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> > > > Tandoori Knights

Tandoori Knights

KondhwaRest of Pune  


1 Reviews / 1 Ratings

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Tandoori Knights Reviews

Great food. Great service. Great prices.....

Great food. Great service. Great prices.

My hubby and I been here The food has ALWAYS been delicious and the customer service has always been on point. I love that they always re-read your order for you and make sure that you know which Kebab place you are calling (the other place with a similar name is NOT as delicious as Kebabs ).

The food is fresh and is sooo yummy. it's the perfect recipe of the kebabs.

I can't say enough amazing things about the management and staff. They are nice, friendly, and just down to earth people.

When you go to Kebabs, you get great, home-made tasting food. I can't stress the fact that everything taste so FRESH...

The quality of the food alone is 5 star worthy but the customer service pushes them over the top!

Can't wait till next week when I place my order!