as well. Subdued lights on dark-colored stairs make for a potent combination for a grand fall.

The restaurant is open-air (they have a cover for the elements though) and, well laid out. There are enough tables for cosy nooks and private get-togethers. However, note that they allow smoking so, if you are not comfortable with smokers around you, you could decided to give this place a miss. Their service is efficient and unobtrusive and, their menu is elegant although the text and background color make it difficult to read in the artfully placed subdued lights.

4 of us visited this Saturday and, we ordered Veg. Shorba, Tandoori Aloo and Makkai Tikki as starters. The main course had Makai Saag, Dal Bhukhara, Missi Roti and Taftan. The portions are large enough so, order according to your level of hunger. The starters were promptly served and, were hot, appropriately spiced leaving an expected aftertaste in the mouth. Coming to the main course - the Makai Saag was just too scrumptious. A full bodied flavor that has just the subtle hint of the constituent condiments, this was a great dish. A wonderful complement were the Taftan - that gentle hint of orange along with the softness of the bread made it a wonderful bread/roti to have. The Dal Bhukhara was good and, the Missi Roti was expected to be good. It was.

We spent around 400 INR per head which was value for money.

This place is worth a second visit. If you are a non-vegetarian, there is enough variety on the menu to entice your palate.