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> > > > The Patio

The Patio

AundhRest of Pune  


7 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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The Patio Reviews


Bad Stuff

I bought two eclairs worth 40 bucks each today. But they were spoilt, probably old. The cream was sour and the bread tasted stale. I wonder why the owner would have such stuff in such a lovely shop and above that sold it to me. I just hope my tummy stays good till tomorrow!!! The packaged stuff there seems good but such bakery items I never buy from that place.



yummy sandwiches

had a variety of good veg,non veg sandwiches ....prices are not much. ...chicken cream sandwich a must try for all.....nice shop...


Amazing cakes and pastry

We have been taking veg brownies (my wife's personal favorites!) and pastry from Patio. These guys are very good in what they do. Not only just cakes and pastry but also products likes breads, pastas etc are also of gr8 quality!! Keep it up Jai


abhi_bol - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 25,2011


Awful Coffee and service.

i ordered for a cappuccino and the coffee I got was not hot enough, when I requested them to reheat it they refused saying it is not done after coffee is
I think I should go and tell this to all other coffee shops in town who readily reheat the coffee using steam from the machine whenever requested, they even heat your half cuppa coffee.
btw try their Apple-pie and Chicken-puff good one in Aundh but nothing out of the world kind.


Excellent baked products

I've been a regular at The Patio since 3 years. It began with frequenting them for birthday cakes for office colleagues. Great quality, variety and excellent prices made this place a favourite. Later I fell in love with their refreshing array of breads. Breakfast was never the same again after this!

Jai and Chitra are very friendly people, and always eager to show their newest goodies or address any other food query. I've been exposed to some pretty novel stuff which was not available elsewhere, thanks to Jai's recommendations.

And while we're at it, let me mention that skipping their pastries is an ordeal in self-control.

Great place to visit. Highly recommended.


MugdhaC - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 19,2010


Yummy Cakes at Patio !!

Cake from Patio Yummmmm!! n my all time favourite ! I really love their cakes and the service they offer too. 'The sleeping pill !!!' awesome.. its a must try thing! i wish they should open their branches in Prime localities of Pune such as Deccan, Koregaon Park etc!



bad cakes

I recently went to buy cake for a birthday.
The person behind the counter was a hired guy who was bad mouthed. Cakes were not fresh, some had fungus on them on asking when fresh cakes would come he looked furious,I asked him about the owner who could give me a true answer. He called up and the ownew a guy and a girl came in 10 minutes, they too were arrogant. Seems arrogance is their mode of selling. I opted out.