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Top in Town

Jangali Maharaj RoadRest of Pune  

  • 09881130366
  • Shop No.13,R Deccan Mall ,Jangali Maharaj Road, Pune
  • Bengali, Tandoori, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 300

13 Reviews / 13 Ratings

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Top in Town Reviews





Foodies its for us....

Amazing food and affordable for the foodies who love to eat outside home.. Try chicken supreme tikka masala. That is the best thing served with lacha paratha....


best place to eat chicken in whole town

The combination of Chicken Butter Masala and Laccha Paratha with Chicken Tandoor as a starter is the best order you can ever EAT n THINK.
Its the cheapest place with such a great taste.



worst food

The Chicken Bhuna Was So Bad Can not Even Tell Wat The taste was like And it had only 3 Small Boneless chciken pieces n tandoori was yuck it so sour in taste willl Never order again


This is the place to be at if you like eating...

This small restaurant near Deccan gym khana is quite cozy to be at.
food is exceptionally good here, menu for veggies is limited but still good.
if u want to order separate dish and not main course gravies, mughlai parathas is what u wanna eat. the only reason u may not like it is it is a little bit oily and u (mostly girls :P) don't want to get fat. If you live near law college road, u wil come here often if u have been here once. You always see places which have great prices and u think quantity bhi hogi, which is nvr tru, bt here u will see u wont expect the quantity seeing d price, bt it wud be thr neway. i can very confidently say dat i have nvr eaten better noodles than here near law coll road. i have nvr been able to finish dem by myself, and i eat a LOT!! now for ppl who eat non veg (like me :P) nething u order will be good. normally u see a lot of difference between the prices of boneless and with bone dishes, bt here, its ignorable. the owner and manager, Mr. Sajim Dutta, is quite friendly.
You have to try lachcha 'roti' here.
i personally have stopped goin thr on sundays because its den crowded and may be due to that food is sometimes inconsistent. on all the other days its delicious.
i and few of my friends feel that way, though the opinion may differ.

i will conclude, if u havent been here once, u have missed very tasty and delicious food, cheap food!!



best chicken tikkaa

check out theirrrr chicken tikaa.... itsss simplyyy awsummmm frndssss.... luvd it,.............



Cheap and best...

You will find good non-veg food here at a very reasonable price.. Good bengali style food... They have good chicken kabab..

If you are looking for good non-veg food on regular days.. Go for it.. worth...definately recommended for taste,,



Check out their Biriyani

On Sunday, just check out the Chicken Biryani they serve, its jus amazing...................
Have been in Pune for the last 6 years but still would rate this biryani as the best


anuuj - Burrp User


9 Reviews

October 14,2009


Good Food at cheap rates

I must say the quantity served at this place is much more than anywhere else at the same price ...... I had pepper chicken and it was just too good .... a meal for 2 wont cost u more then 150 bucks with good taste. Being a bengali restaurant I will try the Bengali items the next time I visit here


Awesome Cheap Food

I had no idea about this place until I was taken there by my friend for dinner one day.

The place really doesn't boast of great interiors or other fancy stuff. Its a relatively small eatery, frequently visited by college people and office executives. What this place has to boast about is Food and only Food.
This eatery is run by a Bengali guy. Very polite and helpful. Hence the food here has some influences from the Bengali Cuisine.

There are a few cliche items we always have, whenever we got to that place. For ex. Chicken Sukha, Mawa Chicken and Prawn Sukha are some amazing dishes to name a few.
You can have it with roti or paratha or rice. Paratha is a good option though.
Starters are great. You can order Chicken lolypops or fish fries and what not. Order any item and you are sure to be satisfied. Even for veggies, veg manchurian and paneer dishes are quite good.
But one bit of warning ... before you order make sure you tell him how much spicy you want the dish to be. Usually most of it is slightly more spicy and hot in nature. So do let the guy who's taking your order know how you want it , unless you want yourself to reduce to tears.

Overall a good place to go if you are going with a group of friends and looking for moderately priced yummy food.




i read a review of dis in d newspaper,dats hw i came here...
i started off with chicken tikka paratha...a must try....its was so delicious n sumthing different dat i never had.... chicken noodles were also commemdable....
den after i kept coming 2 dis place n believe me every dish is worth trying.....
its very reasonable n filling........


S.R.R - Burrp User


2 Reviews

June 01,2009


Old days

Its nice to find out that this place exist in pune. Many years back, this restro was situated near WHC Road, Nagpur, my hometown, and was the best place to have Non Veg. We have enjoyed many college party there. Our fev was Chicken Winglet, though there were lots of cool items in the menu. Then it got closed. I am amazed to find it out in pune after around 8 years. I identified it from the restro name and face of the owner. An Bong, cool guy. I ordered Winglet only, and to my expectations, it's still taste same. Cheers



Must place to visit!

A place not to expect much with ambience...but the food is great...a common meet place for students and working people..
"Nagpuri Chicken" is a must have ...for those in favor of extreme spicy food..Punekars to be aware and think before ordering...I being a nagpurian suggest it any time....

their rolls are too, of much demand....


top n town indeed

I found this place through a friend of mine. She is a puneite for last five years, and a regular to this place from day one.

My first visit
On my first visit to this place, i was adviced to eat "Egg muglai paratha" and chicken chilli as a side dish. The muglai paratha was soo good, that i came over to eat again and again for three times in the following week.

The visit that changed my definition of best non veg food
After my previous consequent visits i was out of pune for a while, and as soon as i came back i went to this place again. This time i tried the chicken tikka masaala , the chicken kabab masaala and their plain paratha and believe me guys, since then i have not even had the egg muglai paratha, and neither have i tried eating anything other than that.

All this happened almost two years back, and until now, i have not ordered anything other than chicken tikka masaala.

It just happened 2 - 3 months back when i went there with few of my friends, one of em had ordered the white butter chicken, and again it seemed just as good as the chicken tikka masaala.

SO heres wat it is..
U GOT TO GO to this place n have
1. Chicken tikka masaala
2. white butter chicken
3. egg muglai paratha

this place serves a lot more than that, but i just get seduced by the taste of these dishes that i never eat anything else.

They also serve good bong fish, my bong friends are completely mad for it..

and lastly just two warning,

- this place is like a roadside stall, it has a seating capacity of 25 odd people, but its a bit uncomfortable.

-secondly If you are a fittness freak and jus cant handle eating anyting oily, this is not a place for you.
BUT if on the other hand, you dont mind to see oil on your plate until your food tastes like heaven.. try this