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> > > > Cafe Toons

Cafe Toons

CampRest of Pune  

  • 02026136879, 09822057885
  • 26, Wonderland Basement, M G Road, Camp Cantonment, Next to Marzorian Bakery, Camp,Pune
  • Continental, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 800

28 Reviews / 31 Ratings

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Cafe Toons Reviews





Typical Watering Hole

Toons is a Sports bar on M.G. road that only serves beer. The ambiance of the place is quite shady.They have plenty of dishes on the menu to go with the beer, nothing outstanding though. The creamy cheese Pasta and chilly paneer here are worth a try. Its very pocket friendly and is cheaper than most places in Pune. The They also screen live football and cricket matches.
Overall, a decent place to go and have beer and listen to some old school rock music or watch a match.



5 Stars!

Amazing music! Cool crowd and most of all affordable and good food and beer!



Music Music Music

I am a Mumbaikar writing a review for Pune Toons ;) One of my favorite hang outs in Pune. Whenever I want spend a weekend in Pune, the first place to visit after reaching there would be Toons. A true hard rock and metal fan would love this place. Loud music, beer and young crowd makes this place happening on weekends. Food is okay you can play your favorite metal songs on the juke box but you have to pay Rs 10 per song :) Later the DJ kills it with his amazing collection. Service is slow. You get only beer and I guess they don't have any happy hours. Ambiance is really great. The rock star photos (Kurt Cobain and Hendrix) and a big wall adds one more star to the ambiance. I would recommend to all metal heads to go visit Toons once :)


A perfect 'guy place'

Toons is perfect to go to with your guy friends! Though the service is awful at times, here one can be at ease, relax and have a good time.



one of the most usual places for the youngsters to hangout.......watching the match here is fun......they only serve BEER so if u love beer.....its your place to be!!:) the music is good and the environment becomes awesum once people start comin in...If u r in pune, n u havent ben to toons....its a shame!!:p



Hand out place

Serve good chilled Beer and is not that expensive , also good starters. It may get clouded at some times but is still Ok



Managmemet SUCKS!! Rude waiters !!

This is not a one time experience at Toons. I've had this bad experience 2-3 times after which I decided to never go back to toons. The bald guy and that skinny guy in shirts wit long hair are the two main reasons. They have developed a lot of attitude jus becoz lot of people go der..but sooner people are heading towards better places such as Hang-out in KP..the staff there is amazing and well behaved.
I hope the staff at Toons realizes this soon and starts respecting their customers.



Nice causal place

NIce causal place to hang out with friends. More of college students found. It been 8 yrs i am out of college and felt like i am back to college.
You get nice chilled beer with decent price. 115 per bottle for LP



nice place any day of the week

i loved the sea food here, with no artificial coloring. The best part is you can sit in the garden of kalinga if you want to sit outside, chat up with your friends with not much noise, so you dont have to shout ur lungs out to have a simple conversation with your friends, along with sipping your beer!!! even better part of being here is, if i wanna go in a place with loud music, i just hav to move a few steps and enter K lounge. all in one boss. i like the ambience there too. loud good music, nice staff and awesome food(doesnt burn a hole in your pockets too). worth it experience.


Cheap Beer, Good music.. What more do you want

First and foremost, if you are a first timer to this place, it might be a hassle finding the entrance. It's a 'blink and you miss it' kind of thing. All right, straight to business. As you take the steps downstairs (its completely underground) you are greeted by a dark space, with a huge LCD upfront. The music is thumping and the place is completely packed, considering its a saturday.
We ordered beer and some standard snacks. Nothing too bad, but nothing worth talking home about. Selection of different types of beers is fairly limited (they didnt have Guinness, which is my favorite poison).
Service was fairly quick and attentive though. The wait staff managed to hear our calls every time inspite of the loud music.
What won me over about this place is its unpretentiousness. Its an Indian Pub, and doesn't hide it. It makes the crowded place actually feel good. It grows on you. Try it out, the whole of Pune cant be wrong about this place


Congested Still Rocks !!

