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Busago, Fort


Great Burmese Food!!

Burmese cuisine has the perfect influence of Indian, Thai and Chinese flavour all in one delicious bowl. Though this has been around for quite some time, not everyone make its delicious. For instance I have had Burmese Khow Suey was either too bland or too sweet.
Busago nailed it.?

So those looking for a quick review, heres it.

Ambience - 3.5/ 5

Services - 3.5/5

Food - 5/5

Value for Money 5/5

So here a detailed review -

Ambience 4/5

The place is very well done and exuberates a positive vibe. The colours on the wall, the open kitchen and the extremely cute cutlery. I only felt that the seating could be better and a little more comfy. A little music can add that coolness to this place.

Each table is placed with three sauces, a green chilly sauce, a spicy red chilly sauce and a sweet thai sauce. You can pair your meal as per your taste.

Service 4/5

Service was prompt but wanted this to be a little proactive.

From the open Kitchen - 4.5/5

The food here is delicious without a doubt. So heres what I had

1) Tibetian Momos - My mom was my date for the night and she shared her experience of a real Tibetian momo. The momo should be translucent , juicy and should extenuate the flaour of the meat. With one bite she was transported to Tibet with beautiful memories coming back. We tried chicken, Prawns and Pork. Each unique, each delicious.

2) Salt and Pepper Prawns - Fresh prawns tossed with a lot of onions garlic, chives and pepper. The prawns were great, not sure of the onions though. ?

3) Burmese Kaukswe - Its takes a great chef to make an great dish, this was very well done. This has a sweet undertone due to it coconut base, so if you dont like sweet dont have it.

We were served this curry with noodles and small grain rice. Its super fun to make your own bowl of noodle gravy. A separate platter with the condiments which contacin, fried onions, sliced onions, fried garlic, peanuts, lemon, boiled egg, coriander, celery etc ar provided. choose and use. Great for kids. I loved it.

4) Bibinbap -A bowl of sticky rice, served with stir fried beef, stir fried vegetables and topped with a fried egg. This is served with a sticky sauce and Seasme oil. You are supposed to breka the egg and mix everything up withe rice and enjoy. Honestly, this dint suit my pallete. The rice was not salted and too bland for me,

5) Chicken and Pork Baos - There were beautiful. The boas were perectly cooked, the BBQ meat was excellent anf devoured in seconds.

6) Fish - It was served in a watery gravy with a lemon grass flavour. Dint enjoy it

Sweet -

I would have preffered some traditional sweet of Burma, but what they have is also not bad

1) Lemon Tart - The pie crust was wonderful. The lemon filling was a bit too tart for me

2) Banoffe Pie - Yummmmm. The pie crust tasted like shrewberry biscuits. The filling of caramel was wonderful. Over period of time can get too sweet, but worth it.

Drinks - 4/5

Fresh fruit drinks with no added sugar.

1) Coconut Lemon Water - A very creative and unique drink. It was fresh, tangy , yummm

2) Good Morning Bandra - Great drink with orange, sweet line and Guvan - Great

3) Berry Good - Yogurt based drink. dint enjoy it that much

4) Great Hydrator - Watermelon, pineapple and pomogrante - Not great, but not bad either.

Overall -

Over and again I have emphasized the need for great food at affordable prices. A small restaurant with great taste is anytime better than a fancy one with an average eating experience. I loved the food and everything in its. On my recommendation list.


Tibetan Moms

Khaw suey

Chicken and Pork Baos

Coconut Lemon water

Banoffee Pie

Khiva, Kurla


A Great Place for Mughlai Food

This review is special and close to my heart as it is curated by my 8 year old kid who gave me a thumbs up for this Restraunt.

There has been a plethora of restraunts claiming to offer authentic Mughal food. I can't tarnish thier claim but can tell a good one from an average one.?

Here a quick review for fast readers.

# Ambience 4/5- interiors are quite relaxing. The best part is the soulful music that blends beautifully with the food

# Food 5/5 - My kid approved it and so did I. Great going.

#Service 5/5 - Prompt, courtieous and extra attentive.

#Mocktails 4/5 - they have a limited variety buy what I liked is that most of Thier drinks have lemon juice which assists in taking down a heavy meal.

