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> > > > The Northern Frontier

The Northern Frontier

YerwadaRest of Pune    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02065619300, 02065619301, 08412952929, 08412962929
  • Uttam Tower, Near Agha Khan Palace, Yerwada,Pune
  • Indian, Kashmiri, North Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 1000 Get minimum 15%* off on using Axis Bank Card

20 Reviews / 20 Ratings

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The Northern Frontier Reviews


Great food, Efficient Service

This is one of the good Kashmiri Cuisine restaurants in Pune. They serve house-boat chicken, Wazwan and Rogan Gosht which are Kashmiri specialties.

Food is amazing and service is very efficient.

I am a die-hard non-vegetarian; however, Kurkuri Bhindi (Fried Lady finger) here is a dish to die for. Even though, they serve alcohol; still I would recommend you to have Mutton Shorba (Mutton Clear soup) which is a smooth appetizer for you to hog on the tasty food to come.

Overall a good experience with amazing food.

Only hiccup is that the place is situated right on the highway and even if you wish to sit in the open area, you will be disappointed with the dust and noise pollution around.

They add 10% service charge to their bill, which is way higher than the Indian food industry standards.


tweety12 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

January 17,2013



Visited the place first time and I was in for a treat. The Tangdi Kabab though a bit expensive ( 3 pcs for 250/-) was well marinated and had that perfect charcoal flavour. The alcohol is overpriced which can be a let off. Then I had the restaurant's signature dish, BIRYANI. And it was so good. The quantity was sufficient for 2 people. The chicken was well cooked, the meat easily coming off the bones. The rice infused with the varied spices and saffron complimented the meat in a brilliant manner.
Ambiance is very comfy and homely. The interiors are well done .The waiters were always ready to help you in all possible manners. Try booking a table as it quite a favourite with families alike.
Ambience - 5/5
Food - 5/5
Service - 5/5
Pricing - 4/5


ashoo1807 - Burrp User


13 Reviews

November 24,2012


great food & large portions for good price !

Staying close to Northern frontier, this is one of my best options.. available all the time.. In case im confused where to go to have basic north indian food or even good non veg.. this place never fail to delight me.. Great food, @ good price / value for money & failry large portions/ servings..! this is Always on the cards !


Great Kebabs

Indian cuisine is not my preferred option for dining out; infact, I don't remember the last time I went out to an Indian restaurant. I prefer Japanese , Pan-Asian or Italian much more because I feel that there's no point in dining out at a restaurant serving a cuisine similar to the one that's cooked at home. No, I don't have a tandoor at home, but I can live without chicken tikka. Really.

So naturally, the choice of restaurant is a hotly debated topic for family dinners what with the parents loving their tandoori, masaledaar curries and biryani. I lost one such argument and was dragged to Northern Frontier, a restaurant serving Kashmiri and North Indian cuisine, and can I tell you that it was a great argument to lose.

The restaurant has got an indoor as well as an al-fresco dining option which would be great during the winters. The indoor section exudes old-world charm and warmth with it's wooden decor and instrumental versions of popular ghazals are played to re-enforce the Indian restaurant feel. They've got a well-stocked bar with a variety of wines, beers and spirits.

A browse through the menu threw up some interesting options like Tabak Maaz, Galouti kebab, Gushtaba, Rista and Ninya Pulao. These are not found on the menus of most Indian restaurants because of their authenticity and special skills required to execute them perfectly. I love platters as they're a great way to get acquainted to the different dishes that an unfamiliar restaurant offers and so we ordered a Non-Veg. Platter and Garlic Naans to go with it. The best part here is that you can customize your platter a bit so we went with Tabak Maaz, Galouti Kebab, Chicken Chakori Kebab, Murg Lasooni Tikka, Ajwaini Machchi Tikka and Tandoori Jhinga all of which totalled to about 20-odd pieces of meatgasm. Tabak Maaz , ried lamb ribs is a mildly spiced Kashmiri delicacy with a slightly salty after-taste permeating from the fat, Chakori Kebab is succulent chunks of chicken marinated with Methi, Ajwani Machchi Tikka was delicious melt-in-your-mouth morsels of fresh fish and Tandoori Jhinga was done to perfection with the prawns retaining their sweetness and slight crunch without being over-cooked and cardboardy. Now, for the not-so-good bits: I found the garlic in the Murg lasooni tikka a tad overbearing and the Galouti, which tasted and felt more like Shammi Kebabs, was downright disappointing. The garlic naans complimented the kebabs well.