A Must visit place with friends. Great music, mainly english classics..decent service, lack of good beer(only some brands are available) and nice food. Whenever u'll get high or seem to be a bit over limit, the bouncers would be there to escort you out. So, enjoy , but within the limits. Big Speakers over your head screaming loud....Overall...With friends, you'll fall in love with this place.


Pune's Mclarens but with a difference..

Good Music(some may feel a bit too loud), good food, and nice set of people around. When you take a table at Toons its a different adrenalin rush in you and suddenly you start tapping in your feet, get the food ordered and chant the music numbers at the top of your voices. I disagree to some who feel you need to have beer to enjoy at this place. Music is a bit on a louder side, but the bottom line is that u need to have also good set of people with u to enjoy this place....A perfect way to spend 2-3 hours any day a week....



Management sucks..

gr8 place to unwind wid friends.gud food,gr8 w8,here d party ends..d management nd d staffs r big time losers..any beer of lower cost value become out of stock after 1 or 2 rounds,dependin on which day nd wat time u r on weekends after 7.30,dey have only budweiser in stock...u can see d bottles of beeer of ur choice in dere cooling machine..but 4 d is out of stock..
come on dude..i mean..dis z cheap..u dnt need 2 do all ds to earn few extra bucks..v love toons..nd would love 2 keep visitin..dnt force every1 to change dere mind.


Ejoyed my time here!!

this place has got the best music...though a little loud at the start...u tend to mix in with the music with a couple of drinks. the food is good. the pricing is pretty decent too!!! would definitely love to come again!!


Coolest Place in Pune :)

The Most Amazing Place to watch a match with your friends! at MG ROAD MY LIST #9! :)


Anurag Singh - Burrp User

Anurag Singh

1 Reviews

September 21,2010


music and food rox ..but the management sux

I go to Toons every once in a while because of the English premier League .... There are many sports bar in pune but i find toons the best ... because it has the feel ...people screaming ,shouting, chanting, supporting their club ...yes it gets crowded when there is a big match ...still it is a good experience ....but the management is very abrupt to say the least


Mohun_Sh - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 17,2010


A sad shocking revealing experience

can anyone explain what has happened to Toons? why the hostility, why the anger, why the abuse by the management? This last week, twice, it was very sad.

Did they get raided, were there drugs in the bathroom?
why were they behaving like pr'ks?

I watched ppl getting kicked out, i saw waiters refusing to serve patrons. Something was very wrong.



A sudden fall in standards, staff behavior. BAD.

Last week at Toons it seemed like the fat thug like guy by the entrance, and the striped full sleeved shirt guy - the two 'in-charge' - were in the mood to lose customers.

They yelled at people who asked about the cover charge, made people shift tables at random, threatened to throw out people that protested.

In all, it was a 180 degree turn in attitude and behavior from what used to be a decent place. The waiters took their time, seemed to be taking lessons in bad behavior from the above two.

It was a disaster. Several groups including ours vowed never to return. About time these jokers realized word spreads fast, and there's plenty of competition.

Tip demanded at the end.
Wait listed customers' names called out outside (was this really Toons?!)
People asked to drink up and move

Oh, what a difference, what a fall from expectations, what a disaster. It was all SO different once upon a time.



Too crowded but good music

What can I say?? I've been coming to this place for 12 years, learnt to play pool here :). Since its located in MG Road, its no surprise this place is always full. The music is good, but the place is very congested. Still if you're just looking to chill, gulp on some beer and enjoy good music, this place is worth a visit


super sunday with friends

wanna watch formula 1and then the big game of man untd with a bunch of friends or a game of cricket... its the place to be, a very casual place with good rock music to sing along and enjoy the evening with friends

the only problem is though at such a place you would want to sit there for hours, but then once the place gets filled up, the waiter keeps making its obvious that you either order for more or keep moving as there are people waiting outside, other than being a small place, its all good


I beg to differ ..