#Value for money 5/5 - a little on the expensive side. But still a value for your money.

Now for a more detailed review.

We were warmly greeted by the manager Mr. Imran who helped us with the menu. He spent a good time explaining the concept of the restraunts.

Colurfull bread sticks and Cream Cheese dipping - this is not part of the menu but served as an accompiment. The cheese is churned in house and was delicious. Smooth, lucid and very welcoming. The break sticks added the crunch and paired very well. Since this was not part of the menu, I won't rate it.

Variety of chutnety - Placed beautifully, this place offers five different types of chutnety. There was Red chilly chutnety, Tamrind and Chickoo chutnety, tamatoes chutney, mint and curd chutney and finally Green chutney. The chickoo and Tamdrind was the best..

Drinks -

They don't have an alcohol counter. Thier range of mocktails are also limited. The best part is that each drink has some portion of lemon juice that helps in getting the food down.

1) KHIVA SUNRISE drink -. A mix of mango and papaya. Ok
2)VIRGIN MOJITO Ice Tea 4/5- Lemon juice infused with mint mixed with loads of ice. Nice
3) MINT COOLER - Mint, sugar and ice crushed to create a great slush. The lemon brings that zing.


1) Choozea ka shorba 5/5 - Move on manchow soup, we have our own version. This soup is not thick but rather a chicken broth simmered slowly to develop flavour. It is served in a cylindrical glass with a beautiful brass handle. The soup was beautiful and I ended up having most of it and did not feel heavy. Perfect for me...

2) Makaisheek kabab 4/5 - This kebab is a treat for the vegetarians. It was made with corns and veggies and tandoor seeked in the clay oven. I felt this was a little dry for me otherwise it tasted delicious.

3) Chandani chicken ?5/5- The cousin brother of malai tikka. It was beautifully presented with silver and desi ghee. This was soft succulent and melted in my mouth. It was on the milder side, but perfect ly done. Pair this with the chickoo chutney and you are in for a treat.

4) Chakori Murg 5/5- Marinated in green Masala, this tikka was equally good. It had a little spice kick and tasted different that the previous kebab, which is good. I want it to amp up it spicy quotient.?

5) Peshawari Paneer Tikka 5/5 - Omg.. this was at another level. My kid who does not eat paneer now has a reason to eat dairy. The paneer was beautifully marinated in yellow chilli and yogurt. You don't find yellow chilli in many dishes, but here you had a dish that formed a central spot with this humble yet forgotten to spice. The paneer was homemade and melted in your mouth. The flovour of the desi ghee added that extra ommp to this. Yummylicious.

5) Cheese KURKURE 5/5 - can't categorise this as mughlai but it was great in its own accord. It's a roll stuffed with chopped mushroom and cheese. Yummm

6) Sabut Chooza 4/5 - a full chicken roasted in spice and char grilled . Serverd on a talwar. Interesting not fascinating.

7) Galawati Kebab 5/5 - The main attribute of a Galawati Kebab is that it should melt in your mouth.if it doesn't then it's not the real deal. This kebab melted beautifully in my mouth and the Rose water created a perfect after effect. I just felt the naan acting as the base was not required. Otherwise perfect.

7) Barra Kebab Lazeez 5/5 - After the paneer it was this that took my heart away. This tender cooked ribs were delicious. They looked asthetic and were perfectly cooked. The meat fell of the bones. Great.

Main course -?

1) Murg Hara Pyaaz Masala 5/5 - This is a perfect replacement for our traditional butter chicken. The meat is thigh meat and Anson's the gravy very well. The taste of the spring onions comes out beautifully. Well done

2) Nalli Ka Salan 5/5 - Well done again. The meat has a little bite to to it and was fantastic. The gravy was delicious and paired perfectly well with the khamiz ki roti , which I am told that traditionally they make a perfect pair. Great.

3) Dal KHIVA 5/5 - All Thier dishes are served with desi ghee. This dal is cooked for eight hours before being served. It was delicious and scrumptious.

4) Variety of Nan and Rotis - we had the above with a variety of breads. Khubus ki roti, tandoori roti and naan. Great?