Already quite full with the platter, we went straight for the rice course and the Ninya Pulao , a mildly spiced Kashmiri rice dish with chunks of boneless mutton pieces and saffron, seemed like a good choice. It was a huge portion with generous quantity of mutton and a beautiful sweetish tinge of saffron. We coupled that with pineapple raita and just about managed to finish the portion between the 3 of us. The cardamom infused Gajar ka Halwa was a delicious dessert to end a great meal.

The service is well informed and quick and when the attendants warn you about their portion sizes, you better take them seriously because the portions really are HUGE and great value for money.

While my dining-out preferences are not about to change because of this one experience, I'd definitely want to re-visit Northern Frontier for their curries and other delicacies the next time I'm being 'dragged' to an Indian restaurant. I highly recommend you try this the next time you feel like piping hot Kebabs or a taste of Kashmir.


Sonal  - Burrp User


9 Reviews

July 01,2012


good fish, okay chicken

fish is gud..chicken was okay...service slightly slow...


Good Kashmiri Food

This place is very good for Kashmiri food.I have been 4-5 times here for eating Rista an awsome dish.


Sukumar09 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

October 16,2011


Good Punjabi Food

This place has got great Dal Makhni. I would go this restaurant just for this. The paneer dishes are good as well.
On the improvement areas they would need get their act together in the service department.


Good Non-Veg Food

Went here last week the place seemed quite and comfy.
The food especially the Non-Vegetarian dishes were excellent.
The service was quick and prompt.
The place has a bar so good for those who like to cherish their food with spirits.
Nice place to be. I will recommend this for a group (like 5+) more people going out together. Advance booking is recommended due to less sitting capacity.



Cockroach Haven

Cockroach on the glass window. Cockroach on a freshly served plate! I rest my case.



Give it a miss

If you opt for outdoor seating at Northern Frontier, look up! Right above is Nene Hospital...the restaurant is on the ground floor of a hospital! By this time if you've already ordered the food, like we had, then too bad. The food itself was downright disappointing. Dum Alu was just cubes of potatoes without any stuffing in a dark brown, overly spicy and otherwise flavourless gravy. Dal Makhani seemed like it was thickened by days of cooking. Boondi raita was just a chunk of soggy boondi in plain curd. The saving grace were the kulchas, which were quite tasty.
Give this a miss guys...there are other restaurants with better locations and better food in the city.


danapani - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 05,2011


Good Place

I love this place and whenever we want to have real Indian food with liquor, this is our joint. I really like the outside seating. The food is nice!!!


Good Non-Veg, Limited Veg

We went there with my office colleagues there for a farewell dinner of one of my colleague. There non veg food was very good and having much choices, but in the veg part there was not much options.

The service is very very slow and not very appreciable. The alcohol is also little expensive. But the place is good and with very nice taste.

You can try this place as you will find few Kashmiri cuisine which you will hardly find anywhere in pune.


shreeya1234 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 11,2010


Pathetic food and bad service

We have been to this restaurant after reading the wow reviews of the people but alas!! Only starters KASHMIRI CHICHEN was OK but rest pathetic.. BOONA GOSH was as good as BAIGAN KA BARTHA and staff has got so attitude and state, we serve like this way only. It is a disgrace on the Indian Cookery. No body come to ask to serve a further drink if one gets over..

Our entire evening was spoiled. We consumed the food only for the sake of filling. Restaurant is not at all value to money.