A small quaint pub tucked inside one of the prime shops of MG Road,this Pub shares the same entrance for another Saree showroom. Finding this pub could be a hassle unless you've been here before or you notice the sign board just before taking the stairs that lead you here. It's perhaps one of the very few pubs in Pune that breed the pub culture. You mainly find College going students,working people or the hep middle aged who enjoy this culture as much the one's of this generation do. The interiors are simple,nothing much write back about.
I've visited this place twice and if i have to describe my experience here,all i would firstly like to say that it was completely different from what the other reviews brag about here,absence of well done lighting,but many people who come to 'chill' here perhaps like it that way.They serve Beer/Breezer and soft drinks only with a elaborate menu that offers a wide range from Chinese,Mexican,American and bit of Indian too. The service is on the grove perpetually,but still lags a bit behind,as the waiters have to buzzed several times to perhaps repeat you order and get something for you.

We'd ordered for a Chicken Steak Sizzler,Chicken Noodles and Burger, and I so disappointed just on tasting the food.

- Chicken Steak Sizzler : It was bearly tolerable, the amount of sauces added to this,just ruined the taste of the entire Chicken,instead if they had kept it simple without the additions,it would've tasted a zillion times better. Had to struggle to complete it.

-Chicken Noodles - I've had better noodles at half the price at 1/4th the oil they'd used to prepare it.One word - Disastrous.

-Chicken Burger - Two stale(In their terms-not so fresh) Breads
with an overtly deep fried Chicken patty sandwiched with the most awfully tasting Mayonnaise ever. The veggies used seemed like they'd been cut a century ago.

This perhaps seems to be hit because Pune surely lacks such places,but in places where they have stiff competition where there are Pubs which serve better and are surely better,I'm sure they'd have to buck up majorly . I have been to better places and don't appreciate this much. The crowd probably hangs around here because it's convenient,easy on the pocket or perhaps there aren't many options to 'hang out'. I don't think i'd be visiting here unless i really have to..



Worth going to

I and my friend accidentally found this place while walking through M.G. Road and frankly I'm quite glad I did..
It's a great place for a college crowd looking to pass some time... the food is good and quite inexpensive compared to other places in that area.
They serve only beer but have some lovely snacks too to munch on while you watch the game... Oh yeah !! They have around 4 tv sets well positioned so that anyone in the joint can watch the game.. Add to that some awesome retro rock music and it's real blast.
It's a bit crowded and smokers have only a cramped up inner room to go, smoke and return to the table .
Recommended for : Young crowd, beer guzzlers, not looking to burn a hole in your pocket and those who just wanna watch a good game with their beer


euphorian - Burrp User


3 Reviews

October 12,2009


Ultra Cool..

The place is simply awesome...the rock music really sets the mood as soon as u enter the place...the tracks they play along with the current sport being flashed on LCD is a perfect combo...instead of sayin Cheers...i would say "Beers"


manu  - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 10,2009


hang out at a beer bar

hey guys..tis a very underrated place in pune,but one of the best places i have been 2..they play amazing music..good food..pool table and also watch matches..a beer bottle for 135 bucks not much fo r any1 i overall a gr8 place..but the place can b bit cramed up at times..but plz check ot wit ur friends..suer u'l love it..


Grt place to hang out with frnds & Beer

This is place to be in with frnd very much noisy bt still gives u ur space , each wednsday we r there to hangout. Grt beer & grt food enjoy the place.


Decent Hang-out

This place has been here for ages. The crowd which comes here is mainly the college going people. The food on the menu is mainly burgers etc. The music is played really loud here, since it is small, it may tear your ear drums apart!!! They have separate smoking zone too which may get too cramped up at times.
Cost of Beer - 135 Large (Mild)
Starters/Snacks - Rs. 70 Average


Great rock music.... n food too :)

a nice place to watch football matches ;)


One wild night

Toons is a place that will do justice only if you go there with a large group. A noisy pub, creaky chairs, crowded and wild, interesting wall paintings.

Food was average and loud rock music, which made it quite evident that this is the place to be if you are throwing a bachelor party.

The cover charge takes care of pretty much everything. On a personal note, if you embark on a pub hopping spree, be sure to start with Toons, i'm sure it will set you up in the right spirits.