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Viman NagarRest of Pune  


12 Reviews / 13 Ratings

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Zambar Reviews





Need Improvement

#Ambiance :
The area divided is divided into two parts. One is boat shaped, with a roof and walls surrounded like that of a boat, while the outside area is similar to any other regular restaurant. The furniture is elegant, and the decor is suitable for a nice quiet dinner.

#Hyderabadi Food Festival :
From the historic kitchens of the city of Hyderabad, Zambar presents Pune with a selection of dishes to suit your palate. From delicious kebabs and curries to bread and biryanis, with their food, they strive to make you feel like a true Nawab.
The food bloggers team of food-adda were invited for a sneak peak of the menu.

#Hyderabadi Food Menu :
Among the veg starters, we had Aloo ke Garlay (potatpes flash fried in a savoury batter). They were delightful! We asked for repeats twice, so a must try! And good job Chef, for you made even a simple dish so lovely!

The non-vegetarian starters included shikampuri kebabs (pan fried mincon mutton kebabs) and Chicken Tikka ( boneless chicken cubes marinated, slow cooked and stir fried). The foodies tell us, they were enjoyable.

For the main course, we had only one vegetarian dish and 3 non-vegetarian dishes. The veggies were served Mircha ka Salan. It was fantastic and the paranthas were lip-smacking (yumm...soo well cooked).

Photo Credits : Shivam Gupta ( .
Next, they tried the Achari Murgh (Chicken cooked in 'pickle' style). It was pretty average.

The Nawabi Kofta Curry (The Hyderabadi version of the popular minced meat ball curry) tasted good. The preparations used some exquisite spices, which made it taste even better.

The Machali Ka Salan ( a popular Hyderabadi fish Curry) was liked by all.

The next exploration of the Hyderabadi food continued with the famous Hyderabadi biryanis. The veg biryani was just average, nothing out of the blue. The mutton and chicken biryani had very different preparation and the chicken biryani was liked much more than the mutton biryani.

Next, we moved on to the final course of the meal, The Desserts. We had two desserts in our menu.

One was The double ka meetha, which is similar to shaahi tukda. It had just the right amount of sweetness, which I liked a lot.

Last was Qubani Ka Meetha. It is said All is well that ends well. This dessert made a grand closing to the whole dinner. It was mouthwatering. This one took my heart away.

Overall, a nice meal with chit-chat over food with my fellow food blogger friends.!

#Speciality of the Evening :
Meeting the Cuisine and Brand Head of Zambar, Mr. Arun Kumar was the most interesting part of the evening. A renowned film critic and a film producer-director turned chef to keep his exploration and experimentation going. WOW! We all were inspired from his story. Have planned to take his interview for the blog, keep watching this space to read his interesting story...

#Music :
The music needs to be improved. The ambiance feels dull because of the music, which gives a negative feel to the place.

#Final Verdict :
Check out the new menu! Hope to see some improvements inculcated!







What Pathetic Service

It was our fourth visit and ended up being the last ever. On a Friday night , they didn't have beer( out of stock ) . The chef special fish tawa fry had an awful smell of stale fish . For main course , they didn't have fish or prawns . Who has heard of not having fish or sea food in a restaurant known for coastal cuisine .
And finally , the card machine was not working. After a disaster with food, that's the least you want to do , walk out in search of an ATM. Finally , the card machine was working and we walked out spoiling a good family evening.


coffeedesk - Burrp User


72 Reviews

February 20,2014






New Flavours from the South

Idli, wada, dosa, rasam, sambhar and chutney pretty much sums up most people’s go to South Indian food list. Flipping through the Zambar menu, you almost wonder where it has all disappeared. The extensive menu has a selection of South Indian favourites and a few dishes that are indigenous only to the local families in the South.

Zambar houseboat dining area
We happily took our seats at a table in the elephantine house boat at one end of the restaurant. The wooden furniture, the azure blue wall at one end of the restaurant, similarly coloured napkins folded like little boats and leaf green ceramic platters that resemble banana leaves are refreshingly novel. You can almost imagine the ebb and flow of the river beneath you as you ask your happy fisherman/attendant what he’s hauled in for the day.

While the dining area is set up under the boat’s thatched roof, the lounge area still awaits its liquor licence. Lilliputian canoes fitted with pristine white cushioning dot the area around bar.