Amal Makwana - Burrp User

Amal Makwana

5 Reviews

September 29,2009


Average place - much hyped

I was about to write my own review, but I though why take the pain when Dovozce has put it so well. The food was good, but the service was bad. The AC gave us a terrible time as it was leaking. The workaround for which was to switch it off..!!!!

There are much better places to pay a visit, this could be avoided.


dovozce - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 09,2009


Good Food.. Very Average Service !!

We (i, my wife and a couple of our friends) are always on a lookout for a new and interesting place to eat and drink and have a good time. On such a good Saturday, we decided to go to "Barbeque Nation", but Alas ! , 10 'o clock seemed very late for that place as not just the restaurant but the waiting lobby was also bursting at its seams and the minimum waiting period guaranteed by the gentleman outside was one whole hour, which was just a little too much for our thirsty throats :-)

So we zoomed ahead and chance encountered this place "The Northern Frontier" , which had a valet and also a few empty tables for us.

We ordered our drinks and the starters - the order consisted of two whiskey and two cocktails and one paneer and one chicken kebabs. The order was taken by this gentleman whose mannerisms indicated that he had a good 25 years of experience in taking orders but in a small Udupi restaurant. He did not have the flair in making the guests comfortable nor any inclination of imparting some knowledge about the place's food and delicacies. But, we dd not let that dampen our spirits.

Our order arrived, but but the kebabs had come but no trace of the drinks, wherein we had incur our stiff exasperated voices to get the system rolling as it turned out that the order for drinks were not placed at all at the bar. After some confusion and cooling of kebabs, order was somewhat restored but with absolutely no apology from anyone concerned, which was a let down.

But, as soon as we grind our teeth in those delectable kebabs, most of the tension did percolate out of our system. They were simply fabulous. Also, the main course - a healthy mix of veg and non veg popular punjabi dishes, left us wanting more.

My summary :
1. AMBIANCE - It is strictly very normal. They can do with some more space in between tables. It gets extremely noisy and does not give you a feel of private dinner out with friends which one sorely desires. Rating - 2/5

2. SERVICE - They need a complete revamp of their service policies and the staff needs to be trained very well in greeting the customers, in suggesting the specialities of the place and in general handling of the difficult situations. Though the serving waiters quite genteel. Rating - 1.5/5

3. FOOD - They need all the accolades in this segment. They have hit a bulls eye in this one. Nothing much to say but 'Carry on the Great Work' . Also, if they could increase the items on the menu and include some more of the afghan, pashto , iranian delicacies. Rating - 4/5

4. VALUE FOR MONEY - This place projects itself as a fine dining place, which it definitely isnt. The reasons which I ve amply briefed in my above writeup. Tthe rates are a little on the higher side (by about 15-20 %). A dinner for two with drinks, starter and main course would cost around Rs. 1200



Simply the Best

Food is mind blowing.
This is my best place for lunch and dinner :)
Feel and have the Punjabi touch.....


Quick service and good 'frontier' food

That's precisely the first thing you notice when you visit a food joint. How quick and efficient they are to get your custom.

We dropped into this place around 2200 hours y'day and, in spite of the bustle it was as a very efficient set of folks running the show.

Since it was late, we did not order fancy stuff. Zafrani Boti Kebabs as starters, Naan and Roomali Rotis to go with Gushtaba, Chaas and IcedTea to be the accompanying drinks. The bill when it came wasn't too high per person.

The interiors are a bit heavy on wood and muted colors so take time to adjust to them if you are going for the evening. Otherwise, it is a nice place to meet with friends and since they don't waste niche areas to wait etc, it can be a fun thing to see folks cubby-holed and enjoying their meal.

