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> > > XOXO Desserts

XOXO Desserts

Bund Garden Road  

  • 09158175858
  • 15 Konark Enclave, , 22 Bund Garden Road, Bund Garden Road, Near Pune Railway Station, Pune
  • Cakes, Confectionery
  • Meal for 2 - 200

11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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XOXO Desserts Reviews






Why Cupcakes Will Never be out of Fashion

I am a social recluse. I am not on FB and I don't like smart phones. Except for their Chumbak covers. So the food better be good if I voluntarily write this review. That is how good XOXO is! When mouth-watering cakes and goodies galore are tailor-made to your occasions, the results are a bang for the buck.

My first association with XOXO began when cupcakes weren't even available in Pune, in early 2011. It is a pleasure dealing with them because their focus is on quality and making you happy. You can't go wrong with great skill and that sort of mindset. I especially recommend the red velvet cake or the banana-walnut cupcake with butter cream frosting. Or if its a special occasion, go crazy with a tiered bonanza - 3 layers of sinful indulgence - its everything the foodie in you dreamed of but never ordered!


For those with a discerning sweet tooth

I first came across XOXO desserts while hunting for red velvet cakes in Pune. I was a little hesitant about trying a home-run bakery, but thought, why not? At best, I'll have found my go-to indulgence. At worst, I would just have had to try again. In short order, I had my cupcakes - they looked simple and unfussy - plain red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and chocolate curls. What surprised me most was how warm they were, as though they were oven-fresh. And if they looked simple, they tasted absolutely divine.

I've kept going back to XOXO ever since then. I've tried their devil's food cupcakes, banana walnut cupcakes, beate's brownies and gingerbread. The gingerbread was a special treat, as it isn't on the menu, but was made at a special request. Everything I've tried there ha been consistently delicious, always oven-fresh and clearly made with top-notch ingredients so that the cakes stay soft and flavourful for several days. In fact, the freshness theory was tested and proved true when my dad came to visit me and I sent him back with a batch of cupcakes for my mother and sister. They said that both cake and icing had remained absolutely fresh even after a day in the train. As for my colleagues, sometimes I would bring back some cupcakes to share with them, and ever since then they haven't stopped asking for more!

So - cakes of good quality, great taste, and a reasonable price considering how good they are. XOXO is a must-try, not just for special occasions, but also for everyday cravings!


Intel inside

I have been pushing folks at Intels new pune office to have cake from xoxo for the office inauguration.

This kept getting delayed, pushed out, rescheduled and what not for 3 months, finally the day came - after 3 months when i could order one from xoxo.

The ordering part was also confusing, bec we dint know what to order or how to customize it. Folks in VLSI would know what a "ball grid" means. We wanted to have that as part of the cake, but we dint know what the budget would be. Even the price of these cakes would be more than the traditional ones from Monginis or the bakery around the corner.

I wanted a fondant cake with an intel logo in fondant but then finally allowing myself to be satisfied with something lesser, settled with a 3kg chocolate cake with an intel logo as a photo on top of the cake ( see attached pic )

The cake was supposed to be a 3kg cake but rakshinda was kind enough to give us one kg complimentary ( that one kg was a task to finish ).

The cake was supposed to be picked up on 19th.

The cake was nice and moist but due to the bandh on 19th we had to postpone the pickup by 1 day due to which some parts of the photo started to become wavy thankfully they held together untill it was cut.

The cake was a 3 layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing/frosting in between. Rakshinda had suggested red velvet, but accepting change for 30 folks would have been a tough ask, hence settled for a regular chocolate cake.

There was nothing to complain about the cake except for the fact that the yellow frosting on the cake outside the intel logo was not what we expected. I was expecting a white frosting, but hey no complaints when we have 1 kg extra to polish off that i am spooning out even as i type this review. A few big pieces of this cake can complement a meal mind you - that heavy it is. I am sure Rakshinda throws calorie count out of the window and uses heavy cream in her cakes :D

Apart from the cake, the location of xoxo is fantastic. Konark enclave is such a serene place to work out of and to live in. I am sure, xoxo will thrive artistically as well

bon appetit !

PS: the cake cost us 3600 for a 3kg cake , a fondat cake would have cost us 5400. But we got 4 kg instead of 3 and it was worth every bit of it !




Heard about these cupcakes from a friend through a friend and did my homework through their website! The cupcakes looked awesome which intrigued me even more. I placed my first order for a dozen Chocolate Indulgence flavored cupcakes with butter cream frosting with the STOCK market as a theme for a dear friend of mine. (See pictures) and she nailed it completely with embellishments of a bag of silver coins, a calculator and the stock market indicators. They were a HUGE HIT with E-V-E-R-Y-O-N -E! The themed cupcakes captured the essence of the flavor without being overly sweet! This was by far the best and most fun birthday cake that came through, all thanks to Rakshinda.

Rakshinda operates out of her home kitchen, which lends a home-grown feel to her already excellent service. She was very warm right off the bat and flexible and an absolute dream to work with. The cupcakes are the best I had ever had.