The head chef is in the restaurant and we are happy to let him recommend a few things. First up, is a hot and cold shot. Hot spiced rasam is topped with a cool buttermilk froth that balances perfectly and makes for a heavenly start to the meal.

Hot and cold shot
There is natty eloquence to the presentation of simple dishes from different parts of the South and we wanted to get our greedy little fingers into as many preparations as we could. We dug into the dal wadas that appeared next, but the dry crumbly insides left us needing big glugs of water to wash it down.

We found some consolation in the seafood platter that followed next; a combination of fried anchovies, crabs, fish fillets, prawns and squid. Starting with the fillets, we were impressed with the contrast of the soft, white flesh on the inside and the crispy fiery red outside. Red heads everywhere paled in comparison to the six delectable heads of prawn positioned by crunchy small anchovies. While the crabs weren’t particularly large, they were perfectly seasoned and fresh. Wish we could say the same for the chewy squid rings, which were overcooked.

Seafood platter
Today was decidedly a day dedicated to fish as the ever-polite attendant recommended the King Fish Delight – three juicy fillets in three distinct flavours of the south. While they were served up in all their tri-coloured splendour, the curry leaf seasoned one was a definitely a winner.

Here also the generous slices of fish weren’t the freshest we’ve eaten and they were slightly dry. We put this down to the fact that the restaurant is known to use oil sparingly and depend on the foods natural flavours.

Litchi payasam
After a few hits and misses through lunch, we decided on the coconut and jaggery pudding and the Litchi payasam for dessert. The pudding also described as a soufflé on the menu is a cold, creamy and as rich as it was light. The litchi loaded payasam or rice pudding had a delicate flavour and was deliciously smooth. Despite the generous portions, these desserts were such a standout, that we vowed to come back for seconds.
Zambar might look like a page out of a South Indian tourist brochure, but there is much to admire about it. It is attempting to serve local communities with what they want, while also introducing them to fresh ways to enjoy this cuisine.

Zambar might look like a page out of a South Indian tourist brochure, but there is much to admire about it.

(Meal for two: Approx Rs 1200 + taxes)


gourmet9 - Burrp User


17 Reviews

January 29,2014






Grear Food!!! Great Ambience!!!

Before I visited dis place I never knew south Indian cuisine has that many options.... Amazing food they serve n every single thing is just outstanding. I really love their ambience as well. If you love south Indian food then this is the place for you. Perfect place to go out with family.



Explore the excellent untapped South Indian food

I highly recommend this place for all those, who feel South Indian food is all about idli-dosa-upma etc!! You will be surprised with fantastic South Indian food, which you might have never heard or even had
I am myself a South Indian and thus understand what good South Indian food is. The food quality is amazing, because I can understand the efforts that would be required to make that food item
For non-veg foodies, never miss out the parotha! Try that with any fish/chicken curry. Else ask the chef itself, as to the new items that you would like to have. You will be pleasantly surprised with the taste.
The ambiance is lovely too.
Thus go indulge yourself with the rich South Indian food.

Deepesh Chandran



not just idli-dosa

i had been to this place with my malayalee frnd,few days after vishu.the interior of the restaurant left us simply speechless.the traditional malayalee lamp hanging all over and little couch carved in little house-boat miniature was just awesome.we were served with hot rasam with lots of froth over it.we had ordered non veg thali,which comes with a choice of either appam or parotha.the non veg thali comes with 4 different dishes;my thali had 3 different type chicken and 1 mutton.i opted for malabari parotha and tasted appam as well.the thali also serves you with few more things of which i predominantly remember rasam and payasam(kheer).a thali is more than enough for a person and is absolutely lip smaking delicious.i had been to this place thrice and have always ordered thali coz it fills your tummy and you get to taste all the variety of chicken/mutton on the menu.
This place is an eye opener for all those people who believe south indian cuisine is just about idli-dosa!!



Not going back!