After eating the above, trust me I never had space for anything else. So here what I had.

1) ?Khurbani ka Meetha 4/5- Dried apricots cooked in honey and sugar. Served with dry fruits. It's was too sweet for me.

2) Kesari Phirnii 5/5 - I usually don't eat phirni, but this rendetion changed my outlook on Phirnii. I now have super high standard to look up to. Brilliant no words.?

3) Angoori Rasmalai ?4/5- Soft Chennai in saffron infused milk. Good but not great. I have had better.

Overall 5/5 -?

After a heavy meal I had no space left. My overall experience was excellent and the food was par excellence. It's a brilliant place to have a good family meal.

Go enjoy the Mughal era till the fullest.

Made In Punjab, Malad West


Punjabi Food at its best.

Punjab derives it names from its beautiful rivers that flow across this region, which finally amalgamates into one huge river. The food of this region derives its inspiration from this amalgamation of different flavours to create the cuisine of the region. A visit to this restaurant was special as Punjab truly reflected in their food and attitude.

For those looking for a quick review, here it is ?

1) Ambiance ? 5/5 The place reflects a very calm, classy ambience. Perfect place to host a huge family dinner

2) Food ? 4/5 ? This takes you on tour of modern yet true punjabi food. So next you think of Punjabi food, think of this place. Star of the evening was the Veg Gauloti Kebab with the saffron infused flat bread. My kid approved of it.

3) Cocktails/Mocktails 4/5 ? Great mix of Cocktails and Mocktails to suit your pallet always.

?4) Services ? 5/5 Spot on, timely, elegant and prompt by the manager Mr. Sunny. The additional history of each meal made it special.

For the patient kind, here?s my detailed reviewed ?

Ambience 4.5/5

This place is very elegantly done representing true fine dining. Its cleverly designed to create see through partition of the other sections in the place. The central area has a round table with 6 chairs. I love this concept as it makes it so much easier to enjoy a lovely meal with your family catching up on stuff. The music is equally good and soothing. Though its lively, Its still very composed and relaxing. If you want a cosy place then don?t worry, Its all under one roof.

Bar Encounter ? 4/5

The bar has been kept sober keeping in mind the kind of crowd that comes here. Having said that they can surprise you with their collections. They boast a good selection of wines, Tequilas, Vodka etc etc. Just ask the manager and he will guide you throughout. So here what I had

1)????Nashili Chai ?4/5? - The name suggests it all. This was a concoction of tea brewed with orange marmalade and served in cutting chai glasses with a slice of orange. Its was infused with dry ice giving it a steamy effect of the garama garam chai. Taste wise it was delicious.

2)????Jadooi Baxsa 5/5 ? This was a Pandora?s box with 3 Kamikaze shots and 3 Tequila shots. This was very interesting as the box was opened, the smoky magic began. The drinks were delicious and went down instantly. A winner.

3)????Hadwana Shikanjivi?4/5 ? This was a nice twist on Nimbu Paani, with a watermelon twist. Served with a watermelon wedge this was a great refresher.

4)????Minty Apple?5/5 ? The best drink of the night. It was appley, minty and very frizzy. The chopped apples definitely created a zing factor. A winner.

5)????Chocolate Malted Thandai 4.5/5 ? A Thandai infused with chocolate and sweet caramel. It?s a brilliant take on the usual Thandai, keeping in mind the chocolate lovers. This was served in a unique milk bottle with a nipple. A perfect drink for my little guest who enjoyed this chocolatey drink.

6)????Guava Mary 4/5 ? A guava drink with the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. It reminds you of the guava you had with when you were a kid with the masala. As Guvava is a little starchy, this can get you filled up fast. Otherwise a great drink.

Kitchen Chornicles ?

This places has the most exquisite menu that you can imagine. What made this entire experience memorable is the history behind each dish. Mr. Sunny took extra care and explained us each preparation in detail. So, here?s a list of what I had

1)????Tokri Chat 3/5 - ?My Tokri chaat. Grated potatoes fried to create perfect crispy bed that is required to hold the chaat. This was delicious and very saucy. I felt that the potatoe bucket was too hard to break it. This was also not loaded with too much curd which is nice.

2)????Singh Salad 3/5 ? A three bean salad served with a mustard and curd based sauce. Punjab is known for this mustard and this was a good way to showcase that. This has a good bite due to the bean, but I wanted some more crunch with the veggies.

3)????Masala Kukkad Bun 3/5 ? Moved aside Burgers, here comes our own Burger. Smartly called the kukkad bun, this is layered with our Indian chutney, tomatoes and chicken cooked to perfection. I just felt the bread was overpowering the meat. A small burger bun could have done the trick.

4)????Burnt Lehsuni Tikka 4/5 ? Chicken thigh fillets tandorified to perfection. The burnt garlic crust made this even more delicious.

5)????Gallan Di Galouti 4/5 ? True to its name, this was a mouth-watering traditional Galouti kabab. It was served on a perfect Galouti kulcha just like Veg Gauloti Kabab.

6)????Sarson Olive Macchi ?4.5/5? The land of rivers provides the best river fish. When cooked with love and perfection this can take you to another zone. This fish was just perfect. Tender, mustardy and emphasised that river taste of this fish. The olive was more for decoration and honestly not required. Serve this just this way and it will be perfect.

7)????Saddi Kurkuri ?4/5 ? Crisp rectangular pockets served on a bed of sweet chilly sauce. Fusion food with a traditional twist. The Kurkuri was indeed crispy and the filling was a mixture of cheese and bell pepper. When you bite into this, you are welcomed with a delicious cheese filling. The sauce added that extra spice. Great on your palate.

8)????Jau Mushroom Chakli 3/5 ? Barley mixed with Mushroom to create a hearty cutlet. The barley was chewy for me and on the ok side.

9)????Veg Galouti 5/5 ? My star of the evening. I never knew that I could fall in love with a veg dish. The kebab was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. This was served on a saffron infused soft flat bread. This was so delicious that it melted with in your mouth instantly. In spite of the flavourful kebab, the paratha stood out. My kid who hated vegetable loved it for a change. Approved by her approved by me.

10)??Bhatti Murgh 4/5 ? Similar to a chicken tandoori but very different in flavours. The charcoal effect was perfect and the marinated worked for me. Well done.

11)??Maa Ki Daal 4/5 ? From a mother kitchen, this daal had all the wonderful factors going on. It was creamy, buttery and blended well with the other dishes.

12)??Lehsuni Palak Chenna 3.5/ 5 ? True to its name. This was Lassoni Palak with a strong palak taste. The fresh chenna was delicious.

13)??Paneer Lababdar 4/5 ? A new entrant to the menu. This dish is created for the young crowd, who want lots going on in their platter.

14)??B.C (Butter Chicken) 5/5 ? My butter chicken finally makes an appearance. This dish has so many renditions across, that finding the true one is challenging. I was happy, I found my love here. The butter chicken was perfectly creamy and delicious. Since they use thigh fillets, the chicken turned out to be very juicy and succulent. It was also beautifully textured with Kasoori Methi. Yumm.

?15)??Nalli Hard Kaur? 4/5 ? Nalli cooked with love and great blend of spices. The meat was fork tender and melted in your mouth. Just go for this one and you won?t be disappointed.

?16)??Gucchi Pulao 5/5 ? Inspire from the land of Kashmir this was gucchi mushroom stuffed with chenna and dry fruits. The pulav had the umani taste from the mushroom and was well balance. It had that slight after taste of Kashmiri pulva and was delicious. Must try.

17)??Tandoori Roti / Paratha / Naan 4/5 ? Fresh, hot and not at all rubbery. Paired very well with th e above dishes.

18)??Nukkad Jalebi 5/5 ? Rabdi and Jalebi are an age-old combination. You can never go wrong with this. Nukkad Jalebi brings this out beautifully. Presented in a stunning glass with the tall Jalebi waiting to be devoured. Great?

19)??Ras DATES Malai 5/5 ? Move on people, here arrives my best friend.? The Ras malai was infused with dates that beautifully came through. No words. just yummmm?

20)??Stuffed Gulab Jamun 4/5 ? Well done gulab jamun, however the chocolate and dry fruit stuffing was a little overpowering.

Overall Review ? 4.5/5

At the end of it, I was tired eating. Their variety is so vast that you can never go wrong with their menu. Take your friends, family on a wonderful dinner experience that will only leave your stomach full , heart happy and pocket light.?

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Farzi Cafe, Lower Parel


Get Farzified....

Every dish has its own story to tell- FARZI CAFE!

My craziness for food took me to Farzi Cafe. This place has been the talk of the town since its inception and I definitely wanted to be a part of this platter. So here's my review of the place

For those looking for a quick review, here it is -

Ambience - 5/5 Lively, energetic and totally happening. Uber Cool!!

Food - 4/5 brilliantly crafted food, with tantalizing flavors and spectacular presentations. Chef Chetan and team, take a bow!!

Cocktails/Mocktails - 5/5 Magical concoctions with the perfect bartender - Mr. Kennith Kudos to you.

Services - 5/5 Spot on, timely, elegant and prompt - Mr. Ankit and your colleagues, I am happy!!

For the others here's my detailed reviewed -

This place offers very vibrant atmosphere. The interiors are well done to represent a beautify night life. What I specially loved about this place it the large screens placed. This would be a perfect to watch your favorite sports and also enjoy a few drinks.

The Bar encounter -

The bar is very decorative and offers a wonderful range of drinks to choose from. You can select from a variety of wines, whiskey, cocktails, mocktails etc etc. Just tell the bartender what you need and he will work his magic for you. So this is what he served us. Please excuse me if I missed the real name :-)

1.Chai Paani Vodka Shot - 5/5 -Its was one of the best cocktail I had. It was made with freshly brewed tea in a cute tea kettle. This was poured on a concoction of vodka, infused with cinnamon, orange zest and some other fruity flavors which was laid on a bed of dry ice. When the hot water hits the cold dry it it created a smoky magic. Walla!!. This had to be poured in a chai glass with an orange peel. It tasted heaven.

2.Orange Moctail - 5/5 This was equally good. It was orange juice with some citrus fruit and lots of fruitiness going on. The best mocktail of the night.

3.Lychee Suprise - 4/5 Lychee drink with a slight sour kick. Cool

4.Italian Kiss - 4/5 on the rocks!! Fruit juice, mint and mixed with a cola drink . Pretty fancy.

Kitchen Chronicles -

The chef walked up to us and made us feel comfortable. He explained the menu and suggested a few items. So here what i had.

?1.Misthi Doi Shots 5/5- This is not a starter but more of a mouth freshner. It was a small portion and we were asked to swallow it in one go! This one literally burst in my mouth. It was Mishit Doi in every fashion and its best.

2. Dal Moth Chat 5/5- This one was chat on the clouds ...... literally. It was served on a dry ice platter and gave it a smoky effect. Full marks for that. The chat was delicious, chatpata and satisfying.

3. Besant Nagar Fried Chilly - 5/5 The best vegetarian dish on the menu. The chilli was beautifully coated and fried. This had the flavor of the chilly but no heat. When you bite into it, you are welcomed by a beautiful gush of cheese filling. Mirchi aur cheese de pakode..badiya hain

4. Stir fried Beef - 4/5 . This was also good. A little sweet and spicy at the same time. It was perfectly cooked and served. The fried fritters was not required.

5. Amritsari Macchi - 3/5 It was nice, but the fish was too thin and the coating was too thick. The coating somewhere was a litter under cooked. A thinner batter will do the trick.

6. Tempura Fried Prawns with Nimbu Mirchi foam - 4/5 . Stellar presentation. This was bursting with colors. The prawns were perfectly cooked and delicious. The Nimbu Mirchi foam was equally good.

7. Pork Belly - 4/5 This was well done and the meat literally melts in your mouth. The barbecue sauce added that extra punch. I needed a littler more heat in this and something to cut the extra sweetness.

8. Pork Ribs - 4/5 Well done and delicious. A little effort to eat this as you dont know where to get started. Taste wise it was my kind of food. Comforting and messy.

9. Duck Samosa - 3/5 A little salty (we were told about it so not complaining here) it was a cute little samosa with duck meat filling doused with a sauce. The sauce was honestly not required. It could have been served like a side dipping. Average for me.

10. Kasundi Fish - 5/5 Bengali style fish tandoori. It has the perfect kick of mustard and the smokiness. I loved it.

11. Dark Bungalow Chicken - 3/5 read a lot about it. This was a basic chicken smoked with some Indian spice. It was white otherwise it will qualify for a tandoori chicken. Not impressed.

12. Hajmola Mouth fresher - This was not a dish, but a palate cleanser. This was frozen hajmola candy and it was yumm.....creative.

13. Shwarma Biryani - 4/5 - First of all its was a pulav and not a Biryani. It was a beautiful deconstructed, visually stunning and artistic. The taste was fabulous. It reminded me of my grandmas curry. The meat was tender and the raita cooled me down. I enjoyed it. Since to its called Shwarna biryani , a hummus should be served with it.

14. Chocolate Lollipop (cant recollect its name) - 4/5 - Not a chocolate fan but this was nice. Like a mini lollypop.

15. Parle G cheese Cake - 5/5 - The memories of my childhood. A forgotten hero reappears. Seeing a Parle G and gems being used so creatively makes me happy. What can I.... say it was just delicious! The cheesecakes were placed on a bed of phirni. This was decadent and scrumptious. My best sweet dish ever.

16. Ghewar - 5/5Very well presented. Outstanding presentation. The fruits add that extra lightness to this meal. The Ghewar was crisp and moist. The rabdi did the trick. Wow?!!

17. Pan Candy floss - Perfect finish to a perfect meal. ?

Recommendations -

Mayonnaise may not may pair perfectly with every dish. For Indian food, an Indian sauce works really well. For that mayo effect, use curd instead. ?

Overall -

This place leaves me satisfied wanting to come back again. The food the services, the ambiance was spot on. You don't need to wait for the weekend. Just hop in here for some drinks and a meal. You will be happy. Totally recommended.

MasalaBar, Bandra West


An amazing Restraunt to have a good time..

Masala Bar has been built with a view to have a fresh approach towards our usual and boring cocktails. It's fresh vibrant and enthralling. So let's begin with our review.

Ambience- 4/5.

The interiors are interesting and very glassy. It's very relaxed and provides a very comfortable vibe. The seating arrangements are different at different tables. The taller one are more brighter, while the shorter tables seem more comfortable. Nevertheless they proves to be a good gossip-mongers paradise. My concern with the place is that the lighting are a little too dim and makes the place seem very dark.

Service - 5/5

The services was spot on. No complaints there. The chef himself walked up to and explained the menu and suggested a few items to try on. Occasionally he served us as well.

Drinks - 4.5/5

MasalaBar is know for its brilliant concoction?and its molecular chemistry that they apply. Its really fun to watch the bartenders make a magical drink for you. They even volunteer to show you their chemistry lab where all this magic is created. Its a fun experience. So heres what I had.

#Malabar Point Cocktail- 5/5

Firstly this was served in a skull glass which was super fancy. I fell in love with the glass instantaneously..The Drink was served with a smoke like thing. So when you put dry ice and a flavored liquid you feel the drink. Their explanation was that we need to use all our 5 sense to enjoy the meal. Agreed. The drink was a concoction of vodka, apple juice and a very strong fruity flavor. It was one among the best cocktails I have had.

# Citrus orange drink (could not recollect its name)- 3 /5

It was a nice orange drink with a very lemon flavor. This drink did not suit my pallet and hence did not enjoy it. It was more like an orange concentrate.

#Cherry Berry Blaster 5/5

This refreshing drink was a beautiful mix of berries and sparkling water to give it frizzy effect. My best mocktail so far.

# Sea Side 5/5

This was equally good with a watermelon base and sparkling water. The foam was an interesting addition to this. Refreshing indeed.

Food- 4/5

We were served with a variety of dishes from the starters to the main course and ended with a sweet dish.

#Figs and Honey, Carpaccio of watermelon with Feta cheese and Basil salad- 5/5

The dish was beautifully presented and bursting with colors. The vegetables was very well arranged on the platter to give it an artistic touch. The cherry tomatoes and Figs were lightly pan roasted to give it that charred look. The dressing was delicious and coated each salad leaf really well. The feta only added that extra salt flavor to this. Great salad for t he vegetarians.

# Duck and orange salad - 4/5

A salad for the non vegetarians. The surprise element here was the duck. It was crisp, chewy and we'll seasoned. The salad again was dressed very well. My only problem with this was that the lettuce was a little soggy. Probably due to the heat of the cooked duck.

#Palak Patta Tacos - 4/5

Merewala chaat. I am obsessed with our Indian chat and if this can be made healthy than I am all game for it. What I am not happy with it is the name.. why can't we rather call it Palak Patta chat? Anyways. The Palak Patta Taco was fresh and deliciously balanced. It had that much needed crunch from the apples and that sweet chutney to compliment the entire dish. What I would love is a little more spice in it. Otherwise lip smacking good.

#Haulled Lamb Barra Khurchan, Khari Naan, Smoked Green Chutney - ?5/5

This was served on a pours black stone ?platter which visually hooked one on. ?The portions were perfect . It was a Khari toast served with amazingly cooked lamb meat, which was perfectly cooked and actually melted in your mouth. The Khari was a nice balance to the meat as it was light and airy. The green chutney and the sour cream brought in the required coolness as the meat was a nicely spicy. For me this was interestingly paired.

# Langostino, Tomatoes, Aji Pincate , Crispy Corn-?4/5

Prawns cooked and served to perfection. It was equally vibrant and fresh through out. The prawns were placed on a bed of guacamole. Surprisingly the crispy corn was the best part of this dish. I just felt that the there was too much going on and the original taste of the prawns was lost.

# Baked Potatoes, Sweet and Spicy Beetroot and Apple, Sweet Fennel Yogurt ?4.5/5

The surprise element for me was the hidden beetroot. It's an acquired taste and many can't appreciate this vegetable. Tricking me into eating is the best way. The potatoes was cooked perfectly and the beetroot was also well done. It had that tastes of chaat masala and the mozzarella cheese baked well. Perfect dish for a vegetarian entourage.

#Hungarian Goulash - 5/5.

Not many serve this dish and for me this was a pleasant surprise. The plating was amazing with the bone forming the central attraction. The meat was perfectly cooked and melted in my mouth. The flavors were very similar to an Indian curry, but still had distinctive taste. This was served with soft Khubus bread which was perfect.

#Yellow Thai curry Risotto 4/5

The yellow Thai curry Risotto was a perfect amalgamation of Thai and Italian cuisines. The curry was tasty , coconuty and delicious. The Arborio rice was perfectly cooked maintaining its al dente (a little bite) character. However, I am not sure of the blossom flower pattie, it was a little odd one out. But the Rissoto was really good.

#Charcoal Pav Phaji - 4.5/5

I was so looking forward to this dish as it is the most iconic of them. The dish is black and so are the buns. I think they were streamed rather than baked but I am not complaining. The bhaji was perfectly cooked and was not at all too patatoey . It had the perfect blend of spice and vegetables mixed together with the butter taking it to the next level. The buns were cute , soft and chewy. The color did not impact the flavor of the dish , which is its basic intention.

# Chocolates cappuccino Peanut Butter Pie 3/5.

Being an ardent peanut butter fan, I completely missed then peanut butter in this. The short crust pie was good, flaky at the edges wile a little chewy at the center. I don't think this was blind baked. The peanut butter was completely conspicuous .The chocolate sauce was nice with that litter bitter after tastes that chocolate usually have

Overall I highly recommend this place for a group of friends or your family who are looking forward to a good meal along with some good quality time.

My overall rating 4/5.



Burger King, Churchgate


A quick and decent take away place

The food there is nothing unique that they offer. It a standard menu found in all their outlets. My favorite is the mutton whopper and the chicken tandoori.. it will melt in your mouth and want you craving for more. Surprisingly their veg menu is pretty average as compared to other burger joints. We had the BK crispy veg, Onion rings, extra long chicken, tandoori chicken burger, Cheesy fries and mango milk shake. It's not the expensive side in comparison. The ambiance is good and very relaxing . You can grab you meal and gossip to glory.

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Busago , Fort

  • Tibetan Non Veg Momo
  • Burmese Kaukswe Chicken

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