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> > > Shiv Kailash

Shiv Kailash

Sasoon Road  

  • 02026125150
  • Opposite Pune Raiway Station, Sasoon Road, Near Pune Railway Station, Pune
  • Ice-cream
  • Meal for 2 - 100

2 Reviews / 2 Ratings

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Shiv Kailash Reviews


Shiv Kailash Doodh

The hot milk here is the best ,with malai and also available with dry fruits.tasted it again this year after a gap of 3 the milk seams a bit thinner,but still good.the lassi is also great ,leaving you full with half the students flock the place at night,already there is a crowd from the railway station and the cars parked on the road in front to take away parcels. The falooda and basundi are also delicious. Surely a place to go when near the station.



Delight if you have it occasionally

situated in the worst location for any eatery except for road-side stalls, this place for all its lack of space and ample no. of customers all the time, packs a sweet and delicious punch.

Try any of the Lassi, personally, have double-cream Lassi when lunch is sure to be skipped, or the Dry-fruit lassi, which is also very good. The best of the lot is the Kulfi-Faluda, which leaves you wanting more.

Downsides, never sitdown and eat as there will be a million people tramping you to reach to the counter. Pack and eat in your vehicle or take them home. Carry your own water, as eventhrough the rest of the setup is hygienic, the drinking water always gives one the chills. Do not over indulge, as most of the curd is thickened using Milk-powder (a fact the owner vehemently denies), and excess will cause heartburns and minor acidity.

If one is anywhere near the station, one should definitely try Shiv Kailash and enjoy a sinful experience ;)