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The Chocolate Room



12 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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The Chocolate Room Reviews


Sweet tooth guys...dnt miss it

Paradise for people with a sweet tooth. Situated in the heart of FC road, it had good sweet offerings. Crowd is always good.
Good place to go with ur GF




All the cakes taste the same. Not worth the price you pay. The shakes are good.



Menu card is deceptive

Most of the times, looking at the menu whatever I ordered was not available. That is the sad story of this place. With a long list of options, they are unable to deliver. Secondly, it is a place for desserts and all the chocolate shakes are so heavy that after having lunch or dinner or even light snacks, you'll be fighting to finish that huge glass of very heavy chocolate shake. I'd prefer if a 'half' option is made available so that people could go for it without giving a second thought and also have a side order perhaps.


Ambience, food...all 5star

amazing ambience...a fun place to go with ur frnds...:)


sachink - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 18,2011


great place to hang out

Absolutely awesome delight place with great food,ambiance, music
chocolate avalanche which i had here was really superb never had before
coming back!!!!!!
personal recommendation "Great place to hang out chocoholics and celebrations with friends."


agamoni - Burrp User


3 Reviews

October 16,2011


a well rounded chocolate affair

every dish that you see on the menu spells chocolate.....the ambiance is not too formal and thus makes a great place for hanging out with friends or even a date......not too much in terms of savory items as it is more of a dessert place....must try on the menu are the death by chocolate pancakes, the lava lava, the chocolate shots and the chocolate waffles......the shakes are just ok not that great for the price.....a must visit for all desert lovers for sure......


Indeed a Chocolarious Experience!!!!

Hav visited Chocolate Room couple of times. The best ambience with good music to listen n great food to eat, specially Sundaes. I would recommend Blondie n Esctasy sundaes and Death By Choc Pancakes which r ma fav. Presentation of food is also excellent which makes it more tempting. A nice place to hangout with frndz...


Never Order Pancakes Here.

Since I pass by Chocolate Room almost everyday, I thought I'd give it a try. I took a friend along and ordered ' The Famous Stack of Pancakes'. When the order came, I couldn't believe my eyes, the 'pancakes', looked like three uttampams, the size of my palm, almost floating in cheap maple syrup and two scoops of vanilla ice-cream right on top. And all this for Rs. 134. I barely managed to finish them, the syrup making me a little dizzy and I decided never to come back.



Just whipped Cream

My friends and I went to The Chocolate Room a couple of days back. We ordered 4 types of chocolate shakes, snicker bar, mars, dutch truffle and black forest. These didn't take a very long time to come. However,all of them tasted pretty much the same. With just a few cherries in black forest shake and a bite sized snicker bar bit atop the snicker bar shake as the only way to differentiate them.
The shakes were not chilled or thick for that matter. The glasses were half filled with whipped cream , an economical way of filling the glass, the only problem being that it really doesn't add to the taste.
All the shakes were around 120-130 Rs, so it wasn't as if they were very cheap. Next we ordered a veg wrap, which was truly distasteful . It didn't seem fresh or appetizing with limp vegetables in a limp and stretchy wrap, smothered with a tomato sauce of sorts and accompanied by a rather sad looking lump of coleslaw dumped into the plate.
The ambiance is alright, i guess, nothing different or creative. We didn't experience any problem with the service, just the food. :(


Manna  - Burrp User


15 Reviews

March 27,2011


be prepared to WAIT!!!

Since the opening of the chocolate room , my husband and i have been regular coustomers, its a gr8 idea, but unfortunately it has not translated WELL into a proper functioning restaurant!!! i understand every nEw place has teething problems, but it is ridiculous to be kept waiting for 20 min for a menu and then having the waiter dissapear to check if what u want to order is available and NEVER be back!!!!
we've always had issues with the staf,f but to REMIND them to bring... water and then bring...... the glass and then...... the tissues and then..... spoons is kinda mood breaking esp since its a place to indulge and then waiting for him everytime for about 10 min is a real deal breaker!!! and yes loads of their speciality things on the menu are not available!!!!
Go but be prepared to wait!!!!!FOREVER!!!!




Sorry that was the overdose of chocolate. I went in the evening with a friend. Quite an experience I must admit. We tried the desserts and I also had some coffee. The service is outstanding. Very friendly very informative and quick.

On to the good things... They delivery what they say. Each dessert looks better than the other. The presentation is spot on. Why is presentation important you may ask. But that is what a seducer does tempts you into falling for it till another seductor comes along.

The chocolate mousse was spot on not overly sweet the texture was smooth the way a mousse should be. Beautiful flavor my mouth felt like it was having an orgasm.

It is a little expensive but definitely worth it. Good for a date I reckon.


Great pastries

I went to check it out today on Saturday...
I went there at 9 and it was closed
I went there at 10 still closed
I went there at 10:20 and i was allowed in but not to sit and have anything
At 10:20 they said they'd need 30 more to be ready...
11 is too late for any place to open i feel....
I tried some pastries (parcel) they really were good.

The service was polite,they politely told me to go away(^_^)
PS the website isn't mentioned SO: