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Blue Frog, Lower Parel


The Blue Frog Review

If you are a serious musicaficionado on the look-out for a music-filled night out on the town, then Blue Frog is a must-visit. On weekends, one can generally expect this nightclub to be packed to the hilt, heaving to the beats belted out by international electronic DJs. With a fantastic sound and light setup, you also shouldn’t miss out on live bands performing here. Exceptional bands like Soulmate and Cobblestone Jazz as well as electronic artists like Shpongle, have all rocked this nightclub to the core. The setup is minimal, yet futuristic, while the projected visuals are top-notch. Sample the food at this nightclub together with delicious cocktails, all of which are worth the price!

Club Escape, Andheri West


Club Escape Review

A lot of mixed reviews have been going around regarding Club Escape. Naturally, the only thingleft to do was to have a look at it for ourselves. The music was great and spanned genres like hip-hop, house and R&B, while the bar had a good variety of spirits. However, the pricing was a tad steep with cocktails priced at Rs. 600 each. The crowd had people of all ages, from teenagers to middle-aged men (who you wouldn’t expect to see at a club). The décor was apt for a fun night out on the town, but it also incorporated spacious, lounge-style seating. It’s no wonder then, that this Mumbai nightclub received a dozen or so mixed reviews! All in all, it’s a good place to visit if you have excess money to spend.

Bonobo, Bandra West


Bonobo Review

Nestled in a quiet rooftop of one of Mumbai’s busiest streets off Linking Road in Bandra, Bonobo is a haven for cocktail lovers. The classic Mojito was one of the best we have had drizzled with lots of fresh lemon juice and tons of mint. Their whiskey cocktail, ‘Forbidden Fruit,’ is a delicious and unusual blend of apple juice and whiskey, while ‘Berry Berry Good’ is really good with a blend of vodka with raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. They cocktail snacks are also a great accompaniment with your drink. We liked the mezze platter, with pita bread, falafel, hummus, olives and dips. The music varies between up-tempo lounge on weekdays to hiphop and funk over the weekends. A very relaxed ambiance, it’s the perfect place to unwind aft er a busy week.

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Aer, Four Seasons Hotel, Worli


AER Review

The party circuit in Mumbai has never been the same since Aer upped the ante. Located on the 33rd floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, the open-air bar and lounge is the playground of Mumbai’s rich and glamorous. Half the fun of coming here is watching the stilettoheeled models, socialites and sharply dressed expats that comprise the posh crowd. Drinks are expensive, with a humble beer priced at Rs. 300 and cocktails at Rs. 800. However, get here for sunset in time for happy hour and you are rewarded not only with half-price drinks but a view of the city that will simply take your breath away. The upbeat music, the breezy weather and the vista over three sides of Mumbai makes Aer a must-visit. There’s a strict dress-code, so guys, look sharp!

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I Bar, Bandra West


I Bar Review

Located in the suddenly-hip Reclamation lane, tucked in between pubs and restaurants is I BAR, which is not just a loungecum- bar but much more. It’s a great place to catch a drink or two as you groove to some great music. On Thursday nights, electronica rules the roost, while on other nights rock and even acoustic live music sets the mood. The fresh fruit cocktail list is enticing as are the shots that are created using a molecular mixology technique! Don’t give the food a miss#semicolon# the appetisers and dips are scrumptious. The drinks are not expensive on the whole (`200 for a beer). I BAR also has an interactive bar, which is quite a touch-sensory blast. In keeping with the whole new-age and interactive theme, you won’t miss the iPads that serve as menu cards and are available at each table to have a look at photos of dishes and view their nutritional value too. The ambience is fantastic#semicolon# a purplish haze of mood lighting sweeps the entire lounge. Visit on Monday nights to participate in Open Mic Nights, poetry slams and more#semicolon# Thursday nights is for the ladies and soon you can expect fun events like art meets and bartending workshops!

LIV Club, Fort


LIV Review

LIV, a signature statement nightclub, opened its doors in early January in South Mumbai. Being located in the city’s heritage district at Kala Ghoda, lends certain exclusivity to this boutique club. What makes it even more exclusive is that entry is by invitation only. The club, for anyone who is above 25 years of age, offers its guests services in a flamboyant setting with luxurious seating and stunning lights. What makes the lights so stunning are the sound-synchronised LED lights that dance to the tunes of hip hop and electro music that plays. The lights shine through a huge chandelier above, setting the mood not only on the dance floor, but the entire club. The brilliant décor provides the perfect dramatic effect with its artsy brass wall trims adding a charm to the facetted black marble bar. The nightclub’s signature cocktails come straight from the owners, even being named after each of the four of them – Aneeni (Aneesha Bahl), Crackling Shash (Shashi Thadani), Sunny All Night Long (Sunny Sara) and Jageritz (Ritik Bhasin), while the LIV One is a secret house special. An exotic menu from across the globe serving all sorts of delicacies from sushi to chicken liver pate, goes perfectly well with the drinks. The club is open from Wednesday to Saturday and can be reserved for private parties from Sunday till Tuesday.

Amadeus, National Centre Performing Arts (NCPA), Marine Drive


Amadeus Review

You know that you’re in for a musical treat when you enter a place named Amadeus. For those who aren’t in the know, Amadeus has in all likelihood been named after the prolific classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Rightfully, this resto-lounge is largely oriented to the arts. Any music lover will appreciate the larger-than-life, black and white framed pictures of music icons such as Zakir Hussain, Zubin Metha and the likes. Besides, the resto-lounge is attached to Mumbai’s renowned National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), making it a must-visit for patrons and performing artists. The pictures of the flamenco dancers also add a vibrant feel to this place. The major attraction aside from the exceptionally delicious food, has got to be the live music events hosted here. Another boon is the all-important space factor, that well caters to Mumbai’s thriving nightlife. Amadeus is divided into three different sections– a lounge and bar, a restaurant space and a beautiful outdoor section, perfect to while a lovely night away under the stars. The interiors are minimal with a warm and cosy feel. The bar menu comprises a host of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks, all of which are priced steeply. Mumbai lacks performance spaces and Amadeus fills this gap by keeping with the true spirit of the arts!

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Three Wise Men, Santacruz West


Three Wise Men Review

The three wise men, a cozy European atmosphere right in Santacruz! If you are looking for a hangout without getting too dressy this would be number one on a top 10 selection list. The place is warm yet far from boring. The colour scheme makes you want to stay in and beat the Mumbai heat. A Pint of beer from three wise men will wash over your tiredness and replace it with a serene feeling. Not to be undermined is the food, authentic Lebanese, European, Mexican and American food, authentic Lebanese, European, Mexican and American food will be the star of the night. A day out to this restaurant may be a little tight on your pockets so watch out. Groove to the good music collection and party till you drop, well it has to be before 1:30 am! Ladies three wise men is a very apt choice for a Wednesday night girls only get together. Now you don’t need to look for gay clubs to avoid cheap attention, you can dance your heels off and down free shots all evening long right in Santacruz. Singer or not, everyone is entitled to their embarrassing bathroom singing moments in the lime light, well get ready for open mike since three wise men has a karaoke day often, watch our for more events on their calendars. Reserve your tables and don’t forget to order fish and chips!

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Smaaash, Lower Parel


Smaaash Review

PLAY: Smaaash Cricket: Play against international legends like Sachin Tendulkar and Lasith Malinga thanks to the game’s intuitive technology.
Twilight Bowling: A fabulously lit bowling area perfect for a group of friends.
Goalie Guacamole: Throw in your best shot against this super sonic goalie and you could actually win a Harley!
Smart Arcade: A state-of-the-art arcade with over 30 games to play.
EAT: Bazinga Sports Cafe not only serves delicious comfort food but also airs live games. The more uncoventional items to try are the grilled lamb burger with egg, pizza indienne with mint, and the fruit salad with peanuts.
PARTY: Besides housing a bar, Smaaash also hosts events like ladies’ nights and other gigs.
CURRENT OFFERS: Pay Once Play Twice from 11 am to 5 pm on weekdays.
Late Night Happy Hours – 11 pm to 1 am from Monday to Friday.

The Nutcracker, Kala Ghoda


The Nutcracker Review

CUISINE: American, European.
FOOD: The menu consists of a number of dishes which will compel you to step into the café. The food served here, from Black Bean Burgers to Caramel and Peanut Sandwiches, to Salli eggs to Philadelphia Cheese Cake is appetizing. The perfect substitute to a conventional breakfast is ‘breakfast in a bottle’ which is a blend of oats, milk, dates and nuts. The main course dishes you should go for are Cottage Cheese Burger and Chilled Noodle Salad which is a unique preparation. For dessert, the seven layer cookie with Belgian chocolate, butterscotch and almond, and the Salted Caramel and Banana Smoothie are a must have.
OVERALL: The restaurant has a matchless appearance and the food served is delicious. The café interior has been designed to give it a mid-century look. It’s a very attractive place to step i for all the hardcore foodies.

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