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> > > > Shiv Sagar Pure Restaurant

Shiv Sagar Pure Restaurant

AundhRest of Pune    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS


3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Shiv Sagar Pure Restaurant Reviews

mukhi - Burrp User


24 Reviews

November 16,2012


Nice enough but nothing exciting

This is a place where families like to take in breakfast or lunch on a weekend. The menu is strictly veg and several pages long, the usual south Indian fare like dosas and idlis but also puri bhaji and (I think) gobi manchurian. I found the service rather sour and unobliging. The idli was fine but the filter coffee was way too milky. Reliable place, but can't recommend it too strongly.



Expensive! Not worth.

My experience with this restaurant has been bad. Worst hyderabadi biryani I ever had , too expensive.

Hardly any cheese in "Cheese Enchilada".

In the end badam pista shake was good but again too expensive not worth it.



BEST Udupi restaurant this side of town

After a hectic day of grocery shopping, we stepped into Shiv Sagar, for some quick lunch, before heading home for some rest. Having literally grown up to Shiv Sagar food back in Mumbai, we didn't expect this one to be half as good as the one at Juhu (or anywhere in Mumbai for that matter). But boy was I surprised!!!

The whiff of hot, buttery pav bhaji filled the air as we stepped inside, and just a couple of minutes waiting time, we were ushered to our seats by an enthusiastic waiter. I could think of nothing else to order other than pav bhaji, so I did.

Trust me folks, the pav bhaji taste is exactly the SAME like in Mumbai...not just that, my wife thought that it in fact tasted much like one from the Juhu Beach food court pav bhaji stalls (which is a HUGE compliment, btw in pav bhaji circles, hehe)

After gobbling down 3 butter pav bhajis and 8 extra pavs, we rolled over to the exit, and crawled into the car...the Chocolate ice cream that we ordered was almost forgotten into oblivion (but we finished it ofcourse...we dared not insult chocolate, of all things on this beautiful planet) :)

We plan to be there next month too...we realized that shopping in Aundh has its reward in the form of Shiv Sagar...and to think I am a hardcore non-vegetarian, hee hee...I fear the ridicule that I will get from my 'ghaas poos' co-workers if any of them chance upon this review...but in all seriousness, Shiv Sagar is a must-visit, whether you are a veggie or a not miss their butter pav bhaji....its totally yummmmmmmmm :) :)

Bon Appetit!!