The buffet dinner at Zambar (Phoenix Market City Mall, Pune) last night was disappointing to say the least. We had dined at its sister restaurant, Fresc Co (in Amanora), and had high expectations. The evening started well with delicious glasses of lassi and rasam as we commented on the restaurant's tasteful decor. Unfortunately, there wasn't much to cheer about from that point on. The non-veg starters were tasty but finding any meat on the bones was a struggle. This pretty much set the trend for the rest of the buffet. The mutton and chicken mains should have been renamed mutton bone and chicken bone curries. I have never been to a restaurant that is so blatantly intent on saving money on non-veg items. There was plenty of fish though, full of fine bones and floating in a gravy that had more fish bones. I threw the portion of fish I had on my plate and then decided to change my plate to prevent any injuries. The appam was far too oily and the sweet dishes far too sweet. The lemon rice and curd rice were the highlights of the buffet, but would you spend Rs 600+ (incl of taxes) on these? Also note that buying a bottle of Aquafina water, which actually costs Rs 16, will set you back by Rs 75 in this restaurant. What a rip off in every respect!

The manager was uncommunicative and clearly lacks basic hospitality skills (unlike his counterpart in Fresc Co). The rest of the staff were amiable but somewhat untrained. One nearly removed my cutlery from my side plate when I requested him to clear the dinner plate and another tried to remove the plate of starters while we were still eating.

All in all, this place is highly avoidable. We won't be back and certainly won't be recommending it to anyone.


Decent place

Had the buffet today for Lunch. Decent menu for the buffet. One grouse though was that even thought the starters tasted good the food was not warm and gave the impression that it was prepared quite some time back and then reheated.
Staff is courteous. Later in the afternoon when the place got crowded it looked like they were understaffed though!
Overall a solid 3 stars.


feedback710 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 28,2012


Good food but highly over priced

Hi, I visited this Restaurant last week. Food was good with excellent service. i would rate 9 out of 10 on service front.


Decent Food... good for a one-time visit

I visited the Amanora Park Town outlet last sunday (15th July). As a south Indian who has been born and brought up in Goa, and lived in Mumbai and Bangalore... I have a fairly good idea about South Indian as well as coastal cuisine.

Having said that, Zambar had a good mix of South Indian coastal dishes- however, there was nothing out of the ordinary in any of the dishes listed on the menu. There was nothing unique- except for the non-vegetarian platter which had delicacies from all states- chicken ghee roast(mangalore), chicken 65(TN), pepper fry (kerala) and a couple of other pieces from other parts of the coastal area. These are dishes you would probably have been served individually in other restaurants. Having a bit of all of them together was a great idea as you could sample them at one go. The chicken 65 was hard and rubbery but the other pieces were nice- juicy and fresh.

We ordered a sea food thali and a moplah prawn biryani(I suspect they meant Mapulai- meaning a type of Kerala biryani). The prawn biryani was really nice- delicately flavored and the prawns were fresh. However, I have had better ones.

The sea food thali was the worst of the lot- the fried fish tasted really bland and raw- had no seasoning or flavors of any sort. The prawn curry was thinned out- had none of the lovely coconut milk flavor that we look for. The crab dish was decent- but they didnt give us a shell cracker without which it was hard to eat the meat. None of the other dishes on the thali were appealing enough to mention here.
The service was awful. Apart from the other incidents- when we were ordering the thali, the server did not ask us whether we wanted appams or kerala parotas to go with the thali. Later when I re-read the menu and pointed it out to him- he said- "okay so what do you want?". When I said I wanted the parotas- he went, "oh, but thats what I ordered for you in the first place". What would he have done if we had wanted the appams?
I thought it was also over-priced- for these 3 dishes we paid over Rs.1500/- which was way over the top.
Wouldnt warrant another visit at all.


Sonal  - Burrp User


9 Reviews

July 01,2012


best south indian food - authentic

awesome south indian food...their thali is simply superbbb....authentic south indian food..must must visit for all south indian food lovers...



expensive good food but extremely overpriced

i went tom ur zambar restaurant outlet at amanora township pune there i was not given the drinks menu nor was i informed that i would be charged 75 rs for a bottle of chilled mineral water which has a mrp of 16 rs inclusive of all taxes .i put tin a complaint to ur manager but he stood like a dud not offering any apology. the management staff did not inform me about the rate of mineral water bottle . if i was the manager i would have refunded the cost of the whole bill and apologised for the mistake. as and if u have been to the south indies restaurant on university road they charge about the same rates for the food but FREE WATER and the dishes quality and texture and ambienceand mainly the STAFF same or much better than ur outlet hope u do something about thius as i in future i would not berecommending ur restaurant , infact would advise people and friends to avoid going to ZAMBAR AS THEY CONDUCT DAYLIGHT ROBBERY AND MISINFORM CUSTOMERS.