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> > > > Zaika


AundhRest of Pune  

  • 09637354659, 09764069820
  • Next to Kiva Nea, Aundh, Pune
  • Cakes, Ice-cream

3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Zaika Reviews

Yummy Flavours... WoW Service

Belonging to the place where people love to eat... GUJARAT. Ice Cream Parlours have mushroomed everywhere in gujarat, expecially during Summer and every parlour brings in a unique flavour to attaract people...

No was the case in Pune until Zaika Spice Cream came into existence...

back in gujarat have tried flavours like, Chilly Ice Cream, Ginger, Carrot... etc.

As Zaika suggests there spice creams are out the world exprience..

first visit to the place and found it a small joint with nice decorated place. serving a hand full of ice cream flavours... like:

Honey Tej Patta
Kali Miri
Saffron & Mango
Gulab Ful

Best thing about this place... Courteous Staff... alwas welcoming with Warm Smiling face...

after a few free testers i decided to go with Honey Tej Patta & Gulab Ful One on One Scoop...

The Taste is creamy and sticks to the flavour... perfect match for ice cream lovers.

Dont Hasitate to take your Granny & Grandpa's along as they also have a few Sugar Free Flavours too...

In all a best place to beat the Summer Heat...

The address is Incorrectly mentioned: Its Besides Gaikwad Petrol Pump, next to Kiva Nea, Aundh.


virend - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 16,2012


Surprising flavors & an even surprising service!

I'm not really into writing reviews, but this one's commendable.
Had a great time at Zaika, Aundh today. The grilled sandwiches are very nice, but more than that, the milk-shakes and ice creams' flavors are very attractive!
What surprised me was when we went and ordered for milk-shake the guy could not take order cos it was finished. When I asked again if he can prepare at least 1 shake, he went out, got a packet of milk at 11pm(!) and served the milk-shake! Never before seen service, and never before tasted flavors!
A must try!


Move over Naturals, Zaika is here !

i was not aware of this place untill a few days ago and actually thought that Kiva Nea was renamed to Zaika - not untill i saw the actual Zaika shop next to Kiva Nea.

The first time i went in it wasnt completely functional, however - when it was. I was happy i was inside.

The store boasts of ice creams, cakes and cookies. However, being the first week of operation only ice creams were available. I asked for taste of almost all the flavors available and the guy behind the counter was happy to oblige.

Some of the flavors i tasted were so unique to me - i instantly took a liking for them.
They have unique flavours like
1. star anise
2. thandai
3. mango saffron

and to top it all, it tastes the way it should.

There are some good combinations as well - Coffee Banana, vanilla bluberry and some others that i dont remember. They have a very tasty plain vanilla, chocolate mint as well

Zaika also has a "Flavor of the day" scheme going on now, where in the flavor of the day is priced at 25 INR.

Having tasted all the flavours, i did settle on the Thandai flavor. It was a subtle flavour of thandai and i liked it.

This is the only other original ice cream outlet apart from Naturals - In aundh

Having repeated Naturals for so many years, Zaika is a welcome change in Aundh. I would def go there for the 25 rs ice cream if not for anything else.

Zaika gets my vote for a good spicecream.