Following the success of the stock market themed cake, my next order was Winnie the Pooh chocolate themed cupcakes for a 5 year old boy’s birthday which was even better than you could imagine. It was nice to hear so many excited whispers about the cupcakes on display all throughout the kiddo’s dinner. Not surprisingly, the little one and his mother was unable to restrain themselves for long, and so a few of the cupcakes were eaten before dessert was officially served!

And they were SO DARN CUTE, very appealing with a high entertainment factor. Everyone kept oooh-ing and ah-ing and laughing, they looked so pretty that everyone was resisting themselves to eat one coz it would get over.

There is something so whimsically childlike about unwrapping a cupcake. There’s just a bit more punch to a cupcake. You can dress them up or down, but they’ll always be fun.

At XOXO, the quality of the cupcakes is lovely, moist cake with to-die-for frosting. Plus they're beautiful and classy and they are perfect if you want to do something different than order your regular cake for any occasion.

Following the trend of something as tasty as cupcakes is a sweet move being made by XOXO Deserts in Pune and Bombay besides they are reasonably priced. I can't recommend XOXO deserts enough J, You need to try them to know what I am talking about.

Disclaimer: Many reviewers are compensated with free meals and desserts when they review a venue. In the case of XOXO Deserts Cupcakes, I was not, but I wish I had been because I could have easily eaten another half dozen.



Closed for sometime now

Shop is closed for sometime now
Source: Owner
Time : Since April


wamruta - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 08,2012


Best Cup Cakes in Town

The Banana Walnut cupcakes go perfectly with a hot cup of coffee but if you wish to sin further than indulge in the German Chocolate Cake or the Strawberry and Custard Cake.

XOXO Desserts will charm you not just with its taste but with its presentation as well. I would tag XOXO for its quality along with The HummingBird Bakery in London and The Hudson Cakery in NYC.

I am delighted to have found XOXO in Pune !



Sinfully Tempting

All d books, stories, ppl talkin bout thtat purrfect and simpy amazing dessert that jus melts in d mouth, thought it ws all scripted or merely for the books.. Until i came across XOXO Desserts..

Jus anothr day, ws searchin fr a place whr Red Velvet Cupcakes are sold in Pune, supposedly an exotic dessert, and ended up with a numbr and like any oher shop called enquired and reached.. My friend, Palasha craved fot it bad and ws thinkin even if we find a shop t won't be the way she explained it - melts in d mouth, delicious cheese cream.... It ws only whn i tasted d cupcakes made by Rakshinda i ws like Oh Mahhhhnn, this thing all tht i thot nevvaa existed... ws lost in it for lke gud 10mins..

XOXO is a paradise for dessert lovers.. I won;t say believe wat i say, bt for once jus pic ur cell, dial and order anything from thr assorted desserts and thn get lost in d myriad of flavours..

Wishin Rakshinda Khan all d vry best and success and wuold like to tell her she sure is gonna hv a dificult tym completin al d demands as lottsa orders are gonna start pouring in..!! :)




The cream cheese icing on a carrot cupcake- great stuff@ rasberry brownies, red velevert cakes and the goey devil's food- all so delicious! totally worthy indulgence!


Simply awesome!

XOXO Desserts is Simply Awesome...

From cupcakes to cinnabons to cookies to cakes... its all delicious...
Once you eat from XOXO I'm sure you'll be craving for more and more...

Every dessert is so pure and fresh... and above all, its home made....yummmy!!!
You don't need an occasion to order XOXO Desserts... It’s simply for all good times!




It was my friends b'day and we wanted to do something different for her cake. I'd read about XOXO in burrp, so decided to give it a try.
We didn't have any problems in finding the address as the owner explained it to us lucidly . I didn't know that it was a home affair and was pleasantly surprised when we walked in the owner's living room (loved her very furry, n friendly pet cat). We caught a glimpse of the kitchen as we u entered and were pleased with the hygienic conditions.
The owner is extremely friendly and she explains you about the cakes properly. There is a picture book from where u could get an idea about the cakes. We gave her an order of 24 cup cakes done in 4 different ways. I mentioned that r friend loves pink and blue and that we would love the cakes to be done up in the same colors .
We had a crises and had to move the birthday celebrations a day early than that was planned. I called her just the night before to ask if she could give us the cakes the very next day. She said she could and i'm so happy she did that for us, on such short notice.
The cakes were pretty, done up in shades of blue n pink icing, like we had asked. with marshmallows in different shapes n edible glitter. We were overjoyed. We had asked for a banana walnut and chocolate flavors, they were both excellent.
I am certainly coming here again to try out the other flavors n icings .
I just hope that XOXO starts taking orders for cakes(not cup cakes) which are less than 10 pounds, which is what they do presently.
Price is a little steep, at 60 bucks a cup cake although they were well worth it


siman5 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 08,2010


XOXO desserts.....simply superb

I have tried XOXO desserts many times and they are simply awesome both in terms of taste and presentation/appearance....the chocolate mousse and chocolate chip brownies are delicious..the cupcakes are just too pretty for words..u have to see them to believe!!.....something called "chocolate indulgence" is to die for and is a personal favorite.....its absolutely sinful...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!