The food came quickly and was efficiently served, the Gushtaba was good. Really nicely flavored with the right amount of twist that marks attention to detail.


anupamkum - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 23,2008


Northern India Cuisine

Northern India Cuisine

This was our(me and family of 4, Senior Citizen to toddler) Neighborhood place, was ignored for almost 3 years as we never took it seriously and we visited places all over Pune as and when we came across news of a good place including way off places like "Kanchan" beyond Urli kanchan and that Wine Yard Restaurant 100mn down on Nasik road and some over hyped South Indian Restaurant on Bombay-Pune express Highway Bypass near Indira Gandhi Business School.

So finally we decided to give Northern Frontier a try and we came out pretty happy. The ambience suited all of us as every member in my team has a different requirement with the highest priority to Sofa Seats where the kids can even sleep if need be.
So this place has decent elbow space, comfortable seating, air-conditioning is pretty decent, has indoors and outdoors as well. Interior is done in taste and suites our taste.

Has Valet parking but if u don’t want to risk ur car or if there are valuables inside then the parking although on the road but is available plenty I think it is pretty secure, they also have a watchman loitering around

Staff are good but a little on the overconfident side specially the Barman, Bloody Mary came out pretty awful and I am sure that I don’t want to do it again

Food – as you may have noted that I am touching this point after covering all other points which are key to us. With our family requirement, liking the place is utmost importance.
So our expectation from food was just to be a little above generic. ………

Which is exactly what it is……………

The food is not out of the world but surely is above generic and his its own branding of taste and we could not compare it with any other that we know of..we have tried many items from the veg as well as non-veg and we found it pretty interesting on all occasions except for one which I will talk about in last

In terms of pricing we would say that it is very marginally (15%) more expensive than generic but it is well worth it as it surely covers up on other parameters

So far it has worked well for us except for today’s experience…

What exactly was it…………..

Today - 2:45pm Sunday, November 23, 2008 – we visited “Northern Frontier” for lunch and got our usual seats(enclosure against the wall with large sofa seating) kids can do their jumping and other activities without disturbing fellow eaters. There were 2 more family gathering like ours, otherwise the place was in a little sleepy mode and the staff also looked sleepy

Our first order for a ‘lamb boti kebabs’ was taken by one of the regular guys and was served by waiters with soiled shirt sleeves (as if he just came out of dish washing), this waiters was literally banging plates and throwing cutlery on the table during set-up, which was my today’s start point of getting peeved, the kebab finally arrived and served without even the garnishings or a lemon slice for that matter. The mutton did not taste fresh and the magic in the taste was amiss not to mention that it wasn’t hot either

Anyway..for maincourse we had ordered Chicken Patiala which arrived shortly after and served by Soiled Sleeves (did not bother to look at his face), Amazingly here too it turned out to be pretty drab, the cold roti looked without any life. By now I was already in depression, and I certainly did not want to be so disappointed by this place because of my vested interests as this place really qualified on lot of parameters as mentioned earlier

But looks like today our karma was not in sync with this place..and the final nail in the coffin was when there was no one in sight to bring more repeat rotis and finally when someone came to us he was ‘how many more u want..say it now’ ……and when I said that will decide only after the next, the gentleman mentions that that’s not possible..he wants the statistical projection now or never…

And I a little adamant on my stand stuck to my guns, and he came back with his superior who demanded the same now or never statistical projection, I finally had to say that let this be the last..

I was wondering about the family next to me who were not even served yet..and was wondering..what they would go thru..

We quickly finished our roti without putting much thought about the happenings and decided to leave.

And all I remember while exiting I recall hearing the family next to me shout as they were not yet served even past more than 30 minutes……

What happened today was in complete contrast with all our previous experiences here..I think that they had put rookies to handle the place and the key staff were already off the premises…

Clearly a management shortfall..and I am hoping that in someway I would be able to convey this to the 3 partners who run this place

Bon Appétit!!


Excellent Food & Ambience

I was in Pune for a business trip and was really craving for some good north indian food. This restaurant came to me as a pleasant surprise. Nice food, ambiance and service. Cheers!



Nice place

we had a lunch party here.....the food was good...dun remember exactly wat we ordered but the food was good......

the ambience is not so gud but the service they provide is good...nice to go and have good